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As many of you know, influencer marketing is changing the marketing game. Many companies and brands around the world participate in this market because they know just how valuable it is. When I was first introduced to influencer marketing, I was shocked at how vast it was.

There were so many influencers, all over the world that create and market fantastic content. It’s beautiful when people participate in the beauty world.

Beauty is the biggest market in the world right now because of all the influencers that participate and market companies. There are a ton of companies that excel in the beauty and influencing the market. I know a lot of beauty influencers and brands that have moved me to try out different products.

When a beauty brand releases a new product, they usually have a rollout which includes a lot of well-known influencers. People with influence maintain the ability to affect how people respond to product launches.

At this point in the business game, it’s essential to have a proper PR rollout so that your launches are successful. If you’re not sure just how active influencers are, check out these beauty brands that are dominating the market with their perfect influencer marketing.

Why The Importance of Influencers?

When companies have a brand launch, they often forget about the importance of PR. PR stands for public relations, and it’s an integral part of business success. These days, it’s impossible to have a successful product or business launch without a list of influencers and celebrities that will promote your new ventures.

The age of social media is taking over and the more we become involved in it, the more we’ll need to figure out ways to use it efficiently. Businesses need to use social media, and social media is all about influencers.

Before creating a list, you’ll need to know the differences between influencer types and how they benefit your particular brand. For example, there are macro and micro-influencers, and they both have different advantages. You’ll also need to know how what types of campaigns you’d like to present for your launches.

Do you want a big explosive start or do you want something that feels more homey to customers? Before creating your list, take time to think about these things. Knowing exactly how you want to go about everything will save you a lot of time.

Check Out These Top 7

These top ten beauty brands have been dominating the influencer game for some time. There are plenty of things you can learn from these companies.

My personal favorites have utilized influencers, even myself, that I admire and look up to, especially when it comes to beauty products. Everything from new lipsticks, blushes, and palettes have been pushed out by various celebrities and influencers.

If you have a favorite beauty brand, you probably know a few familiar faces that impacted how you view these products. Let’s get into these companies that might be some of your everyday favorites.


Glossier is a relatively new beauty company based in New York City. It was created in Fall 2014 and has grown tremendously since then! Their growth has projected upwards since they’ve announced their launch. Much of their brand depends on a minimalist display with cute and inviting packaging.

The company’s success occurs because of the founder, 29-year-old Emily Weis, who has earned millions since her opening. She continues to dominate the space by using beauty influencers. The great thing about this brand is that they believe that all people have the potential to influencer.

Word-Of-Mouth marketing is what keeps this company growing. They don’t discriminate when it comes to influencers, and because of this, they reach more people all over the world.

Glossier has an incredibly engaged fan-base that recognized how inclusive this brand is. Anyone has the potential to become a brand ambassador which maintains a theme of community. They have referral programs, ambassador programs and different ways to engage their community.

If there’s anything you can gain from this brand, it’s that this brand utilizes influencer marketing in a new and exciting way and you should try it out too!


NYX is a famous company birthed in 1999. The brand is a color-focused beauty brand and is one of the fastest growing brands in the US. After many years of success, NYX was bought by L’oreal, another fantastic brand that uses influencer marketing in a fun and unique way.

After the being bought by L’oreal, the brand, NYX, opened up retail stores in 2015 and expanded again in 2016. The brand is famous for many reasons, their community being the first. NYX uses influencer marketing in a similar way to Glossier’s. They utilize local customers that want to showcase their impressive makeup skills.

Most of NYX’s content is user-generated, which means the customer create much of the content they post every day.

This company works with several social media influencers, especially favorite Youtube stars, to create a customer friendly in-store locations that represent the brand and those that love it.

NYX has taken influencer marketing to another level by including them in just about all their business steps. They even collaborate with influencer to launch new products created or co-created by those they chose to work with.

All in all, this brand is doing it right, and you can learn a lot from them!


FrankBody is an Australian skincare and beauty company. They create natural beauty products to help customers feel as though they have healthy and beautiful skin.

The brand message centers customers and assists them in building confidence while remaining authentic to themselves. I heard about FrankBody when I was scrolling on Instagram. One of my favorite influencers had posted about their great coffee scrubs. When people think about beauty, they think about glitz and glam but beauty starts with the basics and FrankBody understands that.

