Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Here at Beauty Clout we love talking to people that aren’t afraid to take risks.

When working in the business of influencing, you need to be willing to present yourself in a way you haven’t before. Not everyone is cut out to be an influencer and that’s okay!

The top influencers of today know what it means to break outside of the box. The influencer we interviewed discusses this. Her advice to you is to “Do it!” Before we get into that interview, we have a few things to discuss!

Are you an influencer looking to break into the industry? Make sure you keep reading!

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Breaking into the Beauty Industry

On BeautyClout, we’ve broken down the in’s and out’s of the beauty industry for brands and influencers looking to stake their claim in the industry.

From video ideas to social media strategies to expand your social presence, we want nothing but the best for you. This interview is only going to add to what we’ve already given!

But first, let’s dive deeper into some ideas for your success in the beauty industry.

Market Yourself Well!

Marketing doesn’t only apply to a brand.

In fact, marketing always starts with the consumer first and that’s you. As an influencer, you have more marketing power than most brands because people like to hear from other people.

There is a ton of creative freedom for influencers when it comes to beauty. As an influencer, you’re encouraged to showcase eye-popping visuals, but also speak to their followers in a unique voice that showcases your talents in a new way. Break out of the box by being authentic to your true self.

If you’re a beauty influencer looking to expand your brand, here are some other things you can do.

How-to’s and Tutorials

As a beauty influencer, one of the most important things you’ll do is create tutorials. Most beauty content on social media is centered on the product, but with influencers, it becomes fun and exciting. Also, when people feel like they know how to use a product, they are more likely to actually pray for it. Most beauty influencers add value to their audience when they share tutorials. Influencers should look to educate followers via how-to’s and tutorials. How-tos provide an engaging visual to show off products in action.

Creative content

Creative content is important when it comes to social media. Why? Well, creativity is the bread and butter of social media because it helps influencers and brands stand out. To get people excited, you’ll need to be willing to show why people should be paying attention to you, especially in the beauty industry. When you make content, think about what makes you unique and focus on that. Once brands notice that you’re creating a buzz, they’ll be more willing to work with you as an influencer. Focus on creating a steady stream of organic content to seal the deal with the brand you want to work with. Also, brands want to work with people that have a clear sense of creativity.

Giveaways and Contests

Giveaways are another great way to increase engagement.

Beauty brands love doing social media contests aren’t going anywhere. Influencers should always offer to do giveaways as a means for increasing brand awareness for the brands they’re working with. It helps you, your followers, and your brands.

Now that you know how to increase your engagement, let’s get into this interview with Micaylah! She’s got all the gems for you!

Let’s hear it Micaylah!

Share with us the story behind your brand and what inspire you to start your influencer journey? Why?

I used to be that girl that was natural and always had no makeup on her
face. Then I watched NikkieTutorials and the art in what she did was
amazing. I fell in love. Makeup was my creative outlet. I loved art already,
but I felt like this was net level. I would sit on my floor and create something every day after school trying to get better and better. Practice makes perfect, not that my craft is perfect, but here I am.

What do you want your audience to receive?

I want my audience to watch or see my content and be inspired. I’m very
open with my struggles and my obstacles so that no one feels like they are
alone. I want them to find an outlet like I did. I want them to feel beautiful. I
want them to be themselves. If you’re weird, it’s okay to be weird!! I want
them to feel accepted.

How do you believe your influence makes an impact on your audience?

A lot of people have approached me when I’m open about something I have
gone through and they let me know that it did make them feel less alone. It
did make them keep pushing through that struggle. Life is going to test you
and I know I have inspired so many people in my little life.

What attracts your audience to your platform?

I believe my opinion on products makes people trust me. I’m very open and
optimistic with a product before I test it out. I don’t want reviews, I don’t form an opinion beforehand. I just go in strong. Also, my looks cater to a full
spectrum of people. The natural girls, wearable pops of color, bold color with details, and also editorial.

What do you believe is the number one key to building and maintaining an audience?

Being consistent. People love seeing someone work their butts off. When
people show wants for there passion or dream, it attracts so many people. I
keep pushing. I was even filming videos 3 days after a tonsillectomy back in
February 2019. It hurt, but I couldn’t stop doing what I wanted. Also,
communicating with your audience is very important. You see big
influencers barely replying to their audience. You want to reply to as many
people as possible. They love talking to you. They love when you are

Why do you think social media is important to incorporate into a market strategy for influencers and brands?

It’s sad to say, but the internet is a lifeline for people nowadays. Look
around the next time you go out in public. How many people have their
heads in their phones? Exactly. The internet is the most populated thing
right now. Everyone turns to it for entertainment, ideas, drama, etc. Self-exposure on the internet has its pros and cons, but if you’re not going to self
expose, then ask yourself do you really want it.

What social platform holds your biggest audience? (IG, Twitter, Facebook, Blog, etc.) Why?

Instagram. I believe Instagram is poppin’ because of the fact it visually
pleases. I get so mesmerized by some of the makeup looks I see. People
are talented! I love discovering new beauty IG accounts and the fact that
Instagram has so many features, it really is winning right now and I have
grown slowly to 14.5K on there.

Have you been able to monetize your brand this year either through your social media account or another business model? Explain.

Honestly, that isn’t my goal. A lot of people get blinded by money. I work
full time for hospice, but I do work the same amount of time with my socials. I know people jump into it wanting to make money. I jumped into it because I want to make a difference.

What are some strategies you’ve used to improve your this year?

I have been pushing way more content out as well as utilizing all the
features of each social media platform. I push creators to not be shy with
posting and using all the features of social media platforms. It gets you so

What are some strategies you’ve used to improve your this year?

I am pretty satisfied with my content. I just want to get out more reviews on
items. Time is just not on my side with that.

How do you plan out the content for your brand’s social media account?

If an idea comes to my head, I automatically sit down and film it. My content is not scripted, review, planned out. It’s all authentic. My reactions are all genuine. I never practice a look before I do it. It’s all first try.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to be an influencer?

DO IT! Be you! Let the world see who you are, but remember, if you don’t
have haters, you’re not doing something right.

Now That You Know!

Do you hear that? If you don’t have haters, you’re not doing something right.

Most people have haters because they are unique and don’t back down from who they want to be.

Micaylah talks about not worrying about money, which is another great piece of advice. When you focus on money, you risk losing authenticity. Don’t worry about likes.

Instead, focus on working to be your true self. You’ll find the work more fulfilling that way. Are you an influencer? Want to share your story with us? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

We’d love to hear from you and share your story with our followers!

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