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When I first started getting into beauty, there weren’t many well-known beauty brands out there. Social media wasn’t as popular, so many people knew about beauty brands that had the biggest and most popular advertisements.

When social media became popular, a lot of beauty brands started working with different influencers. Suddenly, I was exposed to many different beauty brands from all over that had different products to offer! It was amazing to see all the different brands out there that I had been missing out on. It reminded me of how essential brand partnerships are, especially for beauty brands.

When a beauty brand has meaningful connections, it gives their brand the ability to reach further. The more they are talked about, the more people know about them and the more sales they achieve. When it comes to beauty, it’s essential to know which brand partnerships work for your company. What kind of impression are you attempting to make and what kind of influence do you want to have?

Also, it’s important to think about which platform works best for the message you want to convey. Which partnerships support the platform you want to be present on? This is all important to think about, and we’re here to help you figure it all out!

Here, at Beauty Clout, we aspire to be as helpful as possible to both brands and influencers.

Why Partner at all?

Partnerships are essential for all brands, not just beauty brands. Why? Well, the more collaborative that brands are, the more that people trust them. As social media gains popularity, traditional advertising is less appealing.

Brands are relying less on traditional marketing techniques and more on brand partnerships to spread brand awareness. When beauty brands partner with the right influencers, they have the potential to reach hundreds of more people. If you’re not convinced yet, here are three reasons for your beauty brand to partner up!


Traditional marketing tactics are costly. A marketing agency can range from $3000-$10000 depending on the type of work you need from them.

When brands utilize in house marketing instead, they have the potential double their earnings. Brand partnerships do have the potential to get pricey, but if brands create the right agreements, they have partnerships that don’t break the bank.

Brand partnerships are more cost-effective because brands have more creative control than with other marketing tactics. Also, if you’re a brand looking to partner, you have the potential to find your perfect match. When you see your ideal match, you’ll find more that influencers are more willing to work with you when it comes to price.

Increase Awareness

Brand partnerships increase awareness by allowing people from different audiences to be exposed to different brands. For example, when any major beauty influencer talks about a beauty brand they use, that brand gains tons of followers and increased engagement.

By partnering with the right influencers, your brand has the potential to rise to the top. If you play your cards right as a beauty brand, you could be one of the top brands out there. A simple partnership could change it all!

Create Connections

Aside from the monetary benefits for both parties, brand partnerships create and maintain connections. Connections between people within the same industry are essential for success. It doesn’t matter what kind of market you are participating in; a good relationship creates long term success.

In the world of beauty, connections hold a lot of weight. Big time influencers know that companies want to use their platforms for promotion. It’s important to build those connections so that influencers will always invite you onto their platforms. For example, significant time influencer Jackie Aina still gives unbiased opinions, but she does always work with certain brands, especially during their new launches.

Overall, partnering with a popular influencer is a major for your beauty brand, especially when you choose someone that fits your beauty brand.

Being selective will save you from losing money on a campaign that doesn’t make sense for you or for the influencer you’ve chosen. It’s important to know that partnerships do not automatically garner success, no matter how popular the influencer is.

A lot of companies see an influencer with a lot of followers and assume that they can bring them success, but that’s not always true. You have to consider a variety of things. You must consider their influence and the level of engagement they receive. A perfect match happens when an influencer aligns with your goals and attracts an audience that is genuinely interested in what you’re offering.

If you’re not sure which type of influencers to use, let’s get into them. There are different types of partnerships you can create to be successful!

Instagram influencers

Millions of people use Instagram every month. It’s becoming one of the most loved platforms out there. Instagram is an extremely visual platform.

This means that brands have to make creative, and visually pleasing content to be successful. This isn’t the only reason beauty brands should work with influencers on Instagram, but it’s one of the primary reasons.

Instagram is about images and what better way to get noticed than with an influencer? The beauty industry relies on visuals. Every type of beauty product requires visuals. Want to create the best red lipstick? You’ll need visuals. Want to make the perfect eyeshadow palette? You’ll need visuals for that too.

As a consumer of beauty products, you might want to see how these products look in real life. Using Instagram influencers give consumers a chance to see your products being used by real people. Instagram has a variety of features that make it easy for influencers to promote your products.

Features such as Stories, Galleries, and Live allow beauty brands to connect with an audience in more ways than one. These features create a more transparent connection between the brand and its consumers.

