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Are you a brand looking to create an awesome campaign that will not only attract the best influencers but successfully provide the right exposure that you need?

You may have discovered and learned the secret successes of influencer marketing and how campaigns connect you to your target audience.

But you find yourself stuck on how to get started and truly make your campaigns effective to help you meet your goals.

Luckily for you, we’re here to share all the knowledge and wealth through several steps and tips about how you can create a winning campaign with one of the top influencer marketing platforms, Beauty Clout.


Now, with our highly anticipated partnership with Shopify, our Beauty Clout app integration makes showcasing your campaigns even more profitable and easily connects you to influencers that work best!

You can create unlimited campaigns, invite unlimited influencers, and get unlimited exposure for your brand.

Creating your Own Beauty Clout Campaign Here

Step One

From your dashboard, at the top-left corner, click ‘+ create campaign.’

Step Two

Create a title for your campaign that is captivating and tells what it’s about.

Step Three

Determine which social media platform you’d like for the influencers you hire to showcase on. This can be based on their level of engagement and/or following.

Step Four

Your budget will be set within certain amounts determining what you will pay your hired influencer(s).

Step Five

Your campaign description will give major detail into the ins and outs of your campaign so be sure to be specific.

Along with your campaign description, which is required, it can help to offer a detailed criteria outline that is to be followed for your campaign.

It’s optional to provide a product description but is best to offer one to help ensure you receive the results you desire and help your hired influencer(s) successfully execute the work. In your product description, if it requires it, you can provide detailed steps on how to use the product.

Step Six

Input the link to the product that you’re campaigning so that it can be easily reviewed.

Step Seven

Lastly, submit the perfect featured image that will truly connect with your brand and your featured product/service.

Cheers to a Campaign Designed to Win

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