Reaching Out To Influencers!

The internet has grown to the point that it now has over 1 billion users on social media.

That’s a lot of people, which is excellent for companies looking to expand. No matter what niche you are in, you will find that influencers are the best way to market. Considering they are established and have respect and trust with their audience.

If you plan and build relationships, you should be able to use some of the influencers’ power in the industry.

More people will take an interest in your brand if a top influencer shares and recommends what you offer genuinely. If done the right way, it is possible to build and have an engaged audience.

You need to reach out to the right people and get yourself known in influential circles.

It’s essential to include influencers in your marketing strategy, especially if you’re a brand that’s visible on social media. Most social media campaigns have high ROI rates when they use the right influencers.

However, you won’t find any success if you don’t know how to reach out to influencers. Luckily for you, here at Beauty Clout, we’ve got the best step-by-step guide on how to reach out to influencers.

If you run a business, it makes sense that you have an online presence. It’s essential that your content is highly original, creative, informative, and useful to your potential customers.

You’ll be more successful with influencers, than without!

Why Reach Out to Influencers?

I’m sure you’re wondering why you should include influencers in your marketing strategy.

Influencer marketing increases conversions, brand awareness, and many other critical social media goals you are working towards. All in all, influencers are beneficial for brands and audiences.

Reaching out to influencers and building relationships is hard, but it’s not the worst.

Step one: Identify the Right Influencer

Identifying the right influencer starts with identifying your target audience.

Who are you trying to reach? Want to speak to mothers who care about DIY projects and child products? You probably won’t find them by looking on Snapchat or Tumblr, which are geared towards a younger crowd.

There are some great tools to help you identify influencers online. You can search through Instagram, Twitter, and other social channels manually, or you can use platforms to find the right influencers.

You can also search Google. However, you’ll get a lot of different results which might be overwhelming.

Some influencer platforms identify top performing content across the web and make it easy for you to choose. Platforms such as AspireIQ and Upfluence give you direct access to high performing content and influencers in specific niches.

For brands, these platforms aren’t free, but they do have free trials which let you try out their services.

A few clicks of a button and you’ll find the influencers who talk about your niche the most.

These results can then be filtered based on an influencer’s audience size, location, and relevancy, so you know you’re choosing the right influencer.

Step two: Split your influencers into levels of influence

The next step is to segment your influencers into categories.

After you’ve built a list of about 30 influencers in your desired market, it’s time you categorize in a way that makes sense. If you’re not sure how to categorize them, think about the number of followers, and their engagement numbers.

By segmenting your influencers, you’re forming a plan for how you should reach out to influencers.

You’ll want to spend time nurturing a relationship with the influencers at the top of your lists than those at the bottom because the returns will be much higher.

Step three: Start a relationship

While cold-emailing can work, it’s often best if you have a relationship.

You should connect on the platform influencers use best: social media.
Follow influencers you are interested in working with. Don’t immediately bombard them with what you want them to do.

The goal is to not only get their attention but to build with them and create excellent content. By following them, you’re able to see their style, creativity, and interests fall in line with your brand.

The point is that you make yourself visible to the influencer by being authentic and honest in your interactions with them.

Here are some tips if you feel stuck on what to do!

Tips for Starting a Relationship

Tip #1 Subscribe to their Blog

The starting point of your relationship with the influencer is to interact with their content.

If they have a blog, sign up for their emails and keep up to date with their work. Bloggers love to connect with the people on their email lists and often provide exclusive deals for them. Doing this gives you a head start to connecting with an influencer.

It’s essential not to be a passive subscriber. Don’t just sign up and wait for content to arrive.

If you do that, you will disappear into the crowd of followers.

Tip #2 Share Influencers’ Posts

If you are going to build up a relationship with an influencer, you will need to begin by sharing their work.

Depending on your success, influencers have more social media followers than you. That doesn’t mean that they won’t always appreciate it when somebody shares their content.

Sharing is easy to do, and it helps forge a relationship. When you’ve shared the post, make sure you tag them in your share.

Tip #3 Respond to Influencers’ Social Media Questions

Some bloggers and social media influencers like to ask questions in their posts to increase engagement.

