Ever Heard of Less is More?

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard all about micro-influencers, which is great if you’re a brand wanting to expand your market.

Influencer marketing is an excellent tool for anyone that owns a brand and want to grow. At this point, every brand on the market should be looking into how they can expand and spread their message across channels. Influencer marketing helps with that exact task.

However, engaging with influencer marketing is only one part of the job. When it comes to influencer marketing, there’s a list of elements to consider, especially the type of influencer you’ll work with.

Many people try to count micro-influencers out, but as an influencer, I can tell you that follower size is irrelevant. What matters most is engagement.

In some cases, follower size does matter, but it’s not as essential as people would think. Now that you know that, it’s time to get into the reasons why micro-influencers can help your brand.

Before we get into that, let’s get into what a micro-influencer is.

What are Micro-Influencers?

There are plenty of micro-influencers in the influencer market.

Sometimes, they are considered to be macro-influencers because their engagement is so high, but they miss the mark because of their followers.

Micro-influencers are deemed to be ordinary people with a close community of people that engage with their content. Typically, micro-influencers have less than 10,000 followers but more than 1000 followers. Sometimes, there are accounts with more than 10,000 followers that are considered to be micro-influencers.

All in all, they are beneficial to any brand. As a company, it’s important to look at the bigger picture.

Here’s why micro-influencers are great for your brand.

Increase Engagement

Partnering with a micro-influencer is about more than followers; it’s about engagement.

Micro-influencers can help get your brand in front of an engaged audience that is interested in what the micro-influencers has to stay.

An engaged audience is an audience that is active and loyal. Micro-influencers know how to get engagement from their followers because they go beyond advertising products to their customers.

In fact, in the last few years, micro-influencers on different platforms have been achieving higher engagement rates than celebrities on TV!

Honest Reviews

The most significant difference between micro-influencers and other influencers is authenticity.

Micro-influencers don’t have anything to hide from their followers. They practice honesty when expressing their reviews about a product. People know how marketing works, meaning they know when they are being sold to. Consumers want to know that a product is enjoyed before they purchase.

Most micro-influencers start their careers by sharing products they enjoy at no cost. They gain followers not because they advertise products, but because they discuss products they like.

They build trust by sharing honest reviews about your products or services. Depending on which influencers you choose to work with, you can get them to create a post honestly reviewing your products.

When micro-influencers start, they don’t share sponsored posts but posts that showcase how much they enjoy the products. That is one of the significant differences. 

Sometimes, authenticity dwindles as popularity increases but usually not with micro-influencers. The great thing about authenticity is that engagement is generally higher for micro-influencers even as they become popular.

Why? Well, more people engage with the material when they feel it’s honest.

Attract Great Leads

A micro-influencers genuine review of your products brings your brand better leads than any amount of traditional marketing can.

Influencer marketing is the fastest growing market surpassing email marketing, traditional advertising and more.

Overall, the quality of customers is better than those attracted using conventional marketing strategies. The reason for this all ties back to authenticity and engagement.

Micro-influencers also use specialized niches to their advantage. This specificity generates a more targeted and relevant audience. The result is a higher number of people dedicated to your brand with interest in your products.


There’s a huge misconception that all influencers are paid thousands of dollars to post for brands.

That’s not true! Most micro-influencers are flexible when it comes to payment. It’s always important to ensure that your influencers are paid for their work, but you don’t have to break the bank to work with high-quality influencers.

The cost of working with micro-influencers is typically more reasonable than any other type of influencer, especially celebrity influencers.

Micro-influencers are interested in the products they promote more than they are interested in payment.

Cultivates Trust

Trust and authenticity fall hand in hand.

Trust is one of the most potent forces in the world of marketing. Deep trust between a business and consumers results in a loyal relationship that increases brand awareness as well as sales. Customers that trust your brand are more likely to spread the word about your products.

All that loyalty comes from choosing a great brand ambassador, especially a micro-influencer. Partnering with a micro-influencer increase trust because they showcase genuine care for your products.

This is why it’s essential to work micro-influencers that genuinely admire your brand and products.

Return of Investment

So far, these micro-influencers sound fantastic right?

I’m sure you’re wondering how to find them. Not only do you want micro-influencers that help you attract better leads, an engaged audience and promote honesty and trust? You need to target the right audience, the ones who will connect your brand with their followers.

Before you get excited about the already listed qualities, it’s important to think about ROI. I’m sure you’re thinking about what ROI is. ROI stands for the return of investment, and it matters when working with influencers.

When working with influencers, you’ll need to invest in the right ones. The best micro-influencers will have a high ROI to cost ratio. If you spend $1000 on an influencer, you’ll want to ensure that you get at least double that in return.

