If you’ve ever been an entrepreneur, you know how difficult it is to juggle a healthy work-life balance.

As an influencer myself, I completely understand how difficult it is to maintain a schedule that makes sense for my everyday life. I joke a lot about balance with my friends. How I won’t eat all day because I’m too busy, then come home and devour a meal I know I shouldn’t eat.

Talk about balance. Some days, I’ll go to the gym for a fantastic session, then end up topping off the day at the bar with friends. There goes that balance again. So to a degree, I’m sure many of us feel as though we are nailing this balance thing.

But the one thing I’m finding insanely hard to balance is work and life as an influencer. I use that term reluctantly because although that’s what many of us are, as it’s a multi-platform, there’s something about it that I feel undermines the hard work that goes into it all. Which leads us to this very topic, the hard work that goes into ‘influencing.’

Here at BeautyClout, we know what’s it like when your life is technically your work.

It can be a challenging position to navigate and create a separation between work and life, especially when work is your life and life is your work.

Do You Use MultiPlatforms? Keep Reading!

This multi-platform thing is exceptionally challenging.

Influencers like Timorie know it too. Timorie has every platform you can think of. Most people start everything on one platform and expand to maybe two or three, but Timorie has chosen to use seven platforms. Talk about juggling!

They’ve developed their Instagram profile, complete with Instagram stories, which is like using an additional platform these days. The only platform that Timorie doesn’t use YouTube – where most people post weekly videos.

We assume that the reason for this is because managing it all isn’t easy. And in Timorie’s case, she’s not only a mom, but also a wife, and entrepreneur that is killing the game when it comes to social media.

For many of us, when we channel a little more energy into one social platform, the other platforms fall behind. But for Timorie, she seems to have it down packed.

If you check her social media platforms, specifically Instagram, she is flourishing! She almost makes it look easy!

Beauty Clout Appreciates Honesty

Most people on social media only put the best bits of their lives online.

I’m sure you’ve reread time and time about social media only being edited highlights and realness vs. fakeness in the blogging world. We like to put out this glossy perfected image online or at least a delicate balance of relatable and aspirational.

People want to know what life is like as a blogger or full-time influencer, rather than the absolute truth that is sometimes boring, dull, exhausting aspects of the career.

They don’t understand influencers and think life is simply a glamorous showcase, rather than seeing the hard work behind it all. But it’s not always the viewer’s fault, as some never share the brutal truth behind the filter.

However, in Timoria’s case, she makes honestly look appealing. She shares her authentic experiences with her audiences.

This interview series is about exploring the truth that influencers have to share with the world. Take a walk with us as Timorie shares her strategies and advice for those looking to expand their brands.

The great thing about Timorie is that she does it all. She’s a hairstylist, mom and lifestyle influencer all at once. She works relentlessly to build the life she desires for herself, husband, and children.

Let’s get into this interview!

Let’s hear it Timorie!

Share with us the story behind your brand, and what inspired you to start your influencer journey? Why?

Hi! I’m Timorie! I’m a hairstylist by trade but, as a “niche” per se, I’m more lifestyle! I’m a lot of things, so, therefore, I feel lifestyle sums me up best!

I started influencing on Instagram to help other Moms, Stylist, Makeup Artists, join together! It’s a remarkable journey, and I’ve met some amazing ladies!

I love introducing new ideas and products to others. I’m not just a Mom like lots of Moms. I have many things and talents to share, and I enjoy learning from other influencers.

It’s an entirely separate world that is new and exciting!

What do you want your audience to receive?

I love to share my goals, my favorite items, my family, motherhood tips, and real life!

Hairstylist/Makeup tricks and tips, especially for women on the go! I like to give my followers discounts to help them save money. I wish for moms to feel that perfection is not healthy.

Be yourself!

How do you believe you influence makes an impact on your audience?

I think it helps other women to share thoughts and ideas. I’m just a normal mom who happens to do hair and makeup.

What attracts your audience to your platform?

I have a bright, bold, and vibrant color scheme.

I like clean, crisp, eye-catching shots to pull my follows in and attract them to read my captions. I use hashtags that compliment each post. My captions are full of useful information and heart.

I do not do song lyrics, but, the random quote does come up.

What do you believe is the number one key to building and maintaining an audience?

Consistency is key.

I try to post twice a day. I try to not flood my audiences with too much of the same type of post back to back. Variety is good.

Story posts are also so important. I like sharing my day. It’s real life.

Why do you think social media is essential to incorporate into a market strategy for influencers and brands?

I think social media is 99% of where brands get seen. We do not have cable.

We see everything on social media. From influencers sharing to advertising on social media sites, that’s how my family get information about new things.

What social platform holds your biggest audience? (IG, Twitter, Facebook, Blog, etc.) Why?

Instagram is my biggest audience so far. Facebook is the runner up. Then Pinterest is third. I do not know one person that doesn’t at least have one of those.

Have you been able to monetize your brand this year either through your social media account or another business model? Explain.

Yes, I get a certain amount of monetary compensation per post via different social media channels.

What are the strategies you’ve used to improve your this year?

I use the Plann app and hashtag apps. I also try to reply to everyone through comments and DMs.

What are the strategies you’ve used to improve your this year?

I’ve been particular about which post to share at what time. Timing is everything.

How do you plan out the content for your brand’s social media account?

I use different apps to show my posts. The order and the timing.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to be an influencer?

Just be honest and consistent. Be yourself!

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A New World

As Timorie mentioned before, she’s experiencing a world that is exciting and new for her. The world of influencing is impressive and unique for those that have responsibilities outside of social media. For people like Timorie that juggle motherhood, marriage, and career tasks, finding a world of solace outside of all that is critical. It’s essential to have a space for expression and understanding. Before jumping into the world of influencing, think about what you want to share and how sharing that might help you during your journey!

Don’t Forget This!

As you can see, there’s some excellent advice you can find in this interview. Not only did Timorie share her secrets to success. She talks about the importance of being yourself when building your brand. If there’s anything you should understand from this interview, it’s that you should always be your authentic self. Here at Beauty Clout, we admire influencers that aspire others to be themselves, wholeheartedly. We work with the best and most authentic influencers because we care about brands that want to spread their brand message genuinely. Influencers like Timorie do precisely that. Do you think you have what it takes to be an influencer? Come check us out at BeautyClout and see what working with us is like! We’re here to answer any questions you have about working with us! Do you have experience being an influencer? Let us know in the comments! We look forward to hearing from you!

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