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The world of influencing isn’t the most comfortable place to navigate.

As an influencer, it gets tough when the brand doesn’t know how to approach campaigns with influencers. Influencer marketing campaigns require a few things to be successful. Different factors create unpleasant experiences for everyone involved, but there are ways to avoid disaster.

Successful collaborations are an essential part of the influencer community. It is critical that the appropriate audiences are exposed to what both you, the brand, and the creator have to offer.

Collaborations require that all parties are happy with the result of the campaign and this is not a one-sided effort.

Many brands assume that influencers should be willing to do anything to work with them, but that’s not the case. Influencers want to work with brands that care about their work and pay them for what it’s worth.

Based on different experiences, we’ve got seven tips on how to make the best of collaborations with influencers.

First, let’s get into what to consider as a brand.

How Does This Work?

There are a few things to consider when it comes to brands working with creators.

As a brand, you must be genuine when reaching out to creators. Do you feel they are a natural fit for your brand? Also, offer great content for your influencer to see. This will help them find inspiration with the material you do have.

Also, it’s essential to create a relationship with the influencers you’re reaching out to. Don’t make it all about business.

The last thing to remember before we get into these tips is to remember to commit to the collaborations.

Once you’ve decided on who you want to collaborate with, don’t hesitate to create a long term relationship. Once you’ve committed to the collaboration, it’s important to stick to it.

Influencers are more willing to do work with brands that are consistent with their content. Now, let’s get into these tips!

Relevant collaborations

The first thing a brand should do is choose relevant partnerships before contacting an influencer.

Research is vital when it comes to the influencer market, especially if you want to maintain authenticity.

Before sending a booking request, think about whether a specific influencer fits what you need for your brand. As a brand, the creators you choose to work with will uniquely represent your brand. It’s vital that this influencer creates content that encompasses your brand message as well.

Most creators, especially the popular ones, get a lot of booking requests every day. 

Most times, if you fit what they are about, they will work with you. However, sometimes, it’s up to the brand to determine whether it’s a good fit.

If you get an inquiry for collaborations, here are some questions you can ask before saying yes. Is the influencer’s profile relevant to your brand? Would people be interested in your brand after this collaboration? What could their content say about their brand’s aesthetic and personality?

Will your brand image change how when you associate your products or services with these profiles?

Clear emails and creative freedom

Creators want well-structured emails that clear.

When reaching out to an influencer, don’t beat around the bush. Instead, outline what you need from this collaboration. Clearly explain what the objective of this campaign would be.

When guidelines and deadlines are clear, the communication is smooth and easy. Easily understood communication saves you, and the influencers, time from asking too many questions about what is needed.

Also, the more clarification you provide, the less that someone is likely to make a mistake.

In an email, you shouldn’t be too stringent about regulations. Leave enough room for creative freedom, especially if you’re working with an influencer that loves the creative process.

The point of a collaboration is to work together with the influencer you’ve chosen. Rather than telling them what to do, ask them what ideas they might have.

How can the brand and the creator work together to bring the vision to life? Strict limitations will create room for inauthentic material. That’s the last thing that you want.

Influencers know precisely what their followers want, which is why they can consistently grow their profile. The more creative freedom they have, the easier it will be for influencers to convey the message you need.

Fair compensation

This is the most significant debate in the influencer market.

Let’s debunk it once and for all. Influencer work is work, and all influencers deserve to be paid. It takes time and effort for creators to build their audience by creating authentic content.

Any brand looking to work with creators should understand that they’ll be gaining the benefits of their profile by working with them. Why wouldn’t you pay them?

Some creators are okay with not getting paid, but most of them want and deserve payment. Of course, each influencer is different so your compensation will be different depending on what you choose.

However, it’s important always to be fair. You wouldn’t work for free, so why should they? Influencers want to know that brands value their work. Compensation doesn’t always mean monetary funds.

You’ll have to see what type of compensation the influencer wants. You can pay an influencer by offering commission.

Commission entails that the influencer gets a percentage of every sale that they make. Sometimes, people are okay with freebies. This is when they’re given free products or services in exchange for promotion.

If this is the route you choose, you must offer something worth forgoing monetary compensation.

Most influencers agree to a pay per post scale, where they’re paid per promotional post. Show creators that you value their work, by compensating them fairly and professionally.

