Influencer Marketing Basics

The marketing world looks entirely different today than a decade ago. In the past, typically only one person played the role of a brand ambassador.

When my social media accounts started gaining recognition, I was introduced to the world of influencer marketing. A brand had reached out to me for the promotion of their product.

At first, I assumed they wanted me to be the face of their brand. I was so excited! But, much to my surprise, while this brand was interested in using my face and my platform, they didn’t want me to be the face of their brand.

I was one of the many influencers this brand planned on using for the promotion of their products. I later came to find out that this was what influencer marketing was all about. Many businesses utilize this market, and there are plenty of benefits.

Although I was disappointed that I wasn’t going to be the next major face of this brand, I was happy that the company wanted to utilize my platform. There are plenty of reasons why businesses should use the influencer marker. Let’s get into the top 10 reasons!

A Process of Exchange!

Before we get into these top ten reasons, it’s essential for companies to understand that the influencer market is a process of exchange. When asking influencers to promote your products, you need to make sure you’re offering something in return. Assess the influencer’s profile and see what kind of things they enjoy.

If you can’t provide direct payment, make sure you discuss that with them at first. You don’t want to be that company offering a free product for extended promo, especially when the product doesn’t interest the person you’re asking. Just like most markets, the process of exchange should be respected by all parties involved.

Make sure there’s efficient communication so that everyone is on the same page. Also, remember that if you really can’t offer direct payment for work, it’s okay. Companies shouldn’t feel bad when just starting. The budget is tight, and that’s understood!

However, if you do have the means to pay directly, companies should always opt to take that route. Why? Often, influencers take their jobs very seriously. If you wouldn’t work for free, you shouldn’t ask anyone else to work for free.

Keep this in mind as you read these reasons!

Social Media Posting

Lost the Task of Creating Own Content

One of the significant issues for companies is finding time to create content. When companies start, there are so many different aspects to be concerned about. Creating content for social media is at the bottom of the priorities list.

Handling social media is also at the bottom of the list. By utilizing influencers, you have the change to take that task off your hands as a business owner. As a business owner using influencers, you have access to all kinds of influencers with different creative ideas. This makes the process of creative direction much more comfortable.

The only hiccup with an aspect like this is that you don’t own the content. All content that influencers create belong to them until an agreement is signed.

Do you want to use their content efficiently? Make sure you draw up a contract that works great for your brand and the influencer.

Generate Sales

Influencers have precisely that, influencer. This means that their audience is waiting to hear their opinion about different things. Influencers generate sales like no other because it’s a different avenue to promote your services or products.

Depending on the length of the campaign and the type of product, using an influencer generates sales. Sales aren’t the only important aspect of running a successful business, but they are essential for the continuation of a business.

If you’re a company that’s just starting, the influencer market might give you the boost you need to get started. Also, another great thing about the influencer marker is that there are a lot of different options.

If one influencer doesn’t generate enough sales for you, maybe another will. It’s important to match with those that share similar interests as your brand.

Don’t be scared to reach out!

Influencers are Creative

As mentioned before, influencers take on a load of creating content for companies. Not only do they tremendously help brands without the means to develop their content, but influencers also create wonderfully creative content.

As an influencer myself, I have tons of fun creating different content for brands! I have a ton of platforms that I must maintain and grow, and the content I post is related to how well I do those tasks.

To produce valuable content, I need to be creative and nurture my original nature as well. Brands should make use of this and see how their platform grows!

Influencers Engage Well

To have a successful campaign, a brand must use an influencer that has excellent engagement. When your brand finds an influencer with proper engagement, hold onto them!

Why? Well, participation is vital. When influencers have high engagement, they have a higher level of reach. This means that the more people interact with an influencer, the more willing people are to share their messages. So, when an influencer with high engagement begins to market your products, your brand ends up with higher engagement as well!

Who could say no to that?

If you’re unsure of how to rate an influencers engagement, look at their follower to like ratio and follower to comment ratio.

How often are people liking or commenting on their content? How often are they responding to those comments?

These are all things that matter in the engagement game!

Target Market Influencers

Access to Target Market

One thing companies struggle to do is access their target market.

Sometimes, it’s not enough to create a company that has products for a specific market. You have to gain access to it and spread the word about your products within that target market.

For example, a beauty company that needs to get its products circulating in the target market isn’t going to use a fashion influencer. It wouldn’t make sense. The only smart option is to use an influencer that directly relates to the market you’re looking for. Once you do this, you’ll be able to target the audience you need to drive sales.