If they do, make sure that you reply!
For instance, some influencers share two potential content posts for their next post in an Instagram story and ask their followers to pick which they prefer.

If you’re looking to build a relationship, you should reply with the content you prefer and show them you care.

Tip #4 Comment on Influencers’ Posts

Comments are critical.

The average number of comments per post is one of the most critical metrics in deciding how influential an influencer is.

Unfortunately, there was a massive increase in spam comments. As a brand, it’s essential to look out for that.

However, despite the spam, you can gain excellent visibility by leaving authentic and honest comments. When leaving your comments, you need to add new insight to the post.

Tip #5 Thank Your Influencers For Their Shared Material

Influencers love when they are appreciated for their work.

It shows that people genuinely care about what they have to say. You could send out a dedicated post thanking the influencers you follow for their shared material. Make sure that you mention everybody you’re acknowledging.

This is another natural, short, and straightforward way of making yourself visible to that specific influencer and others.

Feel free to include a complimentary gift card or code as a plus.

Tip #6 Tell Influencers About Any Errors on Their Platforms

This idea requires a lot of discernment, especially since it’s been overdone before.

Don’t spend too much time searching for errors, but be honest about the ones you see.

Influencers want their sites and platforms to run as smoothly as possible so they can increase reach and engagement. Every error that people find has the potential to ruin the audiences’ experience.

Therefore, most people will be grateful for anybody who points out the mistakes they see.

Things like broken links and spelling mistakes or typos are the ones you should share. If you find any errors, send a private DM or email to the influencer. Keep it to the point, but be polite!

Don’t ask for anything in return just because you shared some information. All you want to do is be visible.

Step four: Open communication

Now that you feel visible, this is the step where you introduce yourself to the influencer.

Many influencers have business emails they want you to reach them on. Some others enjoy a DM. If they’ve made a public preference, make sure you follow that preference.

Before reaching out, make sure that you know an influencer is right for you. Most influencers know it’s vital that a brand knows what they’re about. Influencers won’t work with brands that don’t know what they want.

Don’t just send the same message to everyone either! People appreciate the few minutes it takes to create a personalized pitch to establish a connection.

Step five: Follow up

If an influencer doesn’t respond at first, don’t give up!

Be persistent and continue to try to reach out. However, it’s essential not to be annoying. This means you should have a limit to how many times you reach out.

Here are the top five reasons an influencer hasn’t reach out to you:

  1. Too few emails or no follow-up emails
  2. Too many emails and not creating a limit
  3. Indirect or unclear inquiry
  4. Using one email template for everyone
  5. No clear goal in mind

See how many of those are about following up, being transparent and being genuine?

It might seem there’s not a perfect formula for how many emails you should send, but there is! Don’t just throw whatever to an influencer or you can guarantee they won’t be interested.

When reaching out, make sure you make your goals clear.

Ensure you know what kind of collaboration you want and what compensation you’re offering.

Step six: Compensation

This is a business relationship, so compensation is always in the conversation.

Some smaller influencers may be content with a shoutout or free product. However, for most influencers, product promotion is how they make their money.

So, you’ll want to be clear and creative when offering compensation.

Here are some common forms of compensation:

  1. Cash payments
  2. Free products
  3. Commission or profit-sharing
  4. Discounts
  5. Offer travel or hotel accommodations
  6. Be creative! Ask the influencer what they have in mind.

Step seven: Build your relationship

Once you’ve both agreed, that isn’t the end of the list of tasks.

It’s essential to continue building your relationship with the influencer you’ve chosen. Building a relationship can look different for different people, but it’s critical that it gets done.

Check in with the influencer before and after working with them. Ask them about their endeavors! Be kind!

You’ll be surprised by the results you get!

Don’t forget about your goals!

The real goal is that you build authentic relationships with influencers.

Influencer marketing is a wild terrain that is changing every day. The more you try to develop genuinely, the more success you’ll find. Once you find the right influencers, the rest of these steps should be a breeze.

Be sure to stay up to date with us for all your influencer needs. Here, at BeautyClout, we’ve got all the best tools for influencers and brands to succeed.

Have a tip you want to share for reaching out to influencers? Leave one in the comments!

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