Want to Be An Influencer?

When someone called me an influencer for the first time, I was appalled.

I was upset because I assumed that this person was calling me a salesman, or someone that attempts to sell products for the sake of making sales.

However, after more discussion, this person explained to me that I wasn’t a salesman but someone that can influence society, especially the shopping market, in different ways.

Being an influencer isn’t new, but it has become trendy, very quickly.

These days, if you look around, everybody is an influencer. In terms of business, an influencer is defined as a person with the ability to influence potential customers by promoting different services and items to an audience.

As an influencer, you can make or break a brand or company, especially if you have a large community.

Many people involve themselves in the influencer market, which gives off the impression that influencing is a new and innovative way to impact a market, but that’s not true.

Influencers have been around since the late 1800s! I’m sure you’re wondering who was selling or endorsing products back then, but influencers were out there and increasing demand for different products!

If you’re thinking about becoming an influencer, you’ve come to the right place.

Beauty Clout has all the essential information for you to learn the history of influencer marketing, and how you can become a part of the market too!

Brief History of Influencer Marketing

Before we give you the tea on how to become an influencer, let’s go through a brief history of influencer marketing. In the beginning, influencers were called brand advocates, and they operated entirely outside of what we know as social media today.

Instead, brand advocates utilized their status via word of mouth, print ads, posters or catchy slogans. Sometimes, brand advocates didn’t say or do anything except become the face of a brand.

Let’s get into some different brand ambassadors from the 1900s and beyond.

Nancy Green

Remember Aunt Jemima?

Well, Nancy Green was the face for Aunt Jemimah, which is closely associated with pancake mix and syrup. Nancy Green was one of the first African American influencers to penetrate the market.

Her face is the face of a favorite pancake brand, and it’s remained that way for decades!

Santa Clause and Coca-Cola

Coca Cola is a major brand with an even more major ambassador: Santa Clause. In the early 1900s, coca cola began including Santa in its advertisements. While most of us are aware that Santa is a fictional character, it was still hugely influential for the Coca-Cola brand. During this time, the holidays, particularly Christmas, influenced much of American culture. Why not utilize Santa’s brand? This was a genius idea by Coca-Cola, for sure.

The Old Spice Man

Old spice was for old people until they got a hold of Isaiah Mustafa. With the help of an influencer, Old Spice was able to transform their brand into something relatable to young adults. Their advertisements went viral, especially since they acquired a brand ambassador.

That’s only a few examples, but as you can see the world of influencing has progressed over the years. Something as simple as an endorsement could change and influencer’s life and a company’s success. The history of influencer marketing gives us a good idea of how this market works and how it’ll continue to grow as we move along.

Many of you might be wondering why influencer marketing is different from regular advertising. Don’t worry; we’re about to explain it to you.

Why influencers and not Ads?

Here’s the thing, advertisements, and influencers work under the same umbrella of marketing, but there are some significant differences. First, advertising is much more expensive than influencer marketing. Advertising requires a full team or agency that handles the marketing for one company while influencer marketing doesn’t need as much labor.

Instead of working with a group, you work with one person. The great thing about social media is that influencer marketing thrives on it. Advertisements have a slower turnaround time than influencers do. Also, businesses typically use more than one influencer. The information about their products spread quicker.

Overall, influencers are a more cost-effective way to advertise. It’s also a more straightforward way to create content for a brand without needing much to get the job done. Influencers provide unique creative content for brands to make use of.

Want to get involved in Influencer Market?

Getting involved in influencer marketing isn’t difficult. Anyone has the power to influence an audience. However, it’s important to know how useful your audience is. Having an audience that listens to your opinions is vital.

Here, at BeautyClout, we value influencer and want to give the essential tips to be successful. If you’re thinking about becoming an influencer, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get into these ten tips for becoming a successful influencer. It’s essential to know that you don’t need to follow all these tips to be successful but don’t be afraid to try some out.

See what works best for you, so you are the best influencer in the game! Also, be aware that there’s no one size fits all for the influencer market. Every person excels for different reasons. Despite this, there’s room for everyone to succeed.

Determine Your Overall Brand Message

When it comes to influencer marketing, it’s important to know that you are the brand. Developing a brand message is essential to improving the audience. Many people say it’s necessary to find a niche, but if you have an overall message that encompasses who you are, you’ll excel in any market.

If you do happen to find a niche, such as fashion or music, you’ll attract a target market that can relate to your message. There’s no need to label yourself as a lifestyle blogger, but when you have a clear direction, you’re more likely to monetize.

For example, my brand is all about mental health and overall lifestyle. Even if I add in another aspect of my life, such as skin care or fashion pieces, my audience knows that I prioritize mental health. Your audience is bound to grow, the more that you focus and prioritize a specific aspect of life.

Also, people are more likely to trust someone that has a general direction rather than someone that’s all over the place. The more honest and sincere you present yourself, different products and different messages, the more likely people are to believe what you’re saying!

Determine a Schedule

A schedule is one of the best things to have when working as an influencer. The more time you waste, the less potential there is to make money. As a content creator, you’ll want to ensure that you’re producing content consistently. Now, consistent doesn’t have to mean every day or every few days. But you want to let your audience know that you’re dedicated to creating content for them.

Also, a schedule helps your potential clients understand just how often you post. This is essential because depending on your consistency, a company may or may not work with you as an influencer. Sometimes, scheduling feels draining. To evade this feeling of burnout, I schedule content about a month in advance.

By doing this, I’m able to go with the flow of my schedule and not worry about what I need to do next. Also, when you have scheduled content, you get to see what your audience responds to. If they respond well to the beginning of your schedule, you won’t have to change it around. However, if they don’t respond to your program well, you have time to turn things around for a better response!

Create Valuable Content

The one thing that I always tell influencers is to create content that is relevant and valuable. It’s important to know that creating valuable content should never cause you to diverge from your original brand message.

For example, if you’re a fashion blogger, it wouldn’t make sense for you to promote something outside of that scope, especially if it’s not something that aligns with what you enjoy. Valuable content means content that’s creative and aesthetically pleasing. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and photos. Use some excellent photo editing apps to edit your photos lightly.

Your content is what matters most and the more you spend time experimenting, the more likely you are to find a happy medium for your content creation. No matter what you decide regarding content creation, you should always work with brands that align with what you need.

Beauty clout is a great platform that creates a perfect connection between brands and influencers. You’re sure to get your ideal match and work with a brand that considers your content valuable and worth paying. Marketing is essential as a social media influencer and the right content will yield amazing results.

Choose the Right Platforms

The right platforms are critical for success as an influencer. When choosing the right platforms, you’ll need to think about what kind of content you’ll be creating. When people first start working in the influencer market, they assume that they need to use all social media outlets. That’s not true. You only need to utilize the platforms that make sense for your brand and overall message.

If you are creating images and videos, you won’t need platforms that don’t focus on imagery. Your best platforms are Instagram, youtube, and Pinterest. If you’re not worried about imagery, you can utilize most social platforms. The important thing is that you don’t overload. You don’t want to use too many platforms, especially when you’re first starting.

In the beginning, it’s best to focus on 1-2 platforms at a time. The more you grow your audience on those few platforms, the more comfortable you can build your other platforms when you debut on them. For example, someone with a strong Instagram presence has no problem growing a different social media platform because their audience from Instagram will most likely travel with them to a new platform. So, focusing on a few and then expanding is your best bet.

Collaborate With Others!

One of the best things you can do as an influencer is to collaborate with other people. The more that you interact with other people, the more reach your brand has. You can accumulate influence by working with other well-known influencers. This is especially true if both of you have a large audience.

The larger the audience, the further your influence travels. When entering the influencer marker, focus on collaborating with people within your market. If you’re a fashion influencer, you can always work with other fashion influencers.

If you want to extend your brand beyond your niche, try collaborating with people outside your niche but still related to your niche. This way you can expand your brand, and the person you work with can expand theirs. Collaborating with others also helps you build a community. Having an active community is excellent for future collaborations and brand representation.

Engage with Your Audience

Engaging with your audience is a cardinal rule in the influencer world. The more that you engage with your audience, the more your audience will trust the information you give them. In the beginning, you’re going to need to do some heavy lifting, especially to get your name out there. It’s a lot of work, but it’s helpful. Think of it as networking but on social media. Get it?

A great way to engage with your audience is to go through your like or comments and visit the page of those that like or comment. It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s worth it. Your name will spread around, and you’ll also build a vast and strong community on social media.

Aside from the business aspect, it’s fun to connect with your audience. Sometimes, they offer different perspectives on content. Sometimes, they’re funny too! Either way, engaging with your audience has its’ ups and downs, but it’s worth it in the end!

Remain Consistent

As previously mentioned, consistency is essential for all influencers. The more you follow a schedule, the higher your engagement is. However, it’s crucial to avoid burnout. If you don’t have any new content to post, it’s okay.

The consistency you provide should change to fit your needs. The great thing about most platforms is that there are different ways to stay engaged without much effort.

On Instagram, you can update the story without needing to curate a full post. Some platforms allow you to schedule posts so that you don’t have to do anything except set them up for posting. That takes a load off of you and will enable you to avoid burnout.

All in All

All in all, right now is the perfect opportunity to get involved in the world of influencing. Influencers are changing the way marketing operates. If this is your first time working in the world of influencing, read over these tips to get a good idea of how to navigate.

Don’t worry too much about being the most popular, especially when you’re just starting. Instead, focus on how you can build and maintain an audience that enjoys and looks forward to your content. The great thing about influencing is that you can be unique. Do what works for you and thrive!

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