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It’s All About Beauty!

When it comes to working with beauty influencers, many of us want to know what a brand wants.

Of course, the opportunities for beauty influencers showcase just how competitive and cutthroat the beauty space can be. Here at BeautyClout, we are interested in talking with an influencer in the beauty space because there’s so much happening in that industry!

There’s plenty of attention to go around on social media for beauty brands, and influencers alike. Everyone has the potential to gain something.

On BeautyClout, we’ve broken down the in’s and out’s of social media and the beauty industry for brands and influencers looking to stake their claim in the industry. From content ideas to social media strategies to streamline your social presence, we’ve got you covered.

This interview is only going to add to that realm of knowledge! But first, let’s dive deeper into the beauty industry.

Content Ideas for Social Media and The Beauty Industry

Marketing for beauty brands affords a ton of creative freedom for influencers.

Not only are influencers encouraged to showcase eye-popping visuals, but also speak to their followers in a unique voice that showcases brands in a new way.

If you’re a beauty influencer looking to expand your brand, here are some ways you can do it. Add these social media tricks to your content calendar.

How-to’s and Tutorials

Most beauty content on social media is centered on the product.

But what keeps this from being excessive is the way influencers also add value to their audience.

Influencers should look to educate followers via how-to’s and tutorials. How-tos provide an engaging visual to show off products in action.

You-Generated Content

Beauty brands know all too well that their followers often provide their best material.

As a result, user-generated content is the bread and butter of social media, especially in the beauty industry. Encouraging followers to tag themselves in photos of the brand you’re promoting serves as social proof that you’re creating a buzz.

It also creates a steady stream of organic content to seal the deal with the brand you’re working with.

This is why many brands’ social media are composed almost entirely of user-generated content. People love when an influencer shares a brand they genuinely love.

Through hashtags, influencers can create a powerful army of brand advocates that only make working with them more appealing.

Giveaways and contests

Beauty brands are proof that social media contests aren’t going anywhere.

Influencers should always offer to do giveaways as a means for increasing brand awareness for the brands they’re working with.

It’s a way to both encourage new followers and reward their current ones. There’s a reason why giveaway posts are often the most liked and commented-on for many influencers.

Personable Posts

In addition to pushing products, thriving beauty brands also understand the importance of community.

That’s why they want to work with influencers that have engaged communities.
Speaking your followers’ language and connecting to them on a personal level is what brands need and love.

That’s precisely why text overlay posts, memes, and inspirational quotes are necessary for so many beauty influencers.

An engaged community provides an opportunity to show off your voice while giving followers a break from typical advertisements. Whether humorous or otherwise, personable posts are a great way to show the human side of your brand.

Speaking of charming, our interview with Ciera Harris indicates just how great being agreeable is.


Let’s hear it Ciera!

Share with us the story behind your brand, and what inspired you to start your influencer journey? Why?

I have been playing with makeup since I was in middle school, but didn’t get serious with it until my senior year of high school. I love the art of makeup and the ability to create looks on my face myself. I’m always looking for new products to try out, and I love to tell friends and followers when I find a great product!

What do you want your audience to receive?

I want them to receive honesty from me, and I want them to look forward to my posts every day. My followers love my flatly/ review pictures, and I’m always 100% about how I feel about a product. I wouldn’t be where I am without my followers, so I live to create content that they want to see.

How do you believe you influence makes an impact on your audience?

I get messages from my followers daily telling me they picked up a product I reviewed and loved it! Or how seeing my posts inspires them. It truly brings me joy because that is precisely how I got into the community myself.

What attracts your audience to your platform?

I think my honesty and my vision. My focus is always my followers, and I love giving back to them.

What do you believe is the number one key to building and maintaining an audience?

keeping up with trends, quality photos, honesty, and not letting a follower count grow your ego.

Why do you think social media is essential to incorporate into a market strategy for influencers and brands?

Social media is the biggest platform right now. It’s how you find out about anything and everything. People love reading reviews and seeing demonstrations. It inspires them and makes them curious.

What social platform holds your biggest audience? (IG, Twitter, Facebook, Blog, etc.) Why?

Instagram! I have around 20k followers, and it took me 2-3 years to build my following. A lot of trial and error but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Have you been able to monetize your brand this year either through your social media account or another business model? Explain.

I have not, but that is the goal. I’m hoping next year that will be the case and I look so forward to working on achieving it.

What are the strategies you’ve used to improve your this year?

I am working on the quality of the photos. Photography isn’t my most reliable, but I have changed that around, and my followers and likes per photo have gone up tremendously!

What are the strategies you’ve used to improve your this year?

I am focusing on creating content that my followers want but are still relevant to what I LOVE and why I started doing this.

How do you plan out the content for your brand’s social media account?

By new products that I pick up to try, what’s trending. sometimes I have to be creative and think of things on my own, but I love it

What advice would you give to someone who wants to be an influencer?

Go for it! Always remember why you started and only continue if you still enjoy it. Don’t be afraid to be different and think outside of the box.

Remember this!

There are few spaces more reliant on social media than the beauty industry. Influencers like Ciera understand the importance of being true to self. With so much competition and so many creative options, a solid social strategy is a matter of “when,” not “if” for influencers in the beauty space. Hopefully, our interview and this information was a much-needed dose of motivation and inspiration for what a successful influencer strategy in the beauty space looks like. We want to hear from you, though! What do you see when you think of influencers working with beauty brands? Are you an influencer working in the beauty industry? Let us know in the comments below!

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