Instagram Stories Are Your Friend

Around 500 million people use Instagram stories in their everyday life.

Ever since Instagram rolled out its version of “stories” similar to Snapchat, it’s become one of the most popular features on social media. For me, I love having the ability to see everything at once.

Before Instagram stories, I would use Snapchat to see everyday things and Instagram to see curated photos and videos.

When Instagram stories were introduced, it became more comfortable for me to be an influencer. Social media influencers are dedicating more time to creating content via Instagram Stories.

Marketers are even asking influencers to create Stories on behalf of their brand.  Takeovers have become more and more common as Instagram stories become more popular.

Once thought of as an add-on, Stories are now slowly becoming an essential part of many brands’ marketing campaigns.

Stories help with creating brand awareness, encouraging engagement, and driving clicks to various links.

Instagram stories are great for anyone looking to broaden their brand image. Here, at Beauty Clout, we only want the best for your brand.

We’re sharing reasons why Instagram stories should be part of your influencer marketing strategy.

7 Reasons to Utilize Instagram Stories

1. An effective call-to-action option

The swipe-up feature is on the main reasons a brand should include Instagram Stories in their influencer marketing campaigns.

This feature changed the game because it allowed people to stay on the Instagram platform while exploring goods they might be interested in. Access to this fantastic tool is still limited, especially since users must have at least 10,000 followers and a business account, to link out to a URL.

Without the use of this feature on the story, influencers and brands have to direct their followers to a link in their bio. This isn’t very effective since most consumers lose interest when they have to find a link.

Followers don’t want to take multiple steps to visit the URL the campaign is promoting. On the other hand, when an influencer or brand can use this feature, their followers enjoy being taken directly to the URL within a matter of seconds by simply swiping up.

Overall, this feature makes it a smooth and seamless process for consumers, both old and new, to check out your chosen links.

2. Offer a deeper understanding of campaign performance

This aspect is important. When working with influencers to create stories content, a brand wants to make sure that it’s worth it.

The great thing about the stories feature is that it provides a screenshot of the analytics for the content. In my opinion, you get more information from Instagram stories than you do regular posts.

For stories specifically, users have access to the following metrics regarding their stories content:

  • Views
  • Link Clicks
  • Shares
  • Replies
  • Profile visits
  • Sticker taps
  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • Follows
  • Navigation (Back, Forward, Next Story, Exited)

Every single one of these metrics helps a brand measure the success of their current campaign. They also provide a lot of insight on what to do next time.

Metrics about ‘Views’ and ‘Impressions’ are useful for helping a marketer understand how much engagement an influencer is receiving. It’s essential to know the number of people seeing the content being produced.

Metrics such as ‘Shares’ ‘Replies,’ and ‘Sticker Taps’ allow marketers to understand whether consumers enjoy the content being shared.

These metrics help you understand an influencer’s content performance and their audience better.

3. Allows for influencers to be more versatile

Due to the more authentic nature of stories, influencers have the room to be more versatile in their work.

By using stories, influencers, and brands much more likely to be authentic and genuine. The stories allow people to connect with their followers on a more human level, which is essential for successful influencer marketing.

Stories enable brands and influencers to be versatile with their content. Whether they are unboxing a sponsored product or sharing some of their favorite products; anyone can use IG stories to share authentically.

Another great thing is that there’s less of a limit when it comes to stories, you can post as many Stories as needed to share a brand message.

This is an excellent alternative to posting too many times on the regular Instagram feed.

4. See consumer preferences and insights through interactive tools

Stories make it easy for influencers to interact and engage with their audience because of all their interactive tools.

There are tools like ‘Questions’ and ‘Poll’ stickers, GIF stickers, and more that allow influencers and brands to engage with their audience. Through the polls and questions, brands and influencers can get opinions and feedback from their audiences. 

These features are a great way to conduct research and gather information about an audience. Along with getting valuable feedback, this type of research saves the brand’s time and money.

Traditional market research is time-consuming and very expensive, but with IG tools and metrics, you get a closer look without the hassle.

5. Content that can be repurposed

Instagram stories offer brands yet another way to repurpose influencer and consumer content.

When an influencer tags a brand in their story,  the brand will receive a notification and have the option to share the tagged story post.

Also, if a brand wants to continue sharing user-generated content after the 24-hour limit, they can do so by creating a Highlight. This feature allows anyone using Instagram to save, organize, and share their previous stories and showcase them on their profile.

