Influencer vs. Ambassadors!

Many people think that being an influencer and a brand ambassador is the same thing.

However, brand ambassadors and influencers are not the same things. They do similar jobs, but they affect brands in entirely different ways. There are tons of different roles that affect the business of a brand.

Brand influencers, ambassadors and advocates are everywhere, and they all can influence an audience and increase business for a brand.

Think of bloggers, social media mavens, and celebrities when you think influencer, ambassador and advocates.

What someone can do for a brand depends on their title. Also, what they get paid depends on their title as well. For the people looking to break into the influencer market, it’s essential that they know the roles are and how they can assist a brand.

It’s also necessary to understand how the difference between their position and someone else’s. Some people influence their smaller social spheres, and their audience is usually very connected.

Some people have made it and can acquire payment for the work they do because of their proven track records. All of the roles we’ve mentioned can garner engagement for a brand.

Here at BeautyClout, we value every part that someone has. Today, we’re going to focus on brand ambassadors.

Who Is a Brand Ambassador?

There are two types of brand ambassadors.

The first is famous and recognizable people. Companies hire them because of their fame, and the relationship is transparently transactional. These relationships have straightforward expectations.

In this case, a brand ambassador is a very well-known individual to the public.

Nowadays, brands focus on bloggers and personalities on social media such as YouTubers and Instagrammers. These YouTubers and Instagrammers often achieve similar campaign marketing results as they are popular among social media.

They open their engaged community to different brands and partner with the ones that align with them. They offer space on their blogs, YT, and social media channels in exchange for payment or commission.

The second type of brand ambassadors are people who mention or recommend your brand freely without requiring payment. They talk about you because they love what you create.

These are diehard fans that want to work with their favorite brands. They get satisfaction from being engaged with the brand they have loved for so long.

Why does using brand ambassadors work?

There are lots of reasons why using brand ambassadors is effective. They are similar to using an influencer but still a bit different.

Here are some significant reasons for why we think brand ambassadors are invaluable to your business.

1. Brand ambassadors humanize your product

People like to buy from other people.

Ambassadors are emotionally engaged with your company’s brand message. Brand ambassadors share the brand message you promise to deliver to your customers.

It’s part of their vibrant personality to want to share information about brands, solve problems and help others using brand information.

When used correctly brand ambassadors be your most excellent marketing communications tool and salesperson in your business.

2. Most word of mouth advertising is positive

Overwhelmingly, most word of mouth in conversation is positive, especially when it comes to influencer marketing.

When people hear something positive about a brand, they think of it as more credible.

Positive word of mouth is way more effective than negative word of mouth.

3. Demand for product knowledge is essential

Today, it’s not enough to sell products to people with sheets of traditional marketing tools.

The communications team has to be more creative than that. Employees need to understand what their brand represents, what their audience wants, and how to connect them.

Brand ambassadorship connects the brand to the audience in an authentic way.

4. Provides Amazing Value to Your Audience

At the heart of inbound marketing is delivering content that solves problems for your audience, educates and inspires them as well.

Brand ambassadors quickly embrace this concept, as they are already in tune with the needs of the people that admire them.

In turn, they can easily give value to your audience by creating content that resonates.

5. Battles aren’t won with a single soldier, but an entire army

Competition is high, especially in brand marketing.

Influencer business is not a 9-to-5 with simple rules. It’s not relegated behind office walls. Everything is a whirlwind in the influencer business.

Having an “army” of social media brand ambassadors at your disposal will help you keep it all together.

6. Brand ambassadors let you use the viral nature of the Internet deliberately

The tools to go viral are already in place.

Anyone can share anything with their entire circle of social media friends without so much as a second thought.

Using brand ambassadors exposes your company’s brand to multiple social circles, which increases brand awareness among people who already trust the ambassador.

7. Brand Ambassadors Build Trust

Customers don’t just trust brands out of the gate.

The distrust is growing about advertising, and trust in customers is eroding. At the same time, standard tools for advertising no longer reach as many people as it did previously.

It’s also not as cost effective. This is due to both the growing distrust of media due to false advertising and the exposure of that falsity online and social media.

When you use a brand ambassador, you gain trust from people that know your company is legit.

