Tracking influencer marketing performance is essential for influencers and companies alike.

So, it’s safe to say that learning from the data is the foundation of any solid influencer strategy. Too often, we only look at reports of our work to see where we can improve but what about the competition?

When a campaign ends or when others ask to see the numbers, we collect our own, but sometimes, it helps to make a comparison.

Measurement works best when it’s an ongoing process and part of our daily workflow. They also work best when we consider our competition. Rather than something that’s done retrospectively, competitive measurement works best when it shows the insights we need to help make our next decisions and campaigns stronger.

As the competition grows, here’s some measurement reports to look out for when working as an influencer.

Check Your Campaigns

The campaign is one of the most critical metrics to gather when it comes to influencing.

An attack can be anything from a few posts to an entirely directed ad. As an influencer, the campaigns you choose to create are what will build your portfolio for future projects.

Once the campaign’s over, companies are mainly interested in the metrics achieved from all the influencers involved in the campaign, as well as the top-performing posts during the campaign.

When it comes to competition as an influencer, it’s hard to gain metrics from others. However, you can look at how other individual influencers performed on the campaign by looking at their metrics.

You won’t have access to specific parameters such as engagement, but you can see likes and comments.

You’ll be able to calculate their follower and like ratio. While it’s interesting to see the overall number of posts each influencer make for campaigns, it’s essential not to get lost in the metrics.

The like and follower ratio won’t be as significant as the total engagements generated, or average engagement rate per post, but it’s still useful for checking the competition.

This is the information that brands like to see. It helps them choose who they’d like to work with again, and perhaps who wasn’t the best fit this time around.

Check The Brand Work

Evaluating statistics after a campaign is great, but looking at each performance over a more extended period is what brands might look for.

So, How Do You Stay Competitive in Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is all about creating and connecting with brands. It is one of the more effective ways to reach a mass audience and increase engagement. To compete with other influencers, you’ll need to know about the influencer market through and through. By utilizing influencer marketing the right way, ordinary individuals can gain massive reach through a single social channel. You’ll need to know about the future of influencer marketing, and tips on how to influence others.

The Future of Influencer Marketing

It’s easy to see what the future of influencer marketing is by looking at trends. Consumers are moving away from traditional marketing such as cable television and billboards. Instead, they are choosing to create their own viewing experiences from their phones, tablets, and computers. However, just because consumers have moved to a new market doesn’t mean there isn’t a growing skepticism about what brands say about themselves. Things like user-generated content keep brands afloat amid this skepticism. The future of influencer marketing lies in the hands of influencers and consumers. The influencer marketing space will keep evolving, especially as people continue consuming digital content. The ways that brands customize their messaging and measure the impact of their marketing efforts depends on influencers like you.

Platforms of Influence

There are different platforms of influence that matter and it’s essential to understand that each platform is effective to influence a specific audience. Now that you know how important you are, here are some tips.

1. Be selective in your choice of Brand Work.

Learn to understand your audience before reaching out to them, let alone providing them with anything of value. Segment your target audience into personas based on their likes, interests, and hobbies. Then, create content that appeals to those personas while using your unique voice. Relevance is also the most crucial element in your relationship with any brand. The more you know your target audience, the more relevant you’ll remain. People believe influencers more than they believe brands, and that’s important to know.

2. Go niche with your influence.

Plenty of influencers reach millions of people, but partnering with all types of brands sometimes provides the same results as influencers that do brand endorsements with anyone. People pay less attention to content that doesn’t match your usual niche. Instead, try posting content that resonates with your followers. This type of content creates more engaged and devoted fan bases. This action shows that you know audiences well and communicate in ways that will generate responses. Brands love to see that. These days, brands see what possibilities could arise from investing in niche influencers, like what Amazon did when it invested in the live-streaming video platform Twitch where viewers watch other people play video games. The platform currently has more than 100 million monthly visitors. Influencers on the channel feature products they like, earning commissions on any resulting sales. Twitch has proved an easy way to tap a big potential audience. By staying close to your niche, such as video games, you have the potential to score big in the long run.

3. Create the right mix of content.

Think of influencer marketing like you would content marketing. It provides many different types of content, and each content type connects you to a different portion of your audience. In other words, don’t rely solely on one platform such as youtube or Instagram. Although these platforms have viewer influence, depending exclusively on them means you might miss out on opportunities that other forms of content can provide. Instead, consider using different sites to create the right balance with content. Unlike using one platform like Snapchat or Instagram, you can introduce different platforms for your audience to dig deeper into topics. You should always be curating marketing collateral, and any good collection has more than one form of content. The real trick is knowing when and why to use different platforms. Influencer marketing is quickly becoming the most powerful tool for anyone looking for strategies to build their audience. Using it effectively can take time, energy, and a whole lot of research to find be the right and most competitive influencer to promote yourself and the brands you work with.

Be Successful

If those three tips didn’t give you the advice you need, here are some quick tips on how to be a successful social media influencer and the best among the competition.

1. Time management.

Most people spend way too much time on social media when they first start. Make sure you use your time is used wisely. Make it a habit to make every second count on social media.

2. Stay up to date.

You need to be up to date on social trends and what is popular. Relevance is critical, remember? How else will you reach your audience?

3. Stay in your lane.

If your content is about fashion, stick with that. Don’t randomly create a permanent post about something outside of your niche. That can confuse your audience. If your audience is not interested in that matter, don’t post it.

4. Think outside the box

It’s good to hear criticism but remains unique. Be open to showing your true self online but don’t let the internet define you. There is no rule book on how to do any of this. It’s all about self-expression!

5. Be authentic

While it’s important to let others inspire you, you shouldn’t just copy other people’s work. Some people put way too much effort into copying someone else’s style, and that doesn’t look great to your audience. It’s exhausting trying to pretend to be something you’re not. Celebrate who you are! You’ll look much more unique amongst the competition. Find your voice and use it.

Remember This As You Influence!

Everyone wants to know how to better their performance.

And unsurprisingly this tends to be what brands look for when searching for influencers. When it comes to the competition, it’s essential that you don’t get flustered.

Competition doesn’t have to be scary, especially when you have all the information you need to be great. As an influencer, it’s healthy to know your competition. It’s essential to pay attention to what other successful influencers are doing so you can learn from them.

You want to ensure that you look great amongst the competition! Here at BeautyClout, we care about your success!

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