For brands, this will enable consumers to see just how much people enjoy their branded and user content. For influencers, this allows brands to see the work they’ve done in the past.

The highlights feature offers excellent versatility when it comes to repurposing content, for brands and influencers alike.

6. Reach a larger Audience through Instagram Story takeovers

One of the best things about Instagram stories is the ability to plan takeovers. 

Takeover stories give brands the ability to engage with an influencers’ audience directly.

Instagram Story Takeovers are when an influencer posts directly on a brand’s account. During these takeovers, the influencer discusses anything from new products to a new event being hosted by the brand.

Takeovers range from a few hours to an entire day. Before taking over an account, influencers will usually notify their followers that they’ll be on a brands page for the day.

This notification encourages followers to interact with the brand’s page, which only increases overall engagement for the brand. As a result of that, the influencers’ followers become a part of the brand’s followers, ultimately expanding their reach on Instagram.

Since a great deal of trust is needed from an influencer to take over a brand’s account, this influencer marketing tactic can help foster and build the relationship between the brand and the influencer’s followers. It shows that the brand values the influencers work, ideas, and overall message.

This is valuable, especially if the brand is looking to increase authenticity regarding their brand. This might move the brand to work with that influencer in the long-run, which increases engagement over time.

Besides posting video content and photos, there is the option to have influencers go live on a brand’s page. You can save Instagram’s ‘Live’ videos for up to 24 hours, which means your audience won’t miss out. Live video provides a bonus of connecting influencers in real time.

The chosen influencers can answer any questions viewers have about the brand right away. This action considerably increases trust.

Additionally, takeovers can also be a nice change of pace for a brand’s followers and allow them to stand out.

7. Stories beat the Instagram algorithm

Yes, the ever-changing Instagram algorithm is always warping engagement for brands.

Instagram Stories lets people create content that isn’t affected by the in-feed algorithm. It also helps brands build authentic audiences since they can direct users to different content.

Brands and agencies found that Instagram Stories generate more high-quality leads than other social platforms because of how interactive it is.

Many companies use Instagram Stories to generate email newsletter signups as well. 

As a result, they’ve seen that Instagram-driven subscribers open emails more in comparison to other emails subscriptions.

How to use Instagram Stories in your influencer campaigns

Let’s talk about how to incorporate Instagram stories into your influencer campaigns. There are a ton of creative ways brands and influencers can use them to be successful.

1. Offer behind-the-scenes looks at products

We discussed it before, but this is one of my most preferred ways to use Instagram stories.

Pulling back the curtain and being more open with your audience is the number one way to build trust.

That’s why influencers use stories to offer behind-the-scenes looks during events, unboxings, and provide product tutorials.

2. Poll customers about their preferences

Not sure what your audience wants? Just ask them!

This has never been easier now that Instagram Stories lets you run polls. Say an influencer reviews a makeup palette or kit.

They can ask their followers which products or color combinations they like best. They can even ask them what kinds of products they want to see more of. This can help influencers make more informed decisions about which brands to partner with.

And in turn, help brands better understand the target audiences they’re trying to reach.

3. Host Instagram takeovers

Another one of my favorite methods is takeovers.

As mentioned before, sharing is caring, and in this case, you’re sharing info and followers.  That also includes Instagram accounts!

If you’ve built enough trust with an influencer, you can let them do a takeover of your account. This shows your audience that you trust their opinion and overall message.

How do you find the right influencers for your Instagram Stories?

Of course, Instagram stories are only useful if you have authentic, creative, and innovative influencers to show off your brand.

That’s why it’s essential to pick the right influencers. With a platform like BeautyClout, for example, you can connect with a network of vetted micro-influencers.

You can gift them your products, and generate authentic reviews across Instagram and YouTube and Twitter. This strategy gives you access to the best of the best so you can produce the most engaging Instagram Stories.

BeautyClout also reports detailed analytics like reach, likes, and engagement, so you know which Stories are working and which are not.

All of these metrics show you how you can optimize going forward.

Remember This!

Every brand has a story to tell, but you don’t have to say to it on your own.

With the help of platforms like Instagram and agencies like BeautyClout, you can reach new audiences. 

You can use creative partners like our group of influencers and interactive tools like Instagram stories, to help you drive engagement. If you want to boost sales, you should try out Instagram stories. Don’t be shy, either!

Consumers love when brands are authentic, honest, and transparent about what’s going on with the brands they love and follow!

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