The Right Influencers Matter

Finding the right influencers is a big challenge that brands face.

As an influencer, it’s essential to be able to categorize yourself as an influencer and see which works best for brands. As a brand, you don’t want to use influencers that don’t make sense for your goals as a brand.

Should you work with a celebrity Instagrammer? What about an influencer that advocates for brands and communities? These are just some of the different types of influencers, and it’s essential to choose the right influencers for your brand.

Before selecting an influencer, you should think about the campaign goals that you have.

What’s The Campaign’s Goal?

You should figure out what kind of campaign you’ll be running before choosing an influencer.

What goals is your brand trying to achieve? What’s the overall message of the campaign? If you don’t know, it’s essential to go to the drawing board immediately.

Campaigns aren’t exciting if the brand doesn’t have any direction. When I was working with a brand, they didn’t understand what they wanted and ended up being all over the place.

They were so all over the place that they ended up using a different influencer with macro-reach and didn’t even let me know.

As a brand, you’ll need to understand what you’re trying to achieve. If you want to reach a lot of people, think about which kind of influencer will provide that for you.

Want to maintain authenticity and reach? The honest answer is that all types of influencers work for whatever your goals are.

You need to know what kind of influencers are available, and the pros and cons of each type.

The Perfect Influencer

1. The Celebrity Influencer

The celebrity influencer has a famous personality with the ability to reach thousands, even millions of people.

Most times, a celebrity influencer is an actor, a musician, a socialite, or anyone who influences mainstream media and culture. Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Lizzo can be considered a celebrity influencer.

The point is to understand that celebrity influencers come in multiple forms. They are reality stars, actors, public figures, and overall industry leaders. If you own a pair of sneakers, you probably have been influenced by brand influencers.

There’s no denying that pop culture has a significant influence on consumers decisions to purchase products or services.

Working with celebrity influencers who have a massive reach in popular media not only benefits a brand but sometimes puts them on the map.

One of the major cons of working with these influencers is that they may be expensive. Also, sometimes they don’t have the engagement you’re looking for.

Yes, they can offer a broad reach and significant exposure for your brand, but that’s not the end all, be all, especially if the posts feel inauthentic.

These types of influencers are only ideal if you have no specific target audience, and want to raise brand awareness across the board. They’re also perfect if you have several target demographics, spanning across various age groups, races, and genders.

A celebrity influencer’s famous personality and massive audience reach is undoubtedly something to want for your brand.

It’s essential to understand the power of culture as you choose an influencer. Some brands take advantage of celebrity influencers and thrive.

Nike is the perfect example. They continue to partner with sports celebrities, such as Serena Williams, to promote their latest designs to reach multiple target audiences.

If you’re still not convinced, here are some advantages of using a celebrity influencer.

Easy to Track Sales

When you use celebrities, it’s easier to track sales, meaning that you see the benefit of using them in real time.

ROI means the return of investment. Celebrities help you track exactly how much of your investment you receive in return. Most times, stars create a quick and visible excitement for a brand.

After they post about it, the sales usually start rolling in. You can have the influencer use a link to drive their audience to your website. This action will drive sales and track how much the brands are making.

Most companies give links because they know the celebrity might be the best option.

Wider Visibility

There’s another obvious benefit of using celebrities, and that is visibility.

Celebrities offer a more extensive reach because of the followers that they have and the influence they create.

However, it’s essential to know that followers aren’t everything. Sometimes, people buy followers, comments, likes, and verifications, which means you’ll need to do a thorough search and comb through the material for authenticity.

The larger the following, the lower the engagement, so you’ll need to be careful about relying on a celebrity audience to give you high engagement.

2. The Trendsetter Influencer

Trendsetting influencers are most famous for their ability to create trends in different fields.

Trendsetting happens most in the areas of beauty, fashion, entertainment, and technology. It doesn’t matter what you’re interested in; these influencers have probably introduced a trend or two to you.

They lead the way in their respective fields and set new trends by having tutorials and other showcases that make the trend accessible. The important thing is that they usually get others to follow along. These influencers aren’t always individuals either.

But can also be companies and brands such as modern new sites and profiles targeting a young audience, such as BuzzFeed.

Partnering with a trendsetting influencer is ideal if your brand has a target audience in mind, and wants to release new products. They’re the right type of influencers if you’re mainly targeting an audience on social media.

Social media stars are some of the best brand influencers to work with because they set trends in a genuine way.

Most brands, especially those like Adidas, do a great job of partnering with Instagram-famous individuals or people that will set trends using their products.

Ensuring that the customers see the products is essential when working with trendsetters, especially if they have a broad audience. Make sure the trendsetter is using the product in a reasonable or aesthetically pleasing way.

Easy to Execute Campaigns

A great thing about trendsetter influencers is that it’s typically easy to execute their work because they have so much influence.

Also, most trendsetting influencers are efficiently, and most importantly, authentic. They won’t need much direction when it comes to appealing to their audience, especially since it’s what they do regularly.

If you have a product that resonates with an influencer, it’ll be easy to brainstorm campaigns you want to execute.

It’ll be even easier for them to bring it to life.

3. The Expert Influencer

Experts are like gurus in the social media community, and they are some of the best types of influencers to work with.

They are knowledgeable in their area of expertise, such as beauty or wellness. The following of an expert may not always be massive, but their audience is full of people who are interested in what they have to say.

Their followers look to them for guidance and typically consider them to be a friend of sorts, especially if the audience is genuinely interested in what they have to say.

Experts target the audience you need, and they influence people to trust your brand and buy your products. Expert influencers are great at building rapport with an audience.

There is an influential expert in almost every field – whether it’s technology, beauty, food, marketing, or even finance. Their followings help you see what you need to learn about the field.

This means that partnering with experts or gurus can be ideal if you want to reach a specific audience. It’s critical you work with someone who already has some knowledge about your brand and brand messaging.

To successfully work with expert influencers, your brand has to be open to new ideas and tips for further learning. Even if you feel like an expert in the field, your expert influencer will still be able to help you market your product well.

More Control Over Content

Other influencers usually promote a variety of products.

But with experts, companies have more say on the content that gets released. Sometimes, companies can provide very detailed instructions on what type of content they want to publish.

It’s vital for companies to have more control over content because of the wider reach but using experts means that the material is already curated.

They might even know how to market your product better than you do!

4. The Blogger Influencer

Influential bloggers are also very knowledgeable and useful in the influencer industry.

Especially since many of them commit to the work without incentive. For example, there are beauty bloggers, who provide fellow beauty lovers with advice, tutorials, and product recommendations. These types of bloggers always update fans with the latest trends and tips.

Blogger influencers are part expert, part trendsetter because they know what they are talking about and they know how to create trends as well. They are trustworthy sources of advice, and recommendations, which gives them a great deal of power in the influencing community.

Working with a blogger influencer is excellent if you want to reach an interested audience, and create community.

These influencers can promote giveaways for your products, helping you engage with an audience that genuinely cares about the products you love to create.

They help raise awareness about your products, but also validate their need by giving reviews and demonstrations.

No Need to Stress Content

Since these kinds of influencers usually promote a variety of products, companies don’t need to worry about the content that gets released.

Typically, bloggers have been doing this for so long that they understand precisely what potential consumers want. More companies have started giving less instruction to influencers about what type of content to release, especially since the content should be creative and fun.

It’s vital for companies to have user-based content to show that they care about the community. You don’t want your products to get lost in the sea of all the other promotions that were explicitly curated by the brand.

Let the influencer have some fun!

5. The Advocate Influencer

An advocate may be one of the most valuable assets for influencer marketing.

Advocates are anybody that has knowledge about the field and wants to share and advocate for brands that are a part of the network. People trust recommendations coming from advocates because they are considered to be everyday consumers.

They may not have as much influence or reach as celebrity influencers, but they’re considered trustworthy and authentic. The purchase recommendations they make are held at high regard, and these influencers often have higher levels of engagement because of their authenticity.

When trying to build a community with a new audience, advocate influencers are simply the best option.

They are kind of like micro-influencers in the influencer industry. They have a significant reach because of their audience, which can help boost your brand’s visibility even with a smaller following.

They’re knowledgeable in their respective fields, meaning your target audience will genuinely enjoy their content. If trust is your main concern, then working with an advocate is the best idea.

Often your most valuable customers can be brand advocates as well. Using your existing customers as brand advocates can lead others to buy your products, especially if their recommendations are sincere. Glossier uses customer photos as testimonials to share the importance of the products they create.

The brand was able to combine different types of influencers by working with existing fans, beauty influencers, and advocates in the industry.

To begin a brand advocate program, talk to your community of followers. Give your loyal customers something to be directly a part of.

Which One Will You Choose?

Now that you know more about the different types of social influencers, you should have a better idea about what to do for your brand.

Which one will resonate best with your brand’s customer base? When choosing an influencer, it’s essential to consider what your customers want. It’s also vital to understand the specific goals of your campaign as well.

Here at BeautyClout, we love to work with all kinds of influencers, especially those that bring something new and exciting to the table. We’re not afraid to step outside the box, especially when it comes to influencing others.

What’s your favorite influencer type? Which one would you choose? Let us know in the comments!

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