YouTube influencers

Youtube is one of the biggest platforms in the beauty industry. People from all over the world use youtube and watch videos about beauty. Beauty is a popular genre on YouTube, especially since some of the hottest influencers make their careers off that platform.

Makeup artists, beauty vloggers, and everyday people create videos about their favorite beauty products. The great thing about Youtube is that the platform keeps growing. Anyone that is anyone wants to use Youtube, and it’s a fantastic platform for beauty brands to use. There are so many different ways to showcase different beauty products.

As a beauty brand, you can link with an influencer that does tutorials. They can show people how to apply your products, or only include your products in an everyday makeup tutorial. The more screen-time your products get, the better.

It’s been shown that Youtube audiences are some of the most engaged in the world of social media. They watch, like and comment which is excellent for you and your brand! Many people love watching makeup transformations happen right from the comfort of their homes. ‘

Micro-influencers and Macro Influencers

A lot of brands think celebrities are the best type of influencer, but fame isn’t all marketing is about. People love authenticity more than they love fame. The more that a famous person promotes a product, the less likely they are to believe that the product is worth it.

So, if you don’t want to go the celebrity route, you can always use micro and macro influencers. The numbers have recently changed, but digital influencers with 10,000 to 100,000 followers are considered to be micro influencers.

Macro influencers have 100,000 to a million followers, and anything above that is usually considered to be a celebrity. When brands choose stars to post their products, they risk missing out on sales. Why? Well, most of these brands don’t consider the market they are attempting to appeal to. It doesn’t make sense for a celebrity that’s not involved in the beauty world to promote beauty products. It seems out of place, and the audience knows.

The engagement may be high on celebrity posts, but without targeting your market, you miss out on potential sales. The important thing is that you choose influencers that match your brand. If you want a micro or macro influencer, make sure that they create content that’s relevant to your brand.

Also, the great thing about using these types of influencers rather than celebrities is that you can partner with many influencers at once who promote your beauty products. The great thing about this is that their audiences are beauty-obsessed and they want to see it all! It’s also wonderful because your brand will have access to creative content created by these influencers.

These influencers are usually tightly knit with their audiences which means they are more authentic than celebrities. If you want a more authentic post, you can always rely on micro and macro influencers to give you exactly what your brand needs.

Where to Find Influencers

Finding influencers is not as easy as it seems. People think they can search platforms, but that’s not always easy either. The process isn’t just about creating a spreadsheet; it’s about contacting influencers and creating relationships with them. The process can get tedious, especially if you have an entire operation to run.

However, this is something that requires a lot of work, especially since choosing the right one is critical to launching a successful product. You want to have an influencer marketing campaign that boosts Return Of Investment instead of that does nothing at all.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to influencer marketing such as demographics, engagement rates, and more. Also, as a brand, you’ll need to master the art of negotiation. Influencers aren’t going to work with you for no reason, even if they love your products. They have a platform to maintain and need to be able to run that platform. The influencer process is, and that’s why companies like BeautyClout are here to help.

At BeautyClout we simplify the process, allowing companies to focus on other things rather than influencer recruiting. We have a lot of beauty influencers available for immediate work. The great thing is that we streamline communication, so it’s easy to contact and stay in contact with the various influencers on our platform.

Of course, there are other platforms, but we have beauty influencers. We have people already niched into that specific market. What’s better than that?

What About Other Platforms?

There are other platforms that brands use, but when it comes to beauty, Instagram and Youtube are the best platforms to use. There are platforms such as Snapchat, Twitter or Pinterest, but they don’t get the point across.

When it comes to beauty, people want to see actual results. They want visuals and a step by step process. Instagram and Youtube are the best spaces for that since they are entirely visual platforms. As a brand, it’s important to know this as you move into the influencer market. When you choose your platforms right, you’ll be more successful in the future!

Gain Successful Partnerships

All in all, it takes time for good partnerships to come to fruition. If you’re starting, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. It’s important to do your research when it comes to these things, especially if you’re spending money. You don’t want to choose an influencer that doesn’t fit your needs and can’t convey your brand message. The more particular you are, the better off your brand will be!

Also, if you need any help choosing influencers, you can always rely on Beauty Clout for all your influencer needs. We’ve got tons of beauty influencers that are ready to spread your brand messages to thousands of people. Also, on Beauty Clout, we streamline everything so that the entire process is much easier than usual.

Nobody wants to spend hours thinking about how to contact influencers and negotiate with them. Let us make it easy for you! 

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