FAQS for Brands


What is Beauty Clout? How does it work?

Beauty Clout is an influencer marketing platform for the Beauty & Fashion industry.

We connect brands with all types of influencers across multiple social media platforms.

Brands create campaigns requesting different types of promotions of their products on selected social media platforms or blogs.

Influencers are invited to campaigns to place a bid on how much they will charge for the promotion work of a specific campaign. They also have the opportunity to initiate proposals in campaigns they are interested in working with.

Be aware that most brands will provide products via mail.

Do you accept applicants outside of the U.S.?

At this time, our platform only supports US-based users.



As a brand, how do I get started?

Getting your brand started on Beauty Clout is a great entry in the influencer marketing industry to help promote your brand and gain exposure!

Visit www.beautyclout.com/brands to register. Once you have registered your brand, start hiring influencers through your first campaign!

Are there requirements for becoming a brand?

No, we do not have set requirements on becoming a brand on Beauty Clout.

How do brands benefit?

With Beauty Clout, your brand has endless opportunity to find influencers to market what you offer based on the price you set.

You gain direct access to a variety of influencers with unlimited exposure and potential. Every day ads not working out?

Partner a face with your brand and products, and build an audience based on influence!

Are brands required to send products?

Yes, brands on both the basic plan and pro plan are responsible for product and shipping costs.

Can brands do free campaigns and provide a free product as compensation?

Brands who have a pro plan are able to offer free campaigns.

How can brands create campaigns?

Check out our blog post providing step by step guide on how to create an awesome campaign!

What happens if an influencer does not submit the work they hired for?

Please report all details including the influencer’s information directly to info@beautyclout.com along with the campaign in reference.

Why can’t I submit my campaign?

You should be able to submit your campaign for review, but if you are having issues or are not receiving an error message explaining what needs to be fixed, please contact our support team at info@beautyclout.com.

When you submit a campaign, it will generally be reviewed within 24 hours.

If approved, influencers will be able to submit proposals. Also any pending invitations to bid on the campaign will be sent out.

What do I do when an influencer does not complete the hired work?

If the hired influencer requested payment, you likely have been charged the requested amount already.

The influencer does not have access to these funds, until they complete their work, and you verify it and are satisfied. As long as you have not verified the work, you can cancel the proposal and initiate a refund. Refunds generally take 1-5 business days to take effect.

If the influencer was not paid with monetary incentive, and was instead given a product for free, contact support at info@beautyclout.com.

Unfortunately, the actions available for us to take to retrieve your goods are limited, but we can attempt to reach out to the influencer. If there is a clear indication of fraud, we can ban this user from our system.

I’m having issues linking my social media accounts. What do I do?

While there should generally be no issues linking social media accounts, some things to consider are:

  • Facebook accounts means a Facebook page that can be liked by other Facebook users. This is not your personal account.
  • Instagram follower counts will display as 0 when connected. The true count will be populated usually in a few minutes.
  • YouTube accounts require that they have a custom name. We are working on bypassing this requirement, but here is YouTube’s official documentation on custom names.


Does it cost to join Beauty Clout?

Join Beauty Clout as an influencer is absolutely free! For brands, we offer a basic plan that is free to install and a pro plan that is $29.99 per month or available for yearly billing. Each plan is able to take advantage of our 14-day free trial.

Is there a fee associated with Beauty Clout?

Our fee for influencers is 10% of the campaign payment. For example, if you completed a campaign where you charged $100, you will receive $90 as payment through our online payment system, Stripe. For brands, with a basic plan, there is a 10% fee as stated above.

Do you offer payments through PayPal?

No, all payments are made through Stripe. Visit their website for further information!

I don’t feel comfortable providing my debit card number, is there another option?

We totally understand how nerve-racking it can be to provide delicate and personal information! But we guarantee safe transaction processes as we are partnered with Stripe who is known as a trusted online payment system. Stripe is super convenient, flexible, and compatible at working best with every financial institution as well as other companies. If we make changes in the future regarding payment systems we work with, we’ll be sure to update you!