So you want to work with brands?

If you’re an influencer, there’s no doubt that your biggest goal is to start working with brands. The problem sometimes is that influencers don’t position themselves let alone position themselves correctly to even be noticed by brands. And it’s not just about the way you look or how many followers you have. But there are so many different components when it comes to working with brands. If you’re an influencer that has been struggling in these influencer marketing streets, the information in this blog post is for you!

What has been the biggest setback for you as an influencer? Having the ability to identify the problem areas in your influencer journey can truly help to propel you forward because you can find the solutions to make the necessary changes. Whenever a brand decides to work with an influencer, they want to see the benefits of their investment and ensure that it’s worth their while. How are you making sure that this happens for brands you’re looking to work with?

As an influencer, you always want to be an asset and not a liability. In order to do this, you want to have in place all the things brands are looking for in an influencer. But before you can have them all in place, you need to know what it is specifically brands are searching for in influencers. Continue reading to learn more. Get ready; take your pen and paper out to create a dynamic checklist to make sure these are all applied to your influencer brand so that you can always stay ready to get hired!

Things to Have Ready For Brand Hiring

A niche you’re passionate about

Some think defining a niche isn’t as important as others hype it up to be. Some consider what your passion is to be the driving force behind what and how you influence and create. Here at Beauty Clout, we believe you should always have a niche that is your passion ready to help brands easily identify with you or not.

Having a niche that you’re passionate about tells a brand that you are specific about creating content in a certain category that you truly love. And because of this, you will always show up well in influencing. Brands being able to identify this instantly become confident about working with you if you appear to be a good fit. For example, if you’re an influencer that loves skincare and skincare products and a brand that happens to offer a skincare and wellness line will be more willing to hire you because they know you’ll represent and promote them well.

Because being an influencer can be a full-time gig, you have to identify with what you’re passionate about. What do you truly love and can see yourself constantly promoting? Answer that question, and you’ll be well off to a promising start to solidifying working with brands.

A media kit

Got it a media kit? No? Well you need to get one. Think of your media kit as your creative resume to showcase your work as an influencer, past partnerships, certain metrics and data of how you influence and the difference it makes and so much more. Before a brand works with you, they want to know who you are and what you’re about. Versus them just scanning your social media platforms, make their life easier by providing a media kit that has everything that they need to know about you as an influencer and your influencer career.

With your media kit as your digital portfolio, you can highlight your achievements and establish yourself as your own influencer brand. Here are a few things to include in your media kit:

Contact details and information

Audience demographics and metrics

Blog/website statistics, if applicable

Past brand partnerships


What you’re offering for brand collaborations

Pricing rates

Consistent engagement

Having consistent engagement with your audience is imperative to your success as an influencer. Engagement builds loyalty and trust therefore anything you promote that is in alignment with your niche they will receive well. This is very attractive to brands because then they will feel comfortable working with you knowing they too will be well received. Having a media kit that reflects this information also comes off good to brands.

Authentic following

Let us be the first ones to say, if you haven’t heard it yet, buying followers does you much harm when trying to work with brands. Having an authentic following that was organically built over time helps brands to see how valid you are as an influencer. They become limited when trying to see if you really can be an influence. This is hard to tell when everyone that “follows” you is fake.

We get it, building a large audience can be tedious and intimidating. But it does you well in the long run. It’s also important to remember that it’s not all about the size of your audience. You can have 3,000 followers but as long as the engagement is there and the relationship is nurtured, brands will work with you. Why? Because getting 5 people from a smaller following is better than getting none from an audience that isn’t real. Are you struggling with building your following? Start engaging with other influencers. Don’t be scared to hit the follow button on other profiles you admire and drop a comment to start the engagement. You can also consider collaborating with other influencers or even running an ad that is capturing and informative.

An aesthetic that is felt

If a brand is looking to hire you, when they go to your page or website, they should feel something. A vibe. What vibe are you giving off? Is it boho and earthy? Or really urban? Maybe it’s bright and airy or dark and moody? What about colors? Do you want your aesthetic to revolve around a specific color or colors? Think of your influencer aesthetic as your custom theme. And a theme should be associated with feelings. A great way to set up an aesthetic is to start incorporating presets, which are filters that provide a predefined way to edit your photos and consistently keep up the same vibes of your social media content.

Brand work experience

If brands have already expressed interest in working with you, then there will be more brands and companies that are looking to hire you as an influencer for their marketing efforts. Most of the time, brands look at your track record of working with other brands and other partnerships you may have had in the past. They look at the type of products you’ve promoted and how you’ve promoted them. The more you are able to provide experience, the even higher chance you of getting hired.

Don’t have much brand work experience? It’s all good! Just make sure all your I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed in the other areas. You can also make sure to do research and educate yourself on the brand’s industry you’re interested in working for. You may not have the experience but at least you know what it takes to serve them well.

Great content quality

The level of content quality you offer is super important to brands. Creating content that has poor resolution, quality, or just doesn’t look well is something that will cause a brand not to work with you. Even down to your professional profile photo, it should be of good quality. Forget the fun, butterfly filters, and the extra stuff. Create content that aligns with your aesthetic and is clean and crisp and easily represented well. Here are a few ways to create great quality content:

Find ready-to-use templates

Use presets for images and videos

Use high-quality stock images

Switch up your content formats (i.e. Boomerangs, GIFs, Videos, Still images)

Follow hashtags that are within your niche to get inspiration

You got this!

By now, you should be ready to go and get hired by brands. Being aware of what they’re looking for helps you to stand out and stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. Be sure to apply these different components to how you influence and you’ll be ready to change the game! Got a question about working with brands? Drop a comment below!

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