If you’re ready to change your content game for your brand, whether you have a business or you’re an influencer, then welcome to the new world of Reels! A refreshing way to engage  with your audience, Reels is Instagram’s hot new video feature that allows you to create fun content videos for either 15 or 30 seconds that connect with your audience and tons of random viewers.

If you’ve been around the social media block for a minute then you may be having deja vu by now. Yes, Instagram Reels gives all the feels of Vine and the hottest new addition to the social media family, TikTok. There’s a few differences that stand out to show the distinction between this social media feature than the others and we’d like to share some with you. 

We also want to help you learn more about Reels so that you can make them an effective tool as part of your marketing strategy? Ready to grow? I mean…go? Let’s learn more in this Ultimate Guide to Reels on The ‘Gram!

What are Reels?

Instagram reels is the hot new video feature that allows you to create fun content videos for either 15 or 30 seconds that engage with your audience and tons of random viewers.

When creating a reel, you can add voiceover sounds and music to make them more alluring and attractive watch. There are tons of angles you can take when it comes to the purpose of your Reel such as educational, informative, lifestyle, and so much more!

Instagram Reels vs TikTok

When it comes to the length of your videos, Reels only allows up to 30 seconds and TikTok allows up to 1 minute for more enjoyment. But the pro about Reels is it’s short and sweet and allows you to get straight to the importance and point of the video.

Another difference is most brands use and advertise on Instagram already so the reach is already there. With TikTok, they’re still on the journey to formulating and establishing their type of users which was initially Gen Z but is steadily growing and evolving.

Lastly, Instagram Reels are the new kid on the block so they haven’t yet developed all the fun, animated features that can really take a content video to the next level whereas TikTok has this down pact. However, things can get a lot more technical when using these features on TikTok but at least Instagram Reels allows you to apply all the pretty filters that keep users glamorous.

How Reels are helping Brands and Influencers

You may be wondering how are Reels really making a difference in social media marketing besides IGTV, Instastory and everything else in between. First, Instagram Reels is the new way to build your community and grow your reach on Instagram. To learn more check out the following:

For brands

  • Reels offer a new, refreshing approach to marketing. When things were once boring and yawn-worthy, with cool features like Reels, brands can be a bit more in touch with the times and stay “hip” dare we say.
  • Reels help establish your brand niche more as you can create focused content based on the branding of your business. For instance, if you own a fashion business, you can create Reels that are centered around fashion with try-on videos, how to wear, lookbooks, etc.
  • Reels will help you gain more brand exposure and awareness as you have a higher chance to be featured on the Explore page. This area of Instagram is where most viewers will land their eyes on your video especially if it’s good!

For influencers

  • Reels will definitely help you gain more reach and engagement especially with the help of hashtags. You’ll have a higher chance of getting spotted and growing your audience and reach.
  • Reels offers creative ways to stay interesting with content. You may be used to still photo posts or even jazzing your feed up with a boomerang here and there but Reels can really help you level up.

Not only does Instagram strive to create an inclusive environment for brands and influencers to share fun, creative content, but they also encourage everyone to be effective in meeting their bottom line such as brands being more tactful in advertising their products.

Instagram Reels is also another way for brands to gain more insight and understanding of their Instagram community. We’re excited to see what’s next from this social media outlet and how Reels will also grow!

Whether you’re a brand or influencer, there’s definitely a creative opportunity waiting for you. How do you plan to use Instagram Reels for your upcoming content?

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