Influencer Marketing is IN!

Influencer marketing is all the buzz these days, especially when it comes to launching a new brand. If any of you are planning to start a new brand, you’ll want to keep reading.

Many companies wonder if influencer marketing is worth their time and energy. We’re here to tell you that it is!

Marketers from various industries have stated that influencer marketing is an effective campaign strategy for brands in all niches. That’s great news for anyone involved in the influencer market. However, there’s always a catch, especially in the marketing business.

Even though a majority of people believe influencer marketing is a great tool, it’s still challenging to report accurate results, such as ROI.

Determining the success of influencer marketing campaigns is one of the most challenging parts of influencer marketing.

Don’t let that stop you because there are still tangible benefits of influencer marketing.

Using influencers drives follower engagement, traffic, and creates more authentic content for your audience.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing taps into an existing community of engaged followers on social media.

Influencers are considered experts at what they do because they do it for the right reasons. They love to share the products that they like and don’t mind talking with an audience.

Influencers also usually stay within specific niches. These everyday individuals influence an audience that your brand might be trying to reach and can be helpful marketing to those buyers.

Let’s back up for a minute. How exactly do you perform influencer marketing, and how does it differ from the traditional celebrity spokesperson advertising model?

There is some overlap between celebrity endorsements and influencer marketing campaigns.

But fans of influencers trust that their support of a product or brand comes from a well-researched, more authentic place, rather than a sponsored space fueled by money.

Influencers tend to be more selective about the brands they work with. Most times, they choose to partner with brands that reflect their brands and won’t confuse their followers.

Four Things to Know for Campaign Launches

  • Expertise: Is the influencer you’ve chosen an expert in the field? Would the content of your campaign be appropriate coming from this influencer or a different one?
  • Reach: Does influencer engage with their audience? Do they specifically have reach on the social media channels where your target audience spends its time? How well do they capture an audience?
  • Demographic: Is this person’s similar to your target audience? Do they influence the demographic you’re targeting?
  • Notoriety: Is this influencer well liked? Do people enjoy and share their content?

In other words, celebrity product endorsements are less about engagement and more about attaching a person’s fame to a particular brand.

For example, brands that use the Kardashians as ambassadors know that it’s more about the name than it is about the engagement.

Now that you know all the essential information, it’s time for you to launch your brand with an influencer.

We’ve put together real-life examples to give you an idea of how brands are using the power of influencers in their marketing efforts.

1. Sprint: #LiveUnlimited

Sprint is a company that has collaborated with musicians, entrepreneurs, and actors to gain the attention of young millennials.

Their latest influencer campaign uses the hashtag #LiveUnlimited and features people who have massive social media presences.

The best part is these people naturally embody the appearance and lifestyle of the people sprint are targeting.

They used video ads and images on Instagram to garner attention!

2. Old Navy: Boys & Girls Club of America

Old Navy is a veteran of influencer marketing because they have partnered with fashion and lifestyle bloggers in the past.

When they launched a new sale for Black Friday, the company doubled down on this strategy by partnering with a famous New York Yankee retiree. They also appealed to those interested in philanthropy by raising money for the Boys & Girls Club of America with sale proceeds.

Rodriguez, the famous retiree, helped Old Navy raise $1 million as part of sales during Black Friday.

Now that’s how you do a launch!

3. Fiji Water: Bodyworewhat

The water brand, Fiji, has been trying to get out there with influencer marketing.

They launched a campaign with a partner by the name of ‘weworewhat’. Danielle Bernstein runs the blog, and she joined Fiji Water to create Bodyworewhat.

Bodyworewhat is a campaign offering workout videos with Bernstein and hydration with the help of Fiji water.

This campaign demonstrates Fiji’s commitment to hydrating those who want to feel like Bernstein. This kind of campaign was great for those engaged in fitness.

4. H&M: Fall Studio Collection

H&M has one of the most massive Instagram followings in the fashion industry on social media today.

They have garnered such followings because of their influencer campaigns with people who uniquely reflect H&M’s style. Fashion bloggers from all over the world partnered with H&M for the launch of their spring catalog.

They promoted the clothes on their social media accounts, leading their audiences to H&M’s social media and website.

5. GAP:

GAP’s successful campaigns are almost always fueled by influencers.

Their campaign featured several influential social media personalities. Everyone from micro-influencers to celebrities showed how they incorporate GAP clothing into their style.

People viewing the influencers’ posts on social media were able to “Shop this Look” by clicking a few links.

Thanks to the involvement of many influencers, GAP’s campaign was hugely successful.

6. Stride Gum: Mad Intense Gum

If anyone has figured out how to gain a loyal following, it’s influencers like DJ Khaled.

Now, we know he’s a celebrity so he might be a bit of an anomaly, but he knows how to influence people authentically. Stride gum has used this fact to their advantage with their new campaigns.

They’ve also used other well-known faces in the influencer industry that resonate with different audiences, such as big-time influencers that aren’t celebrities just yet.

By mixing both celebrity and influencer status, Stride gum is prepared for any launch on their schedule.

7. Naked Juice: Sponsored Instagram Posts

This bottled smoothie brand is changing the way it shows up in the market.

Slowly but surely, this brand is creeping its way into the beauty, fashion, and health scene on Instagram with help from influencers in that niche.

Lifestyle bloggers and influencers alike share sponsored posts featuring snapshots of their daily outfits and beauty essentials with a strategically placed Naked Juice in the mix.

These kinds of photos are a great way to spark conversation, especially when a new launch is planned.

8. Loeffler Randall: LR Ambassadors

High-end accessory and footwear brand Loeffler Randall has become a favorite among people on social media.

Thanks to the company’s commitment to involving real people in its marketing campaigns.

The brand has a long and creative list of ambassadors that capture all areas of life. They also make sure to include a diverse group of people that resonate with everyday people.

This brand is sure to increase visibility by ensuring that influencers use the hashtag #LRambassador.

As a brand, it’s critical to remember the importance of hashtags!

9. Glossier: All Women

This Manhattan-based beauty company owes much of its success to its network of fans and micro-influencers.

Those people who may have low overall influence, but high individual reach have pushed this brand forward.

Instead of paying a few big names to promote their minimal skincare and cosmetics line, the brand relies on everyday women to spread the word about their products.

They are all about inclusivity, and people love it. It not only resonates with their target audience but entices new followers to see what the buzz is about.

Glossier also has a referral program. This program enables its more influential followers to offer product discounts and other incentives to their audiences. Which only increases their overall reach and engagement.

Study These Real-life Examples

As a brand, it won’t be comfortable putting yourself out there.

That’s why research is so important. The more you know, the better you do, especially when it comes to capturing an audience.

Don’t be afraid to try out influencer marketing and see how it works for you. You never know what the results might be.

Here, at BeautyClout, we love and enjoy helping brands get off their feet. We’ve got a ton of beauty influencers ready to be a part of your next launch or campaign.

What are you waiting for? Get started today!

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