Use Instagram Stories!

When Instagram stories came around, everyone was ready to showcase their personality.

The feature was similar to the platform snapchat except it was a way to increase engagement, customization for your IG page. After many upgrades, there are a lot of exciting ways to use Instagram stories.

Instagram stories were released in August 2016 as a way to compete with Snapchat.

At first, many people stayed with snapchat, but after upgrades and snapchat fiascos, brands and influencers alike benefit from using Instagram Stories.

What started as a fundamental way to share content within Instagram has now grown to become an interactive experience for brands and consumers.

Instagram has added feature after feature since the launch of stories – including polls, stickers, swipe to link, different story types, and ads.

If you’re still questioning whether you should use Instagram stories, keep reading!

Why use Instagram Stories for your business?

Stories give your audience a look into the values of your brand, front-and-center.

The great thing is that you get to share content on both Facebook and Instagram so your brand message won’t get lost on one platform.

Instagram stories is a great influencer marketing tool, especially since social media is continually evolving.  The most popular trends on social media become useful for those in social media marketing.

It is vital for brands to stay on top of what’s happening on social media. Instagram stories are one of the most popular ways for influencers to connect with those that engage with them.

These stories can also be an excellent way for brands looking to raise awareness and build community.

Now that you know why, here are the hows.

7 Ways to Use IG Stories for your Business

1. Tutorials

Tutorials are a great way to make the most of this feature.

A tutorial could be something as simple as a DIY video, or it could be more intensive like a skin care routine from beginning to end.

An audience is typically more engaged when they feel they are learning something. Educational content is a proven way to pique interest on Instagram.

2. User-Generated Content

Content created by customers is considerably more memorable than other types of content, such as ads.

The reason for this is simple. People enjoy content from those they can relate to. Also, who better to talk about a product than the customers that use them.

Another excellent way of utilizing user-generated content in your stories is to use a unique hashtag. On top of people using your products and highlighting the benefits of your brand, you can also use stories to share customer feedback.

Sharing feedback, both positive and negative, increase the trust between you and your customers.

3. Behind-the-scenes

This is one of the best reasons to use Instagram stories.

Building a community often looks like taking your audience behind-the-scenes into the workings of your business. This process humanizes your brand and builds trust with your followers.

This kind of story may be as simple as a showing the behind the scenes during a shoot, or showcasing the behind the scenes of a significant event.

4. Polls

A neat feature of Instagram stories is the ability to run simple polls.

You can ask your audience how they enjoy a product, or which product is their favorite.

Polls are an interactive way to engage customers and new followers. They capture valuable information you can use in the future. Brands should regularly run polls and quizzes via Instagram Stories so that they can get to know their followers.

Once followers are engaged, the polls can convert followers from Instagram into subscribers or paying customers.

5. Special announcements and giveaways

Instagram stories are a perfect place to make special announcements or do giveaways.

It gives you a chance to see which followers are engaging with your brand. For running a giveaway for a new product, your Instagram stories are a great way to host it.

6. Authenticity

While Instagram stories may lack some of the permanency of Instagram posts, they make up for it with authenticity and honesty.

Typically, Instagram stories are created in-the-moment and showcase reflections of a brand or influencers thoughts and feelings.

Stories give consumers the sense that they know a brand on a personal level.

7. Switching Up the Algorithm

The Instagram algorithm, which changes often, favors specific posts over others based on a few factors.

One of those factors is the overall profile activity. If you’re active on both your stories and your profiles, you’ll be able to avoid the negative impact of the ever-changing algorithms.

Stories use an entirely different algorithm than the regular feed, which increases the chances that your content will be seen by more people on the daily feed.

Switching up your content between posts and stories is an excellent way to ensure that your brand message reaches as many people as possible.

8 Tips to improve the performance of your Instagram Stories

To make stories work for your business or your brand, you need to understand how to design, distribute, and engage with your audience using this feature. To maximize performance, use these seven tips:

1. Make them interactive

This goes back to polls. The type of story you choose to post determines how interactive people will be. For example, you can do a live Q & A session, which gives your audience a chance to ask pressing questions. There are tons of ways to interact with your audience using the Instagram stories, use them to your advantage.

2. Re-use stories on your page

The highlights feature makes the Instagram stories feature very useful. Some of the best content disappears after 24 hours, but with the highlights, you’re able to share your story continuously. The highlights section, which you can see on any available account page, allows you to share crucial moments indefinitely. You can also categorize your Stories so that new followers can see the great content you have shared in the past.

3. Run a stories ad

Running an Instagram ad is a great way to increase engagement. But the Instagram story feature is another way to add to that. Stories are a great place to run ads, especially considering people are using stories more and more. They have more impact in comparison to other advertising methods.

4. Work with influencers

Working with influencers is one of the best marketing tactics on Instagram. People want to see that the influencers and celebrities they support use the brands that they do. By collaborating with someone who already has an established following, you can garner trust with your ideal audience. You can also have an influencer do a takeover and align their followers with yours.

5. Get creative with text and visuals

With so many fancy features and options with Instagram Stories, it’s essential not to forget about your creativity. There are different text options, emojis, graphics, and editing options that make an Instagram story unique. These days, people create their story templates for others to use on their Instagram. Get creative with your stories by mixing it up and showing your consumers what you’re all about.

6. Use Geotag and hashtags

Increasing your reach on Instagram has never been easier. With Instagram Stories, you can use geotags and hashtags so that people will find you when searching on Instagram. Branded hashtags help you gather content from your customers as well. Geotags are also very useful if you are using Stories to promote an event. If you want people to show up, or know about a location, you can use a geotag to increase awareness.

Stories Are Your Best-Friend!

Stories campaigns are a great way to interact with an audience differently.

These campaigns allow you to generate more content, work in a new way with an influencer, and create fun collaborations that make an audience want to continue interacting.

As an influencer, Instagram stories allow me to be creative with my content. How you make the best of your Instagram stories is up to you.

Think about how you want to represent your brand and what works for you.

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