Also, most influencers are niched into a particular market. This means that they don’t usually diverge from their original content. The followers they have are loyal, and they’ll listen to what they have to say.

Also, the more niched an influencer is, the more solid their engagement usually is as well.

Cheaper Than Typical Marketing

Most advertising agencies charge tens of thousands of dollars for advertising campaigns.

While some highly ranked influencers do cost tens of thousands of dollars, other influencers aren’t as expensive. Some influencers will work with your budget because they love your products so much.

Typically, it’s easy to pay influencers, mainly since most handle payment for themselves. Instead of spending ten thousand for one agency, you can split that bulk sum into ten different payments for ten different influencers.

Your brand will reach different heights with this method. It’s a win, win situation for everyone involved.

An influencer gets paid for their work, and your brand increases sales by reaching more people at a lower price.

Influencers Are Easy To Find Now

Influencers these days are super easy to find.

There are tons of influencer marketing agencies out there ready to help you find your perfect match! Ever since influencers began showcasing their work, the influencer market has filled with various agencies trying to get their fair share.

The market is filled with multiple influencers ready to provide your brand with what it needs. The great thing about these agencies is that they make the process of working with influencers easier. For example, sometimes setting up payments is difficult, but with the help of an agency, you don’t have to worry too much about managing that.

Also, with the help of an agency, you can build a list of influencers that you use regularly. If you have a list of influencers, you can promote your products quickly, and get your brand out there. The only downfall is that agencies typically cost a lot to use. If you don’t have a huge budget, you might want to reach out directly instead.

Beauty Clout is a great and fantastic way for companies to connect with beauty influencers from all over the country! Take a moment to try it out!

Influencer Branding

They Keep Selling Authentic

When people see brands selling products, they’re more reluctant to buy from you.

Why? Well, more and more people are becoming aware of the fact that marketing is full of schemes to increase sales. People hesitate when it comes to spending money on brands, especially brands that are new or expensive.

By using influencers, your company is already different from others. The more that people trust the influencers you choose, the more they’ll be willing to purchase your products. Brands come off as more authentic when they spend less time trying to make a sale and more time spreading their brand message. When approaching influencers, don’t make it about a purchase. Instead of trying to convince influencers why they should promote your products, ask them to check out your brand for themselves.

Ask them to see if they enjoy your products or your brand message. If they do, start setting something up. Don’t do this unless you think your brand aligns with the values of the influencer.

The less you align, the less authentic your promotions will be. Understanding this is important for when you start to branch out!

There are Different Kinds of Influencers

This seems redundant because it all ties together, but it’s important to know the difference between influencers. There are macro-influencers which are influencers with a large following.

Then, there are micro-influencers, which influencers with minimal followers. The most significant difference between these types of influencers is engagement. Typically, macro-influencers have low to average engagement. This entails that, while these influencers have a lot of followers, their follower to like and comment ratio is lower than those of micro-influencers. Micro-influencers don’t have the most substantial following, but their engagement is usually much higher.

Someone with five thousand followers that manages to get five hundred or more likes has high involvement. Their engagement is fantastic for most people. The involvement that is higher than 10% is considered excellent and worth utilizing. As a brand, you should make sure you know these different types of influencers. The more that you know about these differences, the easier this market is to maneuver.

Success will come quickly when research and understand what you’re dealing with, especially as the market continuously changes.

Make sure you keep up, and if you’re unsure, it never hurts to ask!

Get a Brand Advocate

Eventually, if you like the influencers you use and enjoy their work, you can gain some reliable brand advocates.

A brand advocate is similar to being the face of a brand. Depending on what kind of agreement you have with your influencers, you can continue on a pay per post status, or you can create a new agreement.

I’ve personally had companies ask me to post for a commission, especially if we’ve been working together for a while. Sometimes, companies want to pay me a set rate to post a particular amount of times a month. It all depends on what works for you and the people you choose to work with.

A brand advocate might be an easy way to save and make more money as well!

Make Sure You Remember!

All in all, it’s essential to remember that the influencer market is relatively new. It’s okay not to know how to go about it.

Make sure you ask tons of questions and get the information you need from a trusted source. Read through these tips thoroughly to get an idea of what you need to do for success.

Working with influencers might take your business to new levels, beyond anything you’ve imagined! Also, utilizing influencers is a great way to create and build business connections.

Has your company used influencers before?

Let us know how it went!

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