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Path To A Big Break!

The entertainment industry is full of hardships and obstacles, especially when you’re looking for a big break.

It’s not the easiest thing to choose our dream even when the idea seems fleeting. The life of a dancer is fulfilling, colorful, unconventional, and consistently challenging.

Many elements constitute the professional dancer, especially in the world of hip hop. These elements can vary from person to person, but the one common aspect between all dancers is passion. To dance and be successful, you have to be passionate.

An aspiring dancer will never be successful without sufficient enthusiasm for the work they do. Like any other creative path, if you do not love it enough, the choice to walk this road less traveled won’t be worth it. That’s why we interviewed Zaire Michel, a dance based in California.

Zaire is slowly rising to the top all the while sharing her journey with her hundreds of followers on Instagram and Facebook. Zaire has taken considerable risks to achieve her dancing career. She’s worked hard to ensure that her dream isn’t too far out of reach and that’s inspiring within itself!

We can all learn more about the hard work of dancing by reading this interview. At BeautyClout, we love to focus on more than just followers.

We connect with authentic, genuine, and real people that understand the importance of honesty and work.

Hard work and Dedication

The amount of work, dedication, and labor that dancers execute in their profession is more often than not unreflected in their bank balances. Being a dancer doesn’t come with immediate funds or even recognition. The reason people, like Zaire, dance is pure. Dancers are all in it for the love of it. For the joy and evolution, it brings. This is something that we can all learn from. Whatever career you decide to pursue, you should be passionate about it. What keeps our fire burning is how we are emotionally and spiritually fulfilled from doing the work that we do. With so many jobs offering ‘exposure’ or ‘experience’ as payment, it has become a top priority for influencer and dancers alike to invest in themselves. It’s vital that people know their professional value, and use discernment when accepting jobs. This is key to building a long-standing, fruitful career, in any field. Within an ever-growing industry, there is a lot of pressure to be versatile and adaptable. Zaire captures what it means to be authentic in a world that moves people to be the opposite. She influences us not only through her dancing but through her ability to be transparent about her journey. If you’re wondering how you discover who you are in an industry that requires you to be everyone else’s blank canvas, look no further. I don’t believe there is a right or wrong answer, but maybe this interview with Zaire can help you out! Keep reading and find out for yourself!

Let’s hear it Zaire!

Share with us the story behind your brand, and what inspired you to start your influencer journey? Why?

“First and foremost, I’m a spiritual being; I’m a professional dancer, brand ambassador, and influencer. Honestly speaking I’m always talking about something, I consider myself to be very resourceful. I hear more excuses of ”There’s not enough money in the world, not enough opportunities.” There are you have to look and do your research. I’ve seen multiple times in books I’ve read wealthy people share information and I’m working on my wealth in every aspect of that word as well as there’s enough food, money to go around. Being selfish isn’t good for the heart or skin.”

What do you want your audience to receive?

“I want my audience to receive information/knowledge, resources, and a reminder you’re not alone and love yourself first and foremost!”

How do you believe your influence makes an impact on your audience?

“I took the risk of moving to Los Angeles by myself from New York five months ago, and that alone is impactful. It’s also inspiring because people don’t like or embrace change. I also write or repost positive, real thoughts and experiences. I make my audience laugh, feel, think, and love.”

What attracts your audience to your platform?

“My personality, pictures, and my dance videos as well as my story.”

What do you believe is the number one key to building and maintaining an audience?

“Consistency!!!! Having a plan about what and how you post; it must make sense. You can be all over the place if that’s how you are, but it must make sense and correlate with your personality.”

Why do you think social media is essential to incorporate into a market strategy for influencers and brands?

“It’s more efficient and effective; you can look at someone’s social media, which is your portfolio nowadays to see if they fit your brand and aesthetic. Most things are online, business meetings, or auditions via FaceTime, Skype, and it reaches more people in seconds than any sales tactic from before.”

What social platform holds your biggest audience? (IG, Twitter, Facebook, Blog, etc.) Why?

“Instagram; I’m on Instagram a lot more it’s just so many to keep up with! 😱 Instagram has and does it all.”

Have you been able to monetize your brand this year either through your social media account or another business model? Explain.

“Slightly, I’m apart of different Influencer apps where they pay you to post.”

What are the strategies you’ve used to improve your this year?

“Joining Facebook Groups, Showing love to pages I have an interest for.”

What are the strategies you’ve used to improve your this year?

“I’ve deleted many videos and photos off my Instagram to create a theme almost of same colors, so it’s not entirely all over the place.”

How do you plan out the content for your brand’s social media account?

“I have an app that helps tell me when I should post and I’m still working out how to plan out content because I’ll have a bunch in my head, but none did!”

What advice would you give to someone who wants to be an influencer?

“Don’t let people put you down about being an Influencer. Be yourself 100%, remain humble, SHINE SHINE SHINE.”

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Influenced by Zaire

I firmly believe in the motto “always a student,” both inside and outside the world of social media. As an individual and as an artist, we should continuously strive for growth. As Zaire mentions, it’s essential to be authentic when sharing your message. Dancers like Zaire should continually push their boundaries and expand their potential. Building a robust and diverse skill set is imperative for any artist, especially across multiple mediums. Finding who you are artistically is just as important. In an industry that provokes us to compare ourselves to others in so many ways every single day, I cannot stress the importance of finding yourself, your individuality and trusting in what you have to offer. We all have something valuable to say. Once you figure that out, it’s essential to remain consistent. Zaire mentions the importance of consistency because it’s fundamental to keeping our careers growing. How does this translate to an influencer’s day to day life? It looks like several things. You can make sure you post things within your niche but not in an annoying way. Keep it exciting. When maintaining consistency, it’s essential to know that you don’t need to post every hour of every day. Listen to your gut and follow your purpose. Find your style and apply yourself past your potential. Do not hold yourself back because something is out of your comfort zone either. Zaire takes risks in the choice of auditions she attends and makes the decision to believe in herself every day. On the other hand, it’s essential to know what attracts people to your page. It’s critical to understand what kind of role you play in the world of social media. It doesn’t matter what kind of niche you’re in; you can train and refine your style. Expand your skill set and improve your identity. You are your business in this industry. You are your brand. It is essential to know what that brand stands for just as it’s necessary to make sure it’s a brand of quality and competence. The more you know what you want your brand to be, the more accomplished you’ll feel!

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