If you have a tight budget, talk with the influencer and see what they can do for you. Most of them are flexible, especially if they enjoy your brand.

Dependable communication

Communication is the core of any good collaboration.

Excellent communication is essential for any campaign to be successful, so it’s critical that you keep your communication lines open. Another vital aspect is the response time.

Much like brands, influencers don’t always have time to wait around. If you’re serious about working with them, make it known by initiating contact and following up. Make sure that you clarify any pertinent details.

Answer any questions they might have so that the process can move quickly and smoothly.


As a brand, it’s not just about making the agreement and leaving.

Influencers need to rely on you for information about your brand and products. The deal you make shouldn’t be about what the influencer should do but also about what you can do as a brand.

Influencers want to feel as though brands care about their work and their beings. If the deal feels too transactional, some people might pull out.

Also, let’s say an influencer promotes your products, but people start asking them questions about how it works? They’ll need to rely on you to provide them the intricate details about the product, especially information they don’t know.

Reliability also means consistency. Once a contract is drawn up and accepted, unexpected changes should not happen. The more you alter an agreement, the more that an influencer will think your brand is being sketchy.

Any changes mean that the content creator has to read over a new deal, sign and then wait for a response.

This is the time that they could use to create the content that you need.

If changes are necessary, communicate with the influencer and let them know why those changes were significant for the campaign.


Transparency ties with communication.

You can’t have clarity without communication, and you can’t have communication without transparency.

For a campaign to be successful, all parties will need to be transparent about what they need. There are different things you’ll need to be open about, such as the regulations for the campaign and how much product they’ll need for the campaign.

Also, influencers will need to know a due date. Most influencers keep a schedule for posting promotions. So, the more transparent that you are, the more comfortable they can include you into their schedule.

Transparency is a cardinal rule that helps everyone involved. It ensures that communication is clear and smooth.

Stay Up on Social Media Industry Updates

As a brand, it’s super important to stay up to date on social media outlets.

Whenever there is a change, you should be on top of it. The more you understand how social media works, the better.

Also, you’ll be able to know how an influencer will help your brand expand. If there are new features, you’ll want to know about them, and how they can benefit you.

The more you know, the smoother the process is, and the more successful the campaign will be.

Review Your Response and Results

Once the campaign is complete, it’s important to review the work you’ve done.

When you take time to review the work you’ve done, you give yourself and the creator a chance to see what can be improved.

This is also a chance to congratulate yourself and your influencers on a great campaign! You should spend time checking the metrics of the campaign and see how the audience responded to the work you and the influencer created together.

Constructive feedback

After checking the response, it’s essential to give constructive feedback.

If you see that you’re not getting a lot of engagement, try discussing with the influencer on how the both of you can do better next time. Providing insights that both you and the influencer can use to improve the work is excellent.

Knowing what do change next time will help future campaigns.

The Challenge For Brands

Brands do face some challenges when it comes to working with influencers.

Sometimes, people don’t trust brand intentions which makes it hard for brands to acquire a lot of collaborations. If you’re a big brand, you might not have any issues at all, especially if a lot of people want to work with you.

If you’re not a big brand, you’ll need to ret your case so that people are more willing to work with you.

Something that helps with this is having a strong brand message. Your brand message should represent your brand in the best way possible.

Another challenge is that brands don’t usually know how to maneuver social media platforms. This is why it’s important to team up with influencers because they can help you figure out this new territory.

Sometimes, brands don’t know how to appeal to a younger crowd, which affects how much people interact with the brand. Young people are at the forefront of this market. 

Knowing how to appeal to them is essential for any brand looking to create campaigns.

All in all, these challenges won’t stop brands from reaching success. These challenges only help brands become better. The more that you know about these different challenges, the better your brand will do in the influencer market, or any market.

Take everything with ease and be patient with your progress!


All in all, it’s essential to have an end goal that works for your brand.

When working with influencers, it’s important to know that they are more than just transactions. They are people working the jobs that they love.

As a brand, it’s important to share the same values as the influencers that you choose to work with. Don’t think too hard about it. Most times, you’ll know when you’ve found a good match. By following these tips, you’ll have more successful campaigns.

On top of that, you’ll build better, and more long-lasting relationships. When you’re unsure about something, you can always turn to BeautyClout and use the tools we have for you. We’ve got everything you need to be successful.

Also, we put you in contact with influencers that are ready to work and create amazing content for your brand.

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