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Are Micro-Influencers Better Brand Ambassadors than Celebrities?

Let’s Get To The Bottom Of It Micro-influencers don’t get enough praise in the world of marketing. They may seem insignificant due to the preconceived notions that micro means small, but their follower count has nothing to do with their impact, which is nothing close to irrelevant. Micro-Influencers, according to statistics, have 22.2 times more “buying conversations” per week than average consumers.…

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Ways to Improve Your Collaborations With Influencers

Ready to Collaborate? The world of influencing isn’t the most comfortable place to navigate. As an influencer, it gets tough when the brand doesn’t know how to approach campaigns with influencers. Influencer marketing campaigns require a few things to be successful. Different factors create unpleasant experiences for everyone involved, but there are ways to avoid disaster. Successful collaborations are an…

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A Guide to Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Success on Instagram is Crucial An increasing number of brands are using Instagram for their different marketing strategies. In 2017, Instagram used surpassed twitter usage and became an excellent platform for companies to apply for marketing and brand growth. According to various surveys, about 50% of companies in the United States use Instagram for marketing activities. Instagram has an extensive…

Youtube Influencer Marketing

The Power of YouTube for Beauty Brands and Influencer Marketing

Get Your Influencing On! Influencer marketing has transformed the digital marketing world and changed the rules entirely. Marketing trends are changing because of influencer marketing. Instead of it being all about billboards, it’s all about influencers and the right campaigns. Brands are doing their best to change with the market and meet the new expectations that have become the new…

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How Influencer Marketing Will Help Your Brand

What Is Influencer Marketing? Influencer marketing involves a variety of things, but the main component is influencers. Influencer marketing involved using key brand advocates to share your message to a broader market in an authentic way. Typically, it means people with large social followings, but the market has grown since then. Now, there are micro-influencers and macro-influencers, which are influencers…

6 Most Effective Types of Influencer Collabs

Developing long-lasting relationships with influencers isn’t the most straightforward task, even though established brands make it look easy. If you’re lost when it comes to influencer collaborations, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We want to make sure you have the best influencer collaborations, especially if you’ll be spending money on them. A lot of brands are clueless when it…

Why Blogging is Valuable in Influencer Marketing

Blogging is Not Dead! To win over today’s society of media influenced individuals, brands need to rethink their marketing strategies for generating traffic on their platforms. Using influencer marketing requires a strategy that helps your platform and overall team grow its’ community. However, despite the potential, many influencer marketing campaigns often fall short because they forget about an important aspect, blogging. At…

Making Money in Influencer Marketing

How Much Can you Make? If you spend any time on Instagram, you’ve likely seen at least one influencer promoting a product or service of some sort. As an influencer, there’s money to be made in the social media industry based on things like promotion. It sometimes seems that most influencers live off of their influencer incomes. Is that really possible, though?…

How to measure ROI in influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing and R.O.I. Influencer marketing is taking over the marketing world, little by little. Every day, companies move away from traditional marketing tactics. Instead, they choose more modern marketing tools. Brands don’t just want to boringly present products and services to their customers. They want to create communities that rely on them for great products, services, and information. Every…

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