Which Platform Works For You?

As an influencer, I’ve done work on many different social media platforms.

Throughout the years, various social media platforms have risen to the top. Social media is always changing, and as an influencer or a brand, it’s essential to be able to roll with the punches.

Not only do you want to stay relevant in the world of social media, but you also want to be relevant on the right platforms. It took me a while to choose the right platforms, especially since I wasn’t aware of my niche.

It’s essential to know your goals for your platform, so you can make the right decisions, especially if you’re working to create revenue for yourself or your brand. As an influencer, it’s essential to know your niche, or your interests and which platforms will best represent them.

As a brand, it’s necessary to understand the market you’re trying to be a part of and which platforms work best for your goals.

Once you figure out which platforms work best for your purposes, it’s time to choose the right influencer marketing platforms. These platforms are great for both brands and influencers because they connect brands with the right influencers and vice versa. 

But how do you choose the right one? BeautyClout is here to help you choose the best platforms as an influencer or a brand.

Best Platforms For Every Influencer

Before we figure out which platform works for you, you’ll need to figure out which platform you use most.

For example, influencers such as Jackie Aina, use Youtube the most. Due to their presence on Youtube, they’ve been able to gain popularity on other platforms as well. However, Youtube is where she started.

If you use Instagram a lot, you’ll need to choose an influencer platform that connects influencers with brands on Instagram.

Depending on what you do and what you enjoy, you’ll need to select platforms that work best for you as an influencer. There are some things to consider before choosing an influencer marketing platform.

I know some influencers that are on plenty of different platforms, and some that are on one or two platforms.

Let’s get into the top four platforms that you can use as an influencer!


Also, a great tool to gain campaigns is Upfluence.

It hosts a database of over 1 million influencers across multiple social networks, especially Youtube. Its’ search function is excellent for influencers and brands alike.

Upfluence gives you the ability to search and find thousands of results in real time without it feeling overwhelming. The platform is also great for influencers because it makes it easy for brands to find them, especially when they showcase their stats. 

Brands enter their criteria, and a list of influencers appears, along with profile pics, basic data about them and their account information. As an influencer, these are the basic things you need to connect you with brands.

As an influencer, Upfluence makes discovery easy and manageable. First, you can be seen according to your importance.

This might be discouraging for some, especially if they don’t have many followers, but “weight” depends on many things, such as follower to engagement ratio. Second, the platform won’t show any influencers until a brand has narrowed their search down to a set of results that make sense.

So, as an influencer, you know a brand is working with you, for you. The list of results that brands see refreshes each time they refine the search. They see data about the overall search and how many influencers match the results they’re looking for. 

Depending on what they’re looking for, your name might show up there. Upfluence was originally great for those that use Youtube, but now it’s grown to support all platforms. 

It’s excellent for any influencer.


One of the earlier players in the Influencer marketing game is AspireIQ which used to be known as Revfluence.

It has done nothing but progress since opening its’ doors. It’s gotten even better after adding some features and doing an over rebranding.

For influencers, the standard search and discover tools don’t always put them on a brands’ radar, but with AspireIQ, all that has changed. They’ve added some new ways to discover influencers that brands might not have found otherwise.

First, there’s something called QuickMatch, primarily a feature similar to Tinder’s original feature for influencers.

Depending on what a brand wants, the platform serves up a bunch of suggestions based on different criteria or past searches. A brand can choose to skip them or add them to the list of potential collaborations. 

Next, you can use a great feature called social listening. This feature monitors different activity surrounding brands or influencers. For example, if a brand is looking for influencers that have mentioned their brand, they can use social influencing. AspireIQ gathers all the mentions of a brand, compiling lists of those a brand might want to work with.

As an influencer, this is fantastic because it means you don’t need to do much to be discovered. Finally, you can also do visual searches which rely heavily on visible presence.

On the AspireIQ platform, you can search an image, maybe one from a previous campaign and the software will give content that’s visually similar to what you searched. This isn’t something that works great for YouTube influencers.

But finding people this way is excellent for those that have a presence on multiple platforms.


According to the many great reviews, Hypr is all about influencer discovery.

Influencers rave about the work they get because of this platform. Their database is full of over 10 million influencer profiles, which seems daunting at first.

However, as an influence, it’s always great to have healthy competition, and HYPR never makes anyone feel as though they are invisible. They give brands ways to search based on specific characteristics for the influencer and their audience alike.

Hypr sets itself apart from other discovery tools because of its interface. Dealing with that many possible results requires organization on the screen in a way that isn’t overwhelming for influencers or brands.

Results show up as a series of little business cards, with pictures, a bio, and quick stats to give you an overall idea of influencers fit for a brand.

