FAQS for Influencers


What is Beauty Clout? How does it work?

Beauty Clout is an influencer marketing platform for the Beauty & Fashion industry.

We connect brands with all types of influencers across multiple social media platforms.

Brands create campaigns requesting different types of promotions of their products on selected social media platforms or blogs.

Influencers are invited to campaigns to place a bid on how much they will charge for the promotion work of a specific campaign. They also have the opportunity to initiate proposals in campaigns they are interested in working with.

Be aware that most brands will provide products via mail.

Do you accept applicants outside of the U.S.?

At this time, our platform only supports US-based users.



As an influencer, how do I get started?

Visit www.beautyclout.com/influencers to sign up. Once completed, you will be directed to complete your profile.

Are there requirements to becoming an influencer?

We do not have any requirements in order for influencers to join Beauty Clout.

How do influencers get paid?

Influencers will receive payment by direct deposit through the online secured payment system, Stripe. Visit www.stripe.com for additional questions.

How can I get brands to work with me?

A great way to appeal to brands for collaboration is to consider the following:
  • Non-private social media profile
  • High engagement on posts
  • Consistent posting on social media
  • Compelling content

What is a proposal?

A proposal is what you submit to brands to propose why you’re the best candidate to promote what they offer. In your proposal, it’s best to be detailed on what you will offer to the brand, what kind of promotion you will do, and why you’re the best to do so.

Do I have to have a profile for the social media platforms brands require in their campaigns?

Yes, this is necessary in order to promote where it is needed.

I’m having issues linking my social media accounts. What do I do?

Be sure to include the actual URL to your social media profile. For example, on Instagram, you would provide the URL www.instagram.com/yourinstagramhandle, not a URL to a direct post.

Why do I have to provide information on my social security number?

We require the last 4-digits to your SSN in order to verify your identity. This helps combat against fraudulent activity.

Why do you need my address?

Your address is required in order to receive products from brands.

I created an account as an influencer but my phone number is not being accepted through Stripe?

It’s possible this is due to your location. We require a US phone number be provided. If you have one, and still experience difficulty, please contact Stripe directly.

How do I know if I was hired by a brand?

Influencers will receive a notification on their dashboard and also by e-mail.

Do I have to pay for a brand’s product?

No, brands offer in their campaigns to provide the product.

How do I delete my account?

Go to your left column on your dashboard and click ‘Settings.’ Then click ‘Account’ where you will see the ‘deactivate account’ button in red at the bottom of the page.


Does it cost to join Beauty Clout?

Join Beauty Clout as an influencer is absolutely free! For brands, we offer a basic plan that is free to install and a pro plan that is $29.99 per month or available for yearly billing. Each plan is able to take advantage of our 14-day free trial.

Is there a fee associated with Beauty Clout?

Our fee for influencers is 10% of the campaign payment. For example, if you completed a campaign where you charged $100, you will receive $90 as payment through our online payment system, Stripe. For brands, with a basic plan, there is a 10% fee as stated above.

Do you offer payments through PayPal?

No, all payments are made through Stripe. Visit their website for further information!

I don’t feel comfortable providing my debit card number, is there another option?

We totally understand how nerve-racking it can be to provide delicate and personal information! But we guarantee safe transaction processes as we are partnered with Stripe who is known as a trusted online payment system. Stripe is super convenient, flexible, and compatible at working best with every financial institution as well as other companies. If we make changes in the future regarding payment systems we work with, we’ll be sure to update you!