Why? Well, it’s essential for your investment to make sense.

Minimal Disadvantages

The great thing about micro-influencers is that there are minimal disadvantages to working with them.

You don’t miss out on much by working with them, but just in case you’re concerned, let me tell you what those disadvantages are.

Less Reach

Micro-influencers are great for authentic engagement.

But sometimes, these types of influencers aren’t great if followers are your concern. If you want to maximize your reach, you might want to try using macro-influencers or celebrities.

However, if you want your products to reach many people and increase your sales, you’ll need to think about the best route for you.

If you have a big budget, you can try out all types of influencers and see what happens!

No Micromanaging

As a brand, you should always trust the influencers that you work with.

Sometimes, it’s hard which makes sense if you’re a new brand. The micro-influencers you choose matter when it comes to creative strategy.

A lot of companies are particular about how they want their material presented. Usually, micro-influencers enjoy creative freedom. This freedom means that companies have less control.

It’s up to you to decide whether this is good or bad.

How To Partner With Micro-Influencers

Now that you know how great micro-influencers are, it’s time to learn how to partner with them.

The hardest part of working in the influencer market is finding influencers to work with. It’s easy to spot celebrities but what about those without a large number of followers? You’ll have to do your research, that’s for sure.

Luckily for you, the research part of your journey should be short-lived, especially with platforms like BeautyClout here to make it easier for you. We connect you with influencers that can bring your platforms to life! You can also search for influencers on the internet.

Micro-influencers will usually engage a lot on their platforms. If you have time try to search around and see what you find.

Once you find influencers you’d like to work with there are a few steps you can take to ensure a happy agreement.

Micro-influencers only want the best for their followers so they won’t work with anyone in the market. It’s essential to establish a personal connection with the person you choose to work with.

When sending an email, write a thoughtful message that shows why you appreciate their work. Talk about how the partnership could be beneficial for everyone involved. Once you choose your micro-influencer, it’s time to get started.

There are plenty of ways to work with micro-influencers. Let’s get into them!

Ways to Work with Micro-Influencers

Social Media:

By far, social media is the best place to find micro-influencers and work with them. 

Sponsored posts that show how influencers use your product or service in their life is a great way to get started. If you want to get creative, you can do a takeover as well.

Product Reviews:

When releasing a new product, it’s important to get product reviews. Give the influencer a product sample in addition to payment for a review.

It’s vital that the influencer write an honest review, not just a positive review. Make sure the quality of your product is on point so that the review is honest and confident.


This is the best part of working with an influencer.

Your audience wants to see something unique and creative. Consumers are bombarded with bland material at every turn, give them something new!

The best way to stand out to tell stories rather than sell products. Ask your influencers to tell a story about using your products.

How to Convince a Micro-Influencer to Work with You

Now that you know the importance of Micro-influencers, how do you get them to work with you?

As mentioned before, micro-influencers won’t work with anyone. It’s likely that they want to work with brands that make send for their audiences.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure you work with the influencers you wish to.

Begin with genuine interactions.

Before you start asking micro-influencers to work with you, it’s better to start with natural interactions such as likes and comments.

The idea is to get them to see you on their platforms. You want them to remember your name and know that you’re engaged.

Share their content, comment on their posts, or ask them relevant questions about their content.

Offer fair Compensation.

Make sure you’re offering micro-influencers what they deserve as far as payment.

Some micro-influencers may be more than happy to promote free products, but that shouldn’t be your best offer. Don’t take their platforms for granted, especially since they’ll be working with you.

Try to develop a right payment scale depending on what’s most beneficial for your brand.

Send them an email.

Finally, once you’ve got all your affairs in order, it’s important to understand the email process.

Once you’ve established an initial connection, you should send them an email. Your email should get straight to the point but also have a sense of familiarity in it.

Try talking about why you want to work with that particular influencer. Their values should align with yours, and you should find their content intriguing. The email should also contain details of payment and so on.

Give micro-influencers a real reason to work with you.

So, what now?

Now you’ve got all the information about micro-influencers and why they might be the best option for your brand.

As a micro-influencer, it’s not easy to work with brands, especially when there are so many different ones out there. A brand reaching out to me makes the process much more comfortable, and much more fun.

It helps me understand how much a brand wants to work with me rather than the other way around. As a brand, it’s important to know the ropes before working in the influencer game. As always, BeautyClout has got you covered when it comes to working with influencers.

We’ve got plenty of beauty micro-influencers ready to work with you! Don’t hesitate to ask us questions if you’re unsure where to begin.

The influencer market seems scary, but in reality, it’s not so bad once you get used to it.

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