Finding Stability in Social Media with Valley Girl B

This day and age being an influencer is not just about the pictures you post online. If you play your cards right, influencing can act as a springboard to a long lasting career path.

Continue reading to hear from Valley Girl B, a former fashion and beauty influencer and current owner of the hair salon suite, Valley Girl B Studios.

Bianca, how long have you been working in the hair industry?

Believe it or not I started out as an influencer. I started out building up my social media following. I was doing videos and photo shoots.

With that fanbase I decided to take it up a notch and do something that I can make money off of with these people that like me and love who I am. Hair came out of nowhere. That’s when I found my niche. I found out that I can really do hair and I pursued that. I’ve been working in the hair industry for about five years now.

I initially started out of my house and then I gradually moved into a salon setting about five years ago. I decided to get my own suite because I don’t like clocking in and out, and I don’t like the thought of being on someone else’s time. I don’t like the whole set up of that.

I just wanted to be my own boss, so I made the steps to do hair in my own salon.

How important are specialties in the hair business?

Specialties are really important in this business. You need something to drive people’s attention
towards you so that they can come and book you for what you do.

Regardless of hair or technique type; whether it’s weave, natural hair, or color you want them to come and book you because you do that service so well.

Can a specialty hinder you?

I definitely think it can hinder you. Say for instance you only do natural hair and you have
someone who needs an install or weave, you want to be able to deliver both things. You need to
be open to learning and doing new techniques!

My speciality is quick weaves. A lot of people book me for those because it’s a trend right now.

What are some of the more discouraging moments you’ve had this year?

I was discouraged when I started to go through the process of finding my team, the people that I
can rely on. It really scared me, the idea of not having a solid foundation.

I know they are a big part of my brand and without my team there would be no me so the possibility of losing them definitely scared me.

What are some of the more positive moments you’ve had this year?

Everyday is positive for me.

Being able to change the lives of women and helping them to feel beautiful when I’m finished providing a service that I enjoy providing is a great feeling for me.

On top of that I’m always getting new opportunities. I’m able to be a part of different sets and videos so everyday is amazing and positive.

How has social media impacted your career as a hairstylist?

Social media definitely plays a huge part in my brand. You have some people that will not even
book you if you don’t have a lot of followers.

I have a huge following [because I do hair and because I have a fun personality.] People come to me because they can talk to me and they’ve built a connection with me online.

They really want to know who I am online behind social media and Instagram in particular.

Do you have two separate accounts on IG? If so, why is that important to you?

I have two Instagram accounts a personal account and a business account because you don’t
want to mix business with pleasure.

I want to be able to post turn up videos and my work but at the same time I don’t want to confuse people when I post my friends so I decided to separate the two.

How do you plan out your content for your salon’s social media account?

I use a few different tactics when it comes to marketing my work. I always try to get a picture or
video of each client once I’m done with their hair. But, I try not to post everything on one day,
especially like a Monday because I want to have multiple things to promote throughout the week.

I also have a promo day where I work with the girls working in my shop.

For instance, I will take my makeup artist and I will do her hair; then she’ll do her makeup and we’ll use those videos to promote my hairstyles and her makeup. Those days in particular bring a lot of business for us because people aren’t [marketing that way.]

Has providing a service outside of social media given you stability?

Honestly, I’m glad things have turned out the way that they have. I did not want to be a social media model forever.

Once I found my niche it worked in my favor because now I don’t have to find something that I enjoy doing. It found me! I’m rolling with the punches, doing hair has opened up more doors for me. [People] don’t even look at me as [an influencer] anymore because I’ve turned into a hairstylist full-time.

Make sure you keep up with Bianca’s salon at @Valleygirlbcollections on IG or visit her website

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