Scrolling through the list, it’s beyond easy for an influencer to stand out enough to be put on the list of potential collaborations. HYPR makes it easy to create and organize lists of influencers without the confusion of navigating to other pages. The lists also serve as a snapshot for groups of influencers according to niches, such as beauty or marketing.

Hypr also has a feature called Unique Audience measurement, which focuses on more than just followers.

On this platform, micro-influencers have a chance to stand out because of their high engagement rates. Most platforms look at a group of influencers and their followers to determine reach, but Hypr’s developers understand that there’s more to it than that. 

Overall, Hypr focuses on the bigger picture, which makes it easy for influencers to find jobs and do well in their field.


Beauty Clout is an up and coming platform with a lot to offer.

It focuses primarily on the beauty world, so brands know exactly what they are getting into. The great thing about beauty is that it encompasses many things, such as hair, makeup, skincare, and fashion. The possibilities are endless.

For influencers, this platform is excellent for anyone looking to get their name out there in the beauty world. BeautyClout prioritizes everyone, not just those with a lot of followers, which is fantastic for those that high engagement but a low amount of followers.

The big idea ensures that everyone, despite the size of their audience remains relevant. By focusing on primary topics such as hair, fashion, and beauty, BeautyClout gives brands a chance to see it all.

The search engine they use also makes it easy for brands to see everything they need to do without much clicking around. Overall, it’s a fantastic platform to use for brands and influencers alike.

It’s been great watching BeautyClout grow, and we only expect to grow more.

Influencers have a lot to gain

With the platforms mentioned above, there’s a lot to gain from being an influencer in this market.

Using an influencer platform makes it easy for influencers to gain some funds without doing too much work. It’s also a great way to get your name out there as an influencer. 

All in all, influencer marketing platforms are on the rise and worth checking out!

What about Brands?

For brands, there are a bunch of different platforms to use for influencer marketing but which one is the right one?

Rather than comparing platforms, let’s talk about the different things to think about when choosing a platform. What do you need to look out for? Well, we’ve got a list of aspects to pay attention to when choosing a platform.

Keep reading to get into it!

Ease of use

When starting on a new platform, it’s essential to think about how easy the platform is to use.

Marketing is already difficult, so adding any new piece of software to your marketing plan should be simple and easy. A complicated process can ruin the entire project before you start.

Since there are many influencers you will need to observe, it’s important that the influencer platform has a user-friendly interface.

Look for features such as easy categorizing, scheduling, simple search criteria, and the ability to engage with multiple assignments your influencers.

Influencer Relevancy

Don’t waste time on platforms that don’t match you with the right influencers.

An influencer campaign is only as effective if the influencer you choose matches your specific goals. A good platform will ensure you can match with influencers that make sense for your brand and campaign goals.

Those that aren’t relevant won’t fill up space and confuse you. Make sure you look out for that!


Look for platforms that don’t discriminate when it comes to demographics.

You want a platform that allows you to search for influencers from all demographics, not just one.

There are multiple things to look for including race, age, gender, location, education, and language. Advanced metrics should also be available, especially considering how valuable an advanced search is.

Make sure you use platforms that let you search far and wide without it becoming overwhelming.

Return on Investment

You need to keep your ROI high.

It doesn’t make sense for you to pay for a service that doesn’t bring you excellent results. A platform that tracks ROI for you is a platform that should pique your interest. If you’re not able to calculate an accurate ROI using a specific platform, you might need to look elsewhere.

Your influencer selection process should not be annoying. Choose an influencer platform that will increase your ROI in the long-run.

It’s crucial that the platform you choose works in your favor, so you do not have to work hard to have a successful campaign.

The best influencer platforms will provide live metrics that allow you to understand the benefits of working with a specific influencer.


This is one of the most critical aspects of influencer marketing.

It’s vital to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to influencer marketing. It’s critical to spend within your budget and ensure that all parties are happy with how much was paid.

When choosing an influencer marketing platforms, don’t be swindled by those that promise low prices in exchange for excellent services. Most time, the service is subpar. 

Make sure you always check the reviews to see whether the platform is worth trying!

Measuring your Campaign Results

As always, with your platforms, it’s vital to ensure you can measure the results of your campaigns.

If your influencer marketing solution is working, you should be able to see that. Any platform you choose should offer detailed analytics that showcases metrics.

Influencer Marketing 101!

Influencer marketing is beneficial for those looking to expand their brand awareness or their platform.

Don’t be afraid to do extensive research to ensure that you choose the right platforms, especially if you’ll be spending money on this kind of marketing too.

Of course, here at BeautyClout, we love to help and hear your feedback!

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