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It may be common to think that macro-influencers are the star of the influencer marketing show. But amongst macro-influencers, there’s various influencer status’ that serve multiple purposes for brands’ marketing needs. Macro influencers happen to be the influencers with a status that serves a greater reach and offers a huge audience. Brands look at this as a total pro considering it offers them a higher chance of greater brand awareness, recognition, and exposure.

Deciding which type of influencer brands may be working with, it’s always helpful to peek into their characteristics and what’s common among them. The majority of the time, a macro influencer is famous, well known, and pretty much a household name. Oftentimes, they are also considered to be celebrities. Back in the beginning days of macro-influencers, actual celebrities would be the top tier face for offering high visibility for brands. But to dive further in, let’s cover the main characteristics of a macro influencer and even touch on the pros and cons of working with them. Keep reading!

Vast influence

As a macro influencer, putting the word out for an upcoming event or new launch production reaps major benefits. They are able to create a buzz instantly around something, which can be super beneficial for brands. This ties in again with a brand’s need for awareness and exposure, helping them to become more visible.

Consistent content production

Working with a macro influencer, you’ll never find them off their ‘A’ game producing content consistently. After all, this is their full-time job. This characteristic is something you’ll notice when an influencer with a substantial following uploads contents at least once a day. This helps them to stay relevant and in front of their audience. Most likely, because their followers are expecting them to post on a daily basis, and they will do so because they are expected to, which also plays into them knowing their target audience well and what they crave. Let’s learn more about how macro-influencers show up knowing the wants and needs of their audience with a niche.

Specific niche

Macro influencers will always have a specific “lane,” or niche, that they influence in. Whether it is makeup, skincare, or fitness, it is always a certain area that they create content for, which leads them to serve a specific audience. Because they have a niche, they know exactly how to please their following. Having a niche also helps macro-influencers to align better with brands that work well with their niche. If they fail to do this, it can be at the expense of their target audience. They’ve spent and invested much time into developing an understanding of what their audience likes and dislikes. Despite what others may think, a macro-influencers priority does fall under maintaining a strong trust and connection with their followers, which they will never jeopardize over irrelevant brand collaborations or unfitting sponsored content. A niche makes all the difference.

Dynamic following size

Having a large follower base is a super common characteristic of macro-influencers. Can you guess the usual range of followers? It’s usually in the 100,000 clubs. Macro influencers with such a dynamic following size are able to have a longer and wider reach across many platforms across the globe. The ability to reach so many people appeals to brands for, again, the benefit of visibility and exposure. Besides engagement, reach is very important but definitely differs from engagement. A macro influencer can still have a low engagement rate, where they don’t engage and interact with followers much, and this can most likely be due to having so many of them but have a drastically better reach. Reach has everything to do with followers. And when you tap into those followers, those followers tap into their followers by sharing your content. The more shares, the longer and wider the reach can become, leading to a constantly growing audience size

Macro influencers benefits

Their relevance – The benefit of having a certain niche helps them stay relevant amongst a target audience that responds well to what they offer, including brand collabs

Their reach – The benefit they have for a large reach provides brands the assurance of higher potential of awareness, exposure, and visibility

Their approach – The benefit of professionalism in their approach makes macro-influencers easy to work with to help keep a certain tone between the brand and the influencer

What to consider with macro-influencers

Trust – Consider how likely an audience or consumers are to trust a macro influencer. There are times they fail to do so because they believe it is just another financial opportunity for the influencer.

Engagement – Consider how engaged they are with followers since they’re dealing with such a large size. Followers want to feel a connection which influencers with smaller followings can provide, which leads to trust.

Cost – Consider the higher influencer fees that macro-influencers may charge, especially if they’re signed to influencer marketing agencies.

Now you know

As you’ve learned, there are various ways to identify macro-influencers. Learning the different characteristics and even some of the pros and cons can help you in deciding if they are a good fit for your brand or not. If not, you always have the option to work with micro-influencers or even nano influencers. Your options are limitless and should be as you grow your brand with influencer marketing. Have a question about influencer statuses? Drop a comment below!

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