Developing long-lasting relationships with influencers isn’t the most straightforward task, even though established brands make it look easy.

If you’re lost when it comes to influencer collaborations, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We want to make sure you have the best influencer collaborations, especially if you’ll be spending money on them.

A lot of brands are clueless when it comes to working with influencers. Reaching out, figuring out how to collaborate, knowing how much to pay, and how to build positive relationships is when things get tricky.

The most crucial part is that you remain consistent with your collaborations. Luckily, for you, we’ve got tips to increase your partnerships.

It’s important when working with others, to ensure that the collaborations run smoothly. You’ll need to provide the best options possible. Influencers and companies are continually bouncing emails back and forth, trying to figure out who to work with.

These ten tips will help you out! Before we get into these tips, it’s essential to understand what the purpose of collaborating with brands is.

If you are reaching out and trying to collaborate before you have anything valuable to give to this relationship, it’s going to be very one-sided. People aren’t interested in working with influencers that don’t have much to offer yet. 

Collaborations aim to be mutually beneficial within the partnerships you have. You can use this knowledge to create successful collaborations creatively.

What To Do and Not To Do


Curate a list of influencers that will help you grow your brand.

The influencer you’re trying to reach should have the audience you want to target.

This is extremely important! You’ll need to make sure that their personality fits just yet. Just because an influencer has a large following doesn’t mean their audience matches yours.

Quality beats quantity every time. Be smart about it.

Communicate clearly.

Be specific and let the influencer know what your objectives are.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a brand or an influencer trying to collaborate, you’ll need to be clear about what you’re doing and what you’re expecting. Provide the influencer with a detailed creative brief on what you want.

Help them create something that is suited to your brand.

Do create a relationship with your influencer.

Focus on interacting with the influencer and build a connection with them. Establishing real connections with influencers will provide long-term benefits to your brand in the long run.

Create an influencer collaboration agreement.

This is important because you want to make sure you’re clear on what’s going on. This document should let everyone know who owns content rights, what are the expectations from the collaboration, and so on.

Offer fair compensation.

Fair compensation shows how much you value their efforts. The payment would depend on your person’s follower count, overall reach, engagement, the number of posts, and the sales they drive.


Don’t merely base an influencer’s influence on followers.

It’s accessible to fake numbers by purchasing fake followers. Instead, look out for engagement. What you want is an engaged audience that will take action based on the influencer’s recommendation.

Don’t expect that one influencer will change your audience.

While it is true that an influencer with a large, engaged following has the power to change the trajectory of this business, strategy plays a huge part in this. It is better to engage many influencers to work on the campaign together.

Don’t limit the creativity of the influencers you hire.

People listen to influencers because they are genuine and authentic. Their recommendations are trustworthy.

Forcing the influencer to create content based on strict guidelines may cause your campaign to look false, and their audience might not engage.

Don’t rush.

Provide your influencers with enough time to create the campaign content. However, have deadlines in place and communicate them clearly in the contract.

Did you know…

Most marketers today work with ten or more influencers on every campaign.

Brands and marketers rely heavily on influencers for marketing because customers trust social proof and recommendations from real people way more than traditional advertisements.
 Influencers are trusted by their followers.

They can help you convert people into loyal customers. That’s one of the many reasons why influencer marketing is popular among brands across all industries.

While strategizing your next influencer campaign, here are six types of influencer collaborations you need to know about.

6 Popular Types of Influencer Collaborations

Sponsored Social Media Content

Partnering with influencers in exchange for sponsored social media posts is the most common type of influencer collaboration.

An influencer creates and posts content to promote your brand on their social media accounts, and you pay them for it.

You need to provide the influencer your content guidelines and campaign objectives so that they know what you expect from them. They’ll create content based on the brief you share in exchange for a one time fee.

Influencer collaborations for sponsored content have become popular among brands. You are most likely to come across them on Instagram. Most micro-influencers have reported that Instagram is the most effective platform to engage their followers.

When you collaborate with influencers, a good practice is to work with multiple influencers in a single campaign.

This can create a lasting impression on your potential audience.


Another way to collaborate with an influencer for a sponsored partnership is to gift your product samples to the influencer.

You can encourage them to use your products and create content around them for your brand, but there’s no guarantee they will.

