Trends That’ll Change Your Success

2018 was an incredibly busy year for those working in influencer marketing.

From fake follower accounts to stricter FCC guidelines, and incredible influencer campaigns, the last year proved that influencer marketing is here to stay.

We are five months into the new year, and influencer marketing is still thriving. Some things have changed; some things have stayed the same.

Here are some influencer marketing trends that are dominating 2019.

Trend #1 Instagram is Still Key

Instagram is experiencing massive growth with each passing year.

In 2018, IG reached one billion monthly users and is expected to continue growing this year. The platform continues to be the leading platform for brand-influencer collaborations.

More brands can show just how beneficial Instagram is, especially if they’re making the best use of the platform.

The main reason why Instagram is so great is because of its highly engaged communities filled with rich, authentic content.

Brands can utilize this user-generated content and amplify their voices online.

Trend #2: More Strategic and Less Transactional

As brands seek influencer content that is consistent and on-brand for them, relationships with influencers have to be more strategic.

The trend of transactional relationships is dying down. We’re moving from one-off interactions towards more strategic partnerships that require research.

Influencers have gained credibility with their audiences. It doesn’t make sense for them to promote things that don’t align with their brand message.

Their audiences grow with them and are usually mature enough to understand when a relationship is transactional.

Smart brands rely on these influencers for strategic insights into creating a loyal community.

Trend #3: The Number of Influencers Continues to Increase

Social networks are growing every day.

More and more people are joining these platforms. What does this mean for brands? It means that there are more people on social media than ever before.

This also means that more people are creating branded content, which means the list of influencers is growing every day.

Everyone can be an influencer if they work hard to maintain a platform. There may be more noise to sort through as a brand, but it’s not all bad.

Hashtags are a hyper-populated area of engagement that makes it easy for brands to find influencers.

Trend #4: The Demand for Authentic Content is Increasing

Traditional advertisements and stock photos aren’t working with audiences anymore.

The demand for authenticity and transparency only continues to rise in 2019. More and more people know that social media influencers sometimes work with brands just for the check.

When they know this, they are less likely to engage with the content. People connect with influencers because they enjoy honest and authentic recommendations for products.

Successful marketing campaigns focused on meeting the need for authenticity are what people enjoy most. Transparency goes a long way!

For brands, sponsored content should be disclosed but creative enough to capture attention.

Trend #5: Reaching Target Audiences Is Tougher

With new influencers joining the influencer marketing party, more brands are seeing the value of using influencers to reach their target audiences.

Marketers and influencers need to use marketing strategies geared towards building communities. The goal should be to tell authentic stories and engage with their customers well.

Some brands should consider upping their influencer marketing budgets so they can create great work! The more of a budget you have, the more you’ll gain favor with popular influencers.

Trend #6: Brands Have Options

Social media is word of mouth marketing, which means that followers aren’t the only criteria to consider.

Brands should look at those that have engaged followers, even if the follower count is low. There are micro, macro, celebrity, and nano influencers to choose from, which means there are tons of options.

None of these options are new, and it’s not a new concept to use many different options.

However, as we use influencer marketing more and more, the importance of these options is growing.

Successful brands will use these options to their advantage!

Trend #7: Influencers are Entrepreneurs too!

Influencers realize that they are the main product when it comes to marketing.

Over the last few years, many influencers have begun to understand that their success is directly related to self. More influencers are building solid support bases, and operate their online activity more like a business would.

What does this mean for influencer marketing?

Influencers are differentiating their products and services as well as diversifying and creating business plans around their influence online.

Instead of just relying on a pay per post business plan, influencers are looking for long-term partnerships. Small business plans that benefit both the influencer and the brand are what influencers look for. Some develop a product or publish a book to increase their overall influence.

More influencers are becoming the next entrepreneurs, as they increase the total leverage that they have in the market.

Also, influencers as a business are becoming widely recognized by the gatekeepers in industry. More and more companies are identifying influencers as apart of the business world.

Trend #8: The Rise of Influencer Podcasts and Series

Believe it or not, the rise of influencer podcasts and series is something to look out for. This is a rising trend that is beneficial for both influencers and brands.

The consumption of video and audio content is growing rapidly, and plenty of businesses are capitalizing on this trend. Not only do influencers get to share tips with engaged audiences, but companies also get to see which influencers are serious about the work they do.

Partnering with influencers in their existing media work and videos is a seamless way to tap into the audience they have, mainly while they are engaged fully.

Podcasts and videos allow much more personal interaction as well. They allow space for opinion pieces, honest features, and individual discussions with the audience.

Trend #9 Credibility Is King

Credibility can make or break an influencer partnership. The more credible a connection appears to be, the more successful a brand collaboration will be.

There are a few things you can do to be more credible. First, you want to know what you’re talking about.

A lot of the time, a lack of education and confidence will undermine an influencer’s credibility. The more that an influencer knows about their market, the better it’ll be when brands collaborate with influencers.

It’s not just about partnerships either, but also the quality of the content that both brands and influencers produce. When people trust the content they are seeing, they are more likely to engage with it.

Establishing credibility early on is one of the most critical influencer marketing trends that matter in 2019.

Trend #10: Quality of Followers Is Queen

For many influencers, audience size is important, but for brands, the volume shouldn’t matter.

Instead, what matters is the number of followers and the engagement rate. The combination of these factors determines how much influencers charge per post. The higher the two metrics, the more money influencers receive for their work.

Cleary, this trend indicates that a large following is not everything. After numerous outing of influencers purchasing fake followers, brands have been more cautious about the influencers they’d like to work with.

Brands should view the influencer’s follower growth over time and see if there are any suspicious spikes or dips in their total amount of followers.

Trend # 11: Reaching Relevant Audiences Is Priority

It’s all about relevance.

The key to a successful influencer collaboration is ensuring that the influencer’s audience matches your target audience. Businesses need to be sure if they’ll reach the right people through the influencers they work with.

As the industry changes, companies realize that hiring a celebrity is not always the best way to garner a loyal audience. Companies have to work hard to get their brand in front of the right audiences.

Brands should follow this trend by partnering up with smaller influencers who have a highly engaged following. By working with micro-influencers, or influencers that aren’t celebrities, companies reach particular audiences that are more relevant to their business.

This trend may change, but for now, it looks like it’s here to stay.

Trend #12: The Future of Video and the Rise of IGTV

IGTV continues to rise from the world of influencer marketing. It’s an asset for influencers and brands alike. While Youtube continues to be the leader in video and influencer marketing, the rise of IGTV is growing.

IGTV is an excellent way for influencers to combine more curated video content for brands without having to leave the app. It’s a perfect tool for brand collaborations.

Your Road to Success!

Influencer marketing has been successful because it has created a whole new way to increase human connection.

It also improves brand creativity, by allowing an endless network of individuals to create for brands they love.

Collaborating with influencers is one of the most effective marketing techniques, especially if you’re trying to reach people authentically.

To make the most of it, you need to read up on these trends and update your strategy accordingly. By reading what we’ve curated for you, you’ll take your influencer campaigns to a whole new level and achieve amazing results!

Here, at BeautyClout, we care about your success!

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