Driven to influence with the focus of empowerment, Megs shares her journey.

Learn more about how social media and creating content with a purpose made her an influencer.

When did you start your influencer
journey? Why?


I began my influencer journey back in 2017.

I had a passion to empower, inspire and influence women to become their most unapologetic self. That message later evolved into empowering women to express who they truly were through what they wore unapologetically.

This is because of my passion for style and fashion.

Why do you think social media is important to incorporate into a marketing strategy?

Social media is super important because it allows the opportunity for an influencer to make a major impact with the audiences of various brands they may work with. Brands benefit from social media personalities because they have the chance to be more connected in an authentic way.

What social platform holds your biggest audience? (IG. Twitter. Facebook. Personal Blog.) Why?


Instagram and that’s because of the visual content I produce and my level of consistency.

What attracts your audience to your platform?

My style and photo editing.

I originally started with a specific color scheme however I wanted to be authentic without the stress therefore I began creating content that was easy for me to manage and where I knew I would remain consistent.

This includes images which the same tones, levels of brightness, and using the same apps for editing.

What are two of the most positive moments you’ve experienced with your brand this year?

I will say for 2018 I’ve experienced recognition through Voyage ATL.

This helped my brand to become more leveraged and noticed by other viewers. 

Secondly, I began soliciting my styling services. This helped me become more recognized with my style and fashion ideas.

Have you been able to monetize your brand this year?

I have not really focused my efforts on monetization or been more intentional about it. 

This new year, however, I have various strategies including services to be offered that will help me monetize my brand.

How did you recover from a discouraging moment you’ve had with your brand this year?

For recovery, I had to remember my ‘why,’ being reminded of why I started in the first place.

It also helped to retract my steps and see what I could do differently for whatever goals I set. As I revamp my brand, I’m learning to identify with my skills from my main job and what I’m in school for.

This way I can incorporate my skills into services to offer my audience while driving the same brand message.

How do you plan out the content for your brand’s social media account?

I usually plan my content out quarterly as far as the goals I want to achieve for my brand and the direction I want it to go in.

When it comes down to the specifics on weekly posting, I plan my shoots out about a month in advance with a specific theme. To post that content on a weekly basis, I pay attention to the days, the time during the day.

I also pay attention to making an informative, authentic caption that sounds just like when I speak and, lastly, proper tagging and using hashtags.

How do you plan on increasing your visibility over the next couple of months?

To help increase my visibility, I plan to do three things.

First, which is most important, is to remain consistent. Reminding my audience that I am still projecting my message in an impactful way.

Secondly, involve myself in partnerships to leverage their audience. It will help me be more engaging.

Lastly, invest in promotional ads through Instagram and Facebook where they have been found to be super effective.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to be an influencer?

To the person that aspires to be an influencer, I would advise them to create a message they want to share that they’re passionate about.

This will help with being consistent in order for your target audience to really connect with you and become loyal viewers.

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