A new way to hire and get paid!

For the past few years, influencer marketing has taken businesses to a whole new level. With influencer marketing, businesses have been able to expand beyond what they thought was possible by working with influencers who provided them the benefit of exposure. They have been able to get in front of audiences they possibly wouldn’t have otherwise. Working with influencers has also allowed them to leverage and build relationships that they can trust and rely on.

For influencers, building a solid career that promotes brands they trust and love has also taken them to new heights. Being a part of something bigger has allowed influencers to create a path for themselves that makes them money doing what they love with brands they’re proud to represent. Now more than ever, influencers can make legitimate money and get a true taste of an entrepreneurial lifestyle. They are able to be more of an impact on audiences that trust them and follow their lead. Overall, influencers have truly made a difference in how brands can show up to consumers and expand their territory and reach.

There’s no doubt that influencer marketing has been a game-changer for businesses and the marketing industry. But now…the game has changed even more. Beauty Clout has also been a platform dedicated to doing influencer marketing differently. Our purpose has always been to cater to brands and influencers alike. And this new upgrade to our platform is us doing what we do no differently. Beauty Clout now introduces Gigs! Gigs is an instant, easy way for brands to hire influencers in a new way. Brands can now hire influencers with a quickness for needs with instant content creation and influencers can now get hired even faster. Learn more about Gigs and how it can take your business and career to the next level.

Get paid 10x faster!

Influencers, have you ever wondered what’s the hold up on getting hired by brands? To be honest, some brands have a hard time getting through the hiring process of influencers. It’s important for them to assess who’s the right fit for them and what they’re offering. Now, with Gigs, you won’t have to keep them guessing or wondering.

As a Gig influencer, you are able to specifically solicit your service based on our detailed categories that we offer. With a gig, you can provide specific details on how you will promote a brand according to what platform you will be on. Along with this, in your Gig, you can provide a flat fee for each social media platform, a detailed description about that specific Gig and the perfect profile photo.

The great thing about Gigs for influencers is there’s no limit and you can always create more for different platforms and the type of promotion within those platforms. For instance, if you’d like to create a Gig for Facebook, you’d simply click the Facebook tab and select one of the several options to create a Gig for. These options include a challenge video, a contest/giveaway, a poll or quiz, a visual post and more! It would be the same thing for Instagram but you’d have options such as feature posts, igtv content creation, ig live, tip sharing content and so much more.

Hire influencers instantly

Brands can now take a breather when it comes to hiring the right influencers for the job. With Gigs, you can hire instantly and make sure the job is done fast. You now have the option of whether you want to work with influencers by creating a campaign for an extensive job or work with influencers through a Gig to just get what you need to be done. The great thing about gigs for brands is you are able to hire an influx of influencers at the same time for something, quick and easy.

Using Gigs also helps brands get clear on what they even want promoted, how and where especially for brands who are new to influencer marketing. You may have a beauty product such as a skincare moisturizer and are not sure of the most effective way for it to be promoted content creation wise. By seeing what’s available you can get a better gauge of what could be best. But have we mentioned the most important feature yet? The affordability!

Because most Gigs will be simple and quick jobs, they won’t cost as much. Now, this may not be the case for all as you must consider the influencer you’re looking at working with. A few things you must consider is their following, reach and level of engagement. It’s also important to consider experiences and what other brands, who they may have worked with before, are saying about them. Nonetheless, you still have the efficiency to make working with influencers a breeze.

A total gamechanger

Are you ready to change the way you do influencer marketing? If so, sign up to work with influencers who create awesome Gigs that will serve your brand needs well. If you’re an influencer ready to experience instant hiring at a rate 10x faster, it’s time for you to create your first Gig now! Got questions? We have answers! If you want to learn more about Gigs or need further details, drop a comment below!

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