Using Instagram for your business can sometimes seem to be a task. It can be intimidating at times to create content that connects with your audience and is always one up from your competitors. You may be wondering where to even start let alone determine high quality. But no need to fret! We’re sharing some effective ways you can start elevating your brand’s presence on social media to be remotely taken seriously…just kidding. But no, really; having a high-quality tone associated with your business’s social media helps your visitors to have a better perception of your business. If you’re a brand that needs some guidance and helps to start creating quality content, keep on reading! We’ll be covering different tools that can help you, new approaches, and more.

Content Templates

Using different templates to create content is a great tool to use to help you create attractive material that engages and captures the attention of your audience. Whatever message you’re trying to send, it’s always best to do it with a template. It gives your social media feed more personality and allows you to be more hands-on in the customization of your brand’s social media presence. Templates can be used through helpful platforms such as Canva that offer various categories of content for you to choose from. They even offer high-quality photos that you can use to make the content pop out even more. Some templates are already made-ready so it’s just a matter of you changing what it says and then you’re on your way to a better social media presence!

Use high-quality images

It’s important to use images that offer great quality. Sometimes as a brand you could not be taken seriously if you post images that have low resolution or are of poor quality. A great way to come off more official is by having images that are clear and not blurry or pixelated. Hiring a photographer can be a bit pricey. To help with this, using stock images can come to your rescue. 

We get it. Stock images can seem…stock-y. But certain platforms offer some really great ones that can spice up the variety of your feed just like templates can. You can check out stock image platforms like Unsplash that have a wide range of great quality images and guess what? They offer them for free! Another great thing about them is you can find the right image in alignment with your niche!

Use different formats

Don’t be scared to switch things up on your feed. Things can get a little boring when it’s filled with still images and there’s no variety to what you post. Content creation is a huge driver for building audiences and the most common type is videos and content that is in action. You can use formats like Boomerangs or GIFs that allow you to switch between the content you produce. You have to be mindful to not do an overload of your posts for your brand and just ease into it. As you do so, you’ll begin to see what your audience is really feeling and what captures their attention. From there, you’ll be able to engage with them more and continue creating content that’s worth your while and theirs.

Quality content is gold

Let’s not underestimate how quality content can take your online presence so far. These are just a few ways to start incorporating high-quality content into your branding and marketing efforts. If you have further questions on what can truly work for your brand, drop a comment below!

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