The company began in 2013 with its signature product, the coffee scrub and then expanded with other products. When they officially launched, they sent product samples to influencers. They didn’t do for this for promotion purposes but so that people could witness the magic for themselves.

They spent more time building authentic connected rather than market connections. They did it the right way because now they are worth about 20 million. That is the power of the proper micro and macro-influencer. The filled their social media with reviews and beautiful photos from the customers themselves.

There might not be a better way to do it, and if you want to acquire success, you should learn a few things from FrankBody.


BECCA started in 2001. They are an Australian based brand that expanded to more than 36 countries. They have a flagship store in London, and there’s no doubt that they plan to expand even further in the future.

Right now, Becca Cosmetics is dominating the beauty market. Estee Lauder bought BECCA in October 2016, but the brand continues to transform into a household name in beauty. The great thing is that they rely on influencer marketing to spread the word about their products.

The digital influencers they choose to generate buzz and awareness, which is how they’ve become so popular now. Becca cosmetics love to build communities around their product launches, and that is actually how they’ve been successful before.

Youtube star, Jaclyn Hill impacted much of their early success. Once she partnered with them, brand awareness was through the roof. She even created her limited edition highlighter that gained popularity and spread the word about the brand even more. It was Sephora’s top purchase when it was released in stores.

Becca cosmetics is doing it the right way. The team at BeautyClout applaud them for all their hard work!


TooFaced is one of the brands known for their social media. They’re known to work with different beauty influencers to increase brand awareness and overall engagement. I came across TooFaced when they first worked with NikkiTutorials, top beauty influencers with millions of followers.

Once they worked with her, the game changed for them! This brand typically partners with different bloggers and influencer, but unlike other brands, they rely 100% on brand influence. Majority of their money is spent on influencer marketing, and clearly, it’s working for them!

It’s important to know that this might not work for your brand and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with your methods. Sometimes, you have to build to that level!

Bigelow Tea

Beauty does start from within. Well, that’s why Bigelow Tea is one of the significant brands taking over the market. They focus on working from the inside out. They are one of the most recognized brands in the industry, and their results have been introduced into the beauty market.

This brand has been around for some time, and since 1945, they’ve been changing the game. For a long while, Bigelow only existed in the grocery stores then they decided they needed something that would generate increased brand awareness.

To do this, they used influencers differently. Instead of doing huge social media campaigns, they used the old fashioned blog method. They wanted to remain authentic to their brand while also branching out. Mostly, they wanted to appeal to the millennial market without losing their values. To appeal to people on an emotional level, they asked bloggers to share the beauty benefits of drinking tea.

After that, their brand awareness increased by almost 20%. The brand gained the trust of thousands of new customers with the help of influencers and brand ambassadors. They’re not your typical beauty brand, but they’ve influenced the beauty market with their smart and efficient marketing tactics.

Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder is one of the biggest brands out there, and they’ve got the influencer marketing down. They’ve been around so long that they should be considered one of the OG beauty brands. They haven’t missed a beat since they were founded in 1946!

Even when social media was taking over, they adjusted quickly and never missed an opportunity to advance. When they launched a spin-off brand, they used big time influencers such as Kendall Jenner. They also used a model such as blogger Irene Kim, who has a vast following on social media as well.

Together they created about 80 makeup products to sell to the world. Even though they were founded so long ago, they’ve been able to maintain their brand through influencer marketing. Influencer marketing has excelled this brand to the top, and it will continue to.

If you have any questions, check out this brand and see how it can give you ideas for your success.

Remember This

All in all, influencer marketing is an excellent tool for any brand looking to spread their brand message. The fantastic thing about influencer marketing is that there’s room for everyone. Any brand can participate and become successful in the market.

Don’t hesitate to get started and working with a market that is there to help you. It doesn’t matter if your brand is extremely old or relatively new, there is space for you to succeed, especially with the influencer market. Remember to think about the kinds of influencers you’ll use for different campaigns.

Also, think about the types of campaigns you’d like to run. It’s all about how you choose to present yourself, and the more you show yourself, the broader your audience will be. When you get into all this, you don’t need to worry about follower. In the beginning, concern yourself more with authenticity than growth.

Once people see that you own a genuine brand, people will be more likely to buy your products. When you focus on being more authentic, the support will automatically follow.

Do you know any other brands that are dominating the influencer game? Let us know in the comment below!

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