Breaking The Influencer Glass Ceiling

It can seem a bit intimidating at times being an influencer. Living an influencer life for some seems super far fetched and you don’t know where to start. It’s portrayed to be a lifestyle for only some that qualify. But really having a successful career in influencer marketing is all about what you make it. With this in mind, you can start becoming more intentional with the direction you want to take your influencing career. Have you taken the time to think of ways you can begin maximizing being an influencer? Some will tell you there are many secrets to doing so but we’re here to share a few.

If you’re interested in learning the five secrets to maximizing being an influencer keep reading. Once you learn about these different ways that can take your influencing career to a new level, you’ll be able to earn more money, gain more experience of how to influence, collaborate with more brands which can build your resume and portfolio and so much more.

Know how to reach out

Most of the time brands are reaching out to an influencer they are interested in working with. If they aren’t or just sliding in your DMs, then it’s possible that isn’t a brand you shou;d work with considering professionalism is everything. But now more often, influencers are taking the lead to reach out to brands they are interested in working with. One way you can definitely maximize your career as an influencer is how you reach out to brands for collaborations.

Having an efficient way or method to reaching out can help you stand out amongst the saturated crowd of influencers. There are a few things you want to include when reaching out or pitching to brands: hype for their brand and what they offer, how you can help better them, what you have to offer and how this will make a difference, brief details of your experience, and the best way to get in contact with you.

Connect with other influencers

The game of influencer marketing can thrive tremendously when everyone connects. When influencers learn to work together they’re able to present more opportunities as their network broadens.There’s definitely a strategy to connecting with other influencers. Some may have the goal in mind to just build their connections and others may have a great idea that could bring big opportunities to work with major brands.

When an influencer can collaborate there’s also a higher chance to be recognized by major brands. In the spirit of collaboration, you can learn how to effectively expand your reach and build a reputation in the influencer community. The most effective way to collaborate for micro and nano influencers is with micro influencers. This allows you the chance to grow your audience and gain more exposure by being in front of more people and a larger following. If you’re a macro influencer, collaborating with an influencer who may have a smaller following can allow you to be more personable and show how relatable you are with a down-to-earth approach. It’s also a win for the influencer with a smaller following because you appear to have a great connection and are associated with influencers on a higher level.

Be consistent with content production

Being consistent in producing and creating content will bring you a long way. When you constantly show up for your influencer brand, you’re letting the world know that what you have to offer is needed and you’re here to stay. Being consistent allows you to become more relevant amongst other influencers and presents a higher chance of being recognized.

An influencer that posts infrequently, whether it’s once a month or 2 every other week, definitely have a lower following and views than influencers who are more intentional with producing and posting content.With a higher frequency of posting, influencers can build a more organic online presence with brands want to see knowing that you’re reliable. 

Invest in tools that help you influence

Having the right tools to help you influence can do so much for your influencer journey. If you’re someone is looking to get more consistent with producing content and need help staying organized of how you want your content to flow, scheduling post apps work wonders. A great one to check out is Planoly.

For influencers who want to ensure they have a consistent aesthetic, certain tools like presets are great to keep up your desired look. Great apps like Lightroom CC offer presets but there are also other influencers who saw the need most have to create a consistent aesthetic and designed their own. A great place to find them is Instagram.

If you’re also in need of different apps that can help you edit your content and photos efficiently, consider a few like Facetune and Snapseed. Another great one is Retouch. With apps like Facetune, you are able to refine photos to perfection. You also have the option to get rid of any blemishes or highlight features you want to stand out. Apps like Snapseed and Retouch are great for changing the scope of a photo such as manipulating the background by removing objects or stretching a wall to add more space in your photo. Either way, the options are endless


It’s time you stopped limiting yourself of what your capable of as an influencer and max out! It’s true when they say change doesn’t come when you’re unaware. But now that you know different ways to maximize being an influencer and what you can incorporate, you can take your career as one to new heights. Be mindful that this is just a few ways to expand and there is so much more to it but as always we’re here to help. What ways are you looking to maximize? Drop a comment below!

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