8. Brand Ambassadors are your online reputation

In this day and age, your online platforms mean everything to your customers.

Your online status will make or break your brand. Your customers are the ones that help you regulate it. Brand ambassadors say more positive comments about your brand, which only helps your online reputation.

Positive reviews and referrals to your business are the best way to increase brand awareness.

Word of mouth marketing or marketing that uses brand ambassadors is at least five times more effective than traditional advertising. Things like paid search, email, and other marketing tools are productive but not without the use of brand ambassadors.

With brand ambassadors connection to an audience being much more significant than in the past, empowering your customers with their influencer is critical for success in business today.

9. People pay more attention to their friends than they do your advertisements

The effective way for your business to succeed is to break through the barrier between your brand and an audience.

You’ll need to work through people’s social networks online and offline. Mainly, you want to create a tight-knit community that trusts what you say and what you do.

Traditional media advertisements are being tuned out because they do not nurture a connection. Think about whether you are reaching people and if they are engaging with you.

With traditional advertising, it takes thousands of ad impressions before you get just one person to participate.

Brand ambassadors change that.

10. They are usually there to stay

Brand ambassadors are typically customers for life.

Nobody will love you as they love you. They feel like a part of the businesses that they love so much, especially if they’ve been promoting your business for a while.

More brand ambassadors mean more long-term customers, which means increased brand awareness and potential revenue. The great thing is that more brand ambassadors cost less.

It drives referrals and improves your online reputation all at once.

Look For These Qualities

Having an online community of brand ambassadors who are just as excited about your company and vision as you are doing fantastic things for your brand and theirs.

Overall, brand ambassadors can work wonders because they are honest, engaging and fun to work with. You don’t have to do all of the sharing because they already do.

When your company posts a new update or launches a new campaign, your brand ambassadors should be thrilled to share the good news!

As a company, you should look for these qualities within a brand ambassador.

1. Knowledge and Love of Marketing

Your ambassadors and advocates don’t need to be marketing experts.

But they should have a basic understanding of marketing, especially influencer marketing.

The best ambassadors appreciate the importance of authenticity in marketing and want to work with companies that only heighten that.

They should grasp the role of someone merely wanting to increase brand awareness.

2. An Established Online Presence

The more a brand ambassador knows about the marketing, the more likely it is for them to be established online.

For word-of-mouth marketing to work, you need brand ambassadors to reach many people across platforms.

Now, this doesn’t mean an ambassador has to have a large audience, but they should have a well-established online presence.

Their audience should engage with them.

3. A High Level of Professionalism

While ambassadors won’t be employed by your company directly, they’re still people representing your brand.

They’ll be talking about your company to others and encouraging people to check out your products and services. Influencing how others perceive your business requires a sense of professionalism.

If someone embarrassed your brand by not acting professionally, you’d never hire them.

The same standards should be applied to your brand ambassadors.

4. Natural Leadership Skills

The people you look to for recommendations are leaders.

Why? Well, they can lead new people to a new company or product. They can understand and influence other authentically.

Usually, they exude confidence and positivity which draws people to them. They have traits that bring you in and make you want to listen to what they have to say.

These are the types of people you want representing your brand because you know they’ll make a difference.

5. A Passion for Growing Relationships

Ambassadors are not salespeople.

They are people that go the extra mile. They’re not focused on making many sales, but they are interested in making one sale.

Instead, they create strong, loyal relationships between your customers and your brand. Your ambassadors should be passionate about building relationships.

They should be skilled at making deep connections with others for your company.

So, What Do You Think?

As with any marketing strategy, influencer marketing requires the right mix of strategy, resources, and people.

People are the most crucial part since they play a particularly critical role in succeeding the mission of a brand.

As a brand, it’s essential to find the right ambassadors with the right skills, personality, and credibility. As long as you take in the information, we gave you, your referral marketing program will take off.

Building a powerful group of passionate brand ambassadors isn’t the most straightforward task.

It’s essential to have the right approach so that building a community get more comfortable along the way. It is possible for everyone to win when using brand ambassadors.

Are you a brand that has used brand ambassadors before? We’d like to hear about your experience!

Let us know in the comments below!

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