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To be among the most successful influencers, you have to know how to influence other people.

The whole intention behind having influence is to grow your business by honestly presenting yourself and your life. All influencers strive to be bigger and better.

To have a substantial impact you must possess the skills to be able to lead, speak up, and make sure your voice is heard.

You have to be an expert in selling your ideas to an audience. Articulating yourself and your ideas clearly and directly are what an audience enjoys.

When I began as an influencer, I wasn’t sure if I had the right personality. I wasn’t sure if I had the right characteristics or behaviors to be an influencer.

As an influencer, ‘it’s critical to know what is that you want, what you are looking for and how to get those things.

An influencer is someone that can start a movement because of their passion and loyal support from their community. The influencer world is entertaining because everything happens seemingly overnight.

However, most influencers have worked for years to get the connections they have. ‘They’ve worked hard to gain the recognition that they have. ‘It’s all because they can inspire others with their ideas.

Here at BeautyClout, we enjoy helping our influencers rise to the top. Check out the top 13 traits to become a successful influencer.

1. Persuasive

Persuasion is one of the most potent traits of an influencer.

At first, it seems like a challenge to meet, connect, persuade and win others over. However, it becomes like second nature once you get the hang of it.

You’ll need to be willing to meet new people, customers or vendors so that you can remain relevant. Persuasion is not the same as selling a product to others or getting others to see things from your perspective.

Persuasion is the process of negotiating with others towards a shared solution. To be persuasive isn’t the same as being conniving. Persuasiveness means being honest and establishing your sincerity by finding some common ground.

It’s essential that you and others have a shared interest. Let the potential partner know the value of your connection, and then relate with them emotionally.

Let them know that you can bring their ideas to life.

2. Doer

To be great at anything, especially influencing, you must be a doer.

Choose deep passion for yourself, and put your projects and ideas in motion! Launch your plans to achieve until they’re complete.

It’s essential to have a desire to turn thoughts into actions as accurately as possible. To exert your influence, you have to show your work.

Show brands that you are a worthy person of action. Establish your credibility by making things happen and ‘don’t procrastinate. Furthermore, you must have a team of people that you trust to see your vision through.

Being a doer is about being committed to work and getting the job done.

3. Communicator

Communication is the most significant aspect when it comes to influencing others.

To influence others, you must learn to communicate effectively. When you discuss with other people, it’s essential to talk with them, not at them. It’s not easy to be a natural communicator, conversationalist, and presenter but you can always learn.

The more you practice, the easier it’ll be to express thoughts and ideas into words that inspire action easily.

Success depends upon the ability of individuals to communicate with others, virtually and in person. Even if you are great at communicating with others online, you’ll need to be able to talk with people in person as well.

Communication is an all-around task! Every interaction with another person determines how you are perceived in the world.

Also, every interaction is an opportunity to develop trust and potential business.

4. Competitor

Healthy competition is suitable for any influencer.

As someone who desires to influence others positively, you have to be determined to be the best in your field. Understand your progress and success is always going to be compared and measured against others but ‘it’s not a bad thing.

Being competitive is excellent for those that want to sell products or services. The important thing is that you ‘don’t let it become toxic. A winning, competitive attitude can be incredibly useful as long as it’s respectful and full of integrity.

The point is that your competitive approach inspires others to succeed as well. Hold the belief that your competitors make you better and they will.

When you are around other successful influencers embrace the knowledge and information, they share. What they share will keep you thinking and growing.

Healthy competition forces you to be analytical and fresh when it comes to your ideas in the industry. Appreciate your competition. Learn from them.

Let them show you want to do and not to do.

5. Confidence

To have any influence in the influencer market, you have to be confident and self-assurance that is unbreakable.

Confidence is a complicated thing, especially since it’s so different for everyone. However, the more you practice having self-confidence, the easier it’ll feel.

Being proactive builds confidence. Don’t wait for anyone to excite you up, hype yourself up! The most direct way to gain confidence is to practice the niche that you enjoy.

Be the best at what you do, or at least, strive to be the best. The more capable you feel, the more confident you’ll feel. Identify the qualities and skills you have and utilize them.

Look at your business goals, make sure you are following your definition of success that gives you more confidence in the abilities you have pride and passion in its pursuit.

Identify your current strengths and your current weaknesses and establish plans for improving. New opportunities to grow your talents come when ‘you’re more confident in self.

Part of our sense of self-worth comes from the belief that we can do whatever is in front of us.

6. Maximizer

Great influencers can maximize their talents and strengths.

Let different skills and strengths inspire you. Work to develop your ability to see the bigger picture of your aspirations.

Once you see the bigger picture, ‘you’ll be able to see how you can do business with others. Maximizing your abilities means living up to your full potential. Learn to influence through maximizing, by focusing on the quality of the work you can do.

This maximizing mindset leads you to emphasize areas of strength in yourself and in the work you do.

7. Leadership

Becoming a great leader isn’t easy.

You have to be willing to make mistakes and shine a light, even at your darkest times. The better the leader you are, the more that people trust you.

No one would ever want to follow a leader that ‘doesn’t believe in themselves, so make sure that you refer back to confidence.

8. Significance

The greatest asset for being a great influencer is the ability to stay relevant and significant.

To be substantial, you must create content that resonates with your audience first. You should have a desire to have a positive impact on the world.

To be relevant, ‘it’s not enough to receive recognition from others. You have to leave a mark with your kindness. Learn to sort out projects based on the level of the significance of the project.

Will the people that admire you remember what ‘you’re giving to them? The desire to be significant should be a priority.

9. Giver

Influencers focus on helping others by having a brand message that represents a community.

They also give to without expecting anything in return. Sometimes influencers collaborate with others to help them and nothing else. People that are givers have the most excellent opportunity to succeed in the business.

When giving aligns with your personal goals, there is more room to grow in the influencer business. People will notice that you have a genuine heart and will be more likely to support you.

10. Influencers are curious about the next big thing

Early influencers are people who started using technology before it became popular.

Influencers that adopt trends early are always ahead of the game. People that are curious about the world around them are considered to be great creators and entrepreneurs.

Curiosity about new technology, about social media platforms, and overall trends are all one needs to start on the path to success. Moving first on technology doesn’t mean you need to be an expert in the world of tech or social media.

It just means that you ‘aren’t afraid to try new things when it comes to social media and technology.

11. Build a big vision over time

Building a vision takes patience and time, but don’t let that discourage you.

Anything significant takes time to build, especially when it comes to branding. Many people are obsessed with instant gratification, especially in the world of social media.

It makes them forget about the importance of the bigger picture. Most smart influencers build their big vision over time while creating smaller projects along the way. The big idea is your end goal.

To get there, make your image clear and create a plan. Ensure that you’re disciplined enough to stick to it.

Great Influencers do not let anyone or anything get in their way of when it comes to theirs.

12. Risk-Takers

To be a significant influencer, you’ll need to be willing to take risks.

Don’t think you’ll get anywhere by playing small in the influencer world. Playing it safe ties back to confidence.

The more confidence you have, the more willing you’ll be to take risks. Risk-takers aren’t afraid to try out new trends and learn new things. They aren’t scared to talk to their audiences and see what they like most.

Every risk they take is meant to increase their brand image, awareness and overall messaging.

Risk takers often reach millions because they aren’t afraid.

13. Influencers aren’t afraid to pivot their ideas or career

Pivoting is about seizing new opportunities.

Pivoting your career means changing your ideas based on feedback from your audience. It also suggests adding new marketing methods to your toolkit to take your influencing career to the next level.

To thrive in the modern economy, you need a willingness to evolve yourself, and your job throughout your life to get ahead. If you aren’t happy with the course of your influencing career, think about your current direction.

Keep in mind how a change can lead to more significant successes in the future. Don’t be afraid to ask those with more experience than you how they’ve turned their careers around.

Evolve as an Influencer

No matter what you think about influencers, no everyone has what it takes to be one.

Influencers are transforming the way the world views media and entrepreneurship. These days, people think that influencing is easy work, but it’s not, especially if you don’t have these characteristics.

The current generation of influencers is launching game-changing ideas with and without brands. They are building loyal communities and creating thriving with fulfilling businesses. The more that they work, the easier it becomes for them to be successful in the influencer market.

If you’re an influencer, ‘it’s essential to know these tips and follow them as if your career depends on it. Depending on where you are in life it probably does.

Are you an influencer? Try working with BeautyClout. We can connect you with willing brands that want to pay you for your work.

Thinking about becoming an influencer? Read these tips and see what works for you. Think about how you can incorporate their personality traits into your daily routine.

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