IGTV Changed The Game

When Instagram came out in 2010, it was a simple platform used to share photos of self, family, and friends.

Since then, Instagram has achieved the accomplishment of 1 billion monthly active users! When I first started using Instagram, I used it merely for sharing with friends. Then, the platform transformed into something entirely different with all of its’ new features.

Everything from filters to stickers has transformed Instagram to be a platform for everyone, especially aspiring influencers.

Many influencers looking to build their brand, start with platforms such as Youtube and why wouldn’t they? It’s an excellent platform for anyone looking to share intimate moments of their life while monetizing off their platforms.

For a long time, Youtube has been the go-to place for everyone looking to watch videos that interest and excite them. But as social media has changed, so have the ways we digest media. Instagram is proving itself to be a force in the world of social media, especially since they’ve released IGTV.

Essentially, Instagram has developed what they hope will be the app that surpasses YouTube and they might be on the right track.

Since IGTV, plenty of brands have used the feature to release full-length videos that appeal to their audiences.

IGTV and BeautyClout

At BeautyClout, we love the IGTV feature and think it’s fantastic for anyone looking to increase their brand awareness.

While IGTV may not surpass YouTube from its Number 1 platform just yet, it certainly is making positive changes towards that goal. Indefinitely, Instagram’s new IGTV feature is impacting influencer marketing.

Clearly, since launching, Instagram has reached milestone after milestone, and they’re continuing to expand. IGTV has the potential to be as influential as Instagram stories. 

It is creating exciting opportunities for brands and creators alike since there are a new way and exciting way for sponsored content to be shared.

So, What’s IGTV?

IGTV is custom for creators on the platform.

It’s a prime opportunity to improve engagement and attract new followers. It’s a great way to expand content, and share intimate videos with followers. This is great for creators that want to try something other than Youtube’s competitive space.

IGTV is built for mobile users as well, so videos are full-screen. The videos are also vertical, which means there’s no need to rotate your phone!

For those that have a lot to say, IGTV makes it easy to surpass the one-minute video restrictions on Instagrams’s regular platform. With IGTV, they can be up to an hour long on IGTV.

The great thing about IGTV is that it’s not limiting. Anyone can create channels and publish content on the IGTV platform. Instagram users with large followings also benefit from IGTV since they can post videos directly onto their pages.

From that point, followers can click on the footage and transition to the IGTV platform. Videos start playing automatically once the app is opened and people can like and comment on videos, and share them with friends.

This method keeps the content circulating. Everything about this platform is simple and seamless for everyone!

Also, IGTV promotes videos that are casual, and in raw format which taps into a video style that is already popular on Instagram. IGTV’s wants to revolutionize mobile content while also keeping Instagram relevant. This makes perfect sense since IGTV is only available for use on Instagram’s mobile app.

However, to view IGTV videos, Instagram users don’t have to download the IGTV app which keeps Instagram relevant the entire time without making it difficult.

What does this mean for brands?

Brands can now have access to user-generated content.

They can acquire content through posts on Instagram, Instagram stories, or videos on IGTV. By collaborating with creators that make sure of all these fantastic features, brands are at an advantage. They can ask creators to create long-form videos such as makeup tutorials, travel guides, product reviews, interviews/Q&As, and more.

Honestly, the possibilities are endless! On top of that amazing fact, the IGTV feature makes it easy to find an Influencer’s content.

The channels on IGTV make it much easier for brands to find the content they need from relevant people that followers know and care about.

IGTV increases a brands’ ability to make a deliberate decision regarding an influencer. IGTV has taken away the task of searching through a particular Instagram user’s posts. 

A problem with the regular Instagram is that a brand may not have access to a certain influencer’s platform because they follow a bunch of people. Also, the current Instagram algorithm prevents the average micro-influencers from being seen by brands.

With IGTV, though, creators can build their channels and spread awareness about their brand. It’s similar to having a television channel except with preferred content.

Anyone in the video world knows how great this is since they’ve been building channels like this on YouTube for years.

What does this mean for creators?

Creators will no longer be restricted if they use IGTV.

On the ideal Instagram platform, an influencer can only post a video that’s 1 minute long. Even worse, the Instagram Stories only allow videos to be uploaded in smaller, 15-second increments.

However, with IGTV, creators can freely create longer unpolished, raw video content on IGTV, which allows followers to view their favorite influencers on a deeper and more genuine level. Influencers used to host most of their videos on their YouTube channels even though their fans spend more time on Instagram.

This means that influencers have the opportunity to upload images to Instagram, along with the videos that they would usually have to promote on their YouTube channels.

Additionally, sometimes brands want longer reviews or tutorials for their products, which may require creators to post on both Youtube and Instagram but with IGTV, influencers can now curate all content on one platform.

Instagram is one of the largest social platforms which means that influencer marketing is on the rise. Before, if influencers wanted to create long video content, they had to create content before getting on Instagram with recording equipment, editing software and so on.

Now, influencers can film, edit, post, and promote their video content all on one platform.

How IGTV Will Impact Influencer Marketing

There is no doubt that Instagram is critical for the influencer market.

For a long time, Youtube has been the go-to place for influencers to create videos. However, this is changing due to IGTV, most likely due to the fact that YouTube is only about videos while Instagram is a one-stop shop.

When influencers were asked what they considered their number one platform, the majority of them said they preferred Instagram. Notably, the influencers haven’t changed their preferences especially since Instagram is increasing their ability to appeal to both creators and brands.

The introduction of IGTV changes where influencers place their focus.

Everyone Can Benefit From Having An IGTV Presence

It will take time for people to adapt to the change, so people that jump on the wagon early are ahead of the competition.

One problem with IGTV is that monetizing is harder on the platform than it is on Youtube. Large companies love to streamline their advertising so they might be slow to change.

They have to go through different procedures before they can promote a product on IGTV, which might be an issue in the future if the platform doesn’t change. Most smaller businesses are often more adaptable and don’t mind trying out new ideas. This means that small companies might come out on top if they use IGTV the right way.

Experimenting with the IGTV feature is a great way to increase success in influencer marketing. There might be less competition on IGTV, especially since Youtube is still a significant platform.

However, looking at the speed at which Instagram has grown, it won’t be long before IGTV builds its popularity too.

It’s okay to wonder whether the requirements for the videos on IGTV to are a step too far. It does put IGTV at a disadvantage because influencers won’t be able to share videos in the horizontal-aspect video like they can on YouTube.

But perhaps this is a smart way to create a unique platform separate from YouTube.

Are You Sold On IGTV?

After reading this, how do you feel about IGTV?

As a brand, do you want to use it more? As a creator, there are many different benefits to using IGTV. You’ll be missing out if you don’t hop on the IGTV train.

Here at BeautyClout, we know that IGTV is changing the game. Also, Instagram isn’t scared of making changes, so the issues with the platform shouldn’t last long. Instagram is continuously growing, so even if you’re new to the platform, you can benefit from IGTV.

You don’t want to miss out on the ability to create a unique channel that captures raw, unedited, and genuine material for your followers. Have you been using IGTV?

Let us know about your experience by leaving a comment!

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