Fashion nova often gifts their clothes to influencers to encourage them to create posts.
Gifting is a great strategy that works for books, clothing, makeup brands, and many other products.

Again, if you are gifting your product to influencers and not paying them, they’re not obligated to promote you. Unless of course, you have a contract in which the compensation is limited to free products.

If you don’t have a contract, don’t expect much. Influencers may share negative reviews if the product is not relevant to them or if it isn’t good enough for their liking.

So, make sure to first build a connection with them.

Sponsored Blog Posts

Other than the popular social platforms, consumers also turn to blogs for their information online. Brands are using influencer bloggers to leverage the trust of their audiences.

Sponsored blog posts include two types of posts. One is a dedicated post which revolves around your brand’s products or services. The content focuses on your brand and may also include an exclusive discount code for purchases or a giveaway.

You can also ask the blogger to mention your brand in a post along with other products or services. In this case, the blog post will include several different brands, including yours.

Away, a luggage brand for the modern traveler, partnered with the fashion blog Man Repeller, to give away a luggage set. This is a perfect example of a sponsored blog post.

For sponsored blog posts, you can offer compensation for each post. You can also sweeten the deal with something extra like commission.

Say, if you want them to promote your app, you can offer them a 3-month free membership.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is an effective way of collaborating with influencers for promotions.

In this marketing strategy, you find a set of influencers who own blogs or websites that have high ratings. Make sure that they belong to your niche before reaching out.

Reach out to them to check if they accept guest blogs on their sites or if they’ll do one for yours. Pitch them some ideas for guest post topics that they may be interested in.

If they agree, create some well-written, creative posts that they can publish on their blogs. When making the post, include a link back to your website that doesn’t look spammy or overtly promotional.

Make sure it looks authentic the whole way through. Guest blogging exposes your brand to the influencer’s audience and drives traffic to your site.

Vic Styles, the founder of SelfCareSummit, has experience with guest blogging in a post. Within days of her guest post on a brand’s website being published, she got 200 new subscribers and an overall conversion rate of 10%. The brand gained about 500 followers.

Her and the brand replied to every comment on the guest blog to direct readers to the website, leading to a significant increase in traffic.


These are my favorite! This popular format where brands collaborate with influencers on Instagram is a takeover.

Instead of continually striving to create engaging content, you can collaborate with an influencer to do a takeover. A takeover is an influencer collaboration where the influencer takes over your brand’s account and posts content on their behalf or vice versa.

Takeovers are both exciting and beneficial to the brand since influencer content is more sought after than brand-created material.

For a takeover, you can either invite an influencer to do a full account takeover, where the influencer gets access to the entire account. Or you can ask the influencer to send you the content along with the pictures so you can post on their behalf.

It is essential to choose an influencer that you have worked with before or that you trust.

Brand Ambassador Programs

Many brands are taking influencer collaborations to the next level by asking influencers to become full-time brand ambassadors.

Brand ambassadors use the brand’s products continuously and promote them online. As a brand ambassador, an influencer shares posts about their day-to-day experiences of using the brand’s products. They could also represent the brand at local events and do give.

Brands are making influencers the faces of their company for promotions that push the brand forward. There are some things you should consider while a brand ambassador relationship with an influencer or a brand.

Suggest a brand ambassador relationship to anyone only after you have had a fruitful collaboration with them before. Ensure that the influencer’s or brands beliefs match your values and aesthetics, and they are willing to work with you on an ongoing basis. 

Develop clear guidelines and expectations to avoid any confusion later.

Carefully lay out a marketing plan for promotions and communicate with each other regularly.

Collaborations Can Go Both Ways

Most of this article was written for brands looking to collaborate with influencers.

But this information can be used for influencers looking to collaborate with other influencers. Don’t hesitate to work with people you haven’t before.

You want to ensure that you keep collaborations on your list of priorities. Partnerships change the trajectory of your brand and overall platforms. Have you done collaborations before? We’d love to hear about your experience!

Luckily for you, BeautyClout is dedicated to ensuring that beauty brands and beauty influencers find the perfect match. While some influencers do require payment, others will accept gifts because they love your brand so much!

Make sure you check us out and let us know how you like it. We’d love to